A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Talk with Me on Washington Post

While you’re at your computer waiting for the iClips.net stream of Stephenie’s New York signing to go live, head on over to the Washington Post website to talk with me and a bunch of other bloggers about Twilight! I will be participating in a discussion panel with others from TwilightMoms and HisGoldenEyes.com for the Washington Post, discussing the novels and upcoming film.

We will be answering questions live at 1:00 PM US Eastern Time, on Friday, August 1.

Send in questions early at this link

You can come talk to us live, or if you can’t make it, you can also send in your questions early with the link above. I will answer as many of them as I can get to. If you’ve ever wanted to ask us something but haven’t had the chance, now is the time!

I have disabled comments for this post as you should submit your questions on the Washington Post website. Hope to see you there!



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