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TwilightGuy in Entertainment Weekly

I just did my first TwilightGuy magazine interview, and who better to do it with than Entertainment Weekly? Everyone saw their Twilight cover story last week, and one of the writers for the magazine asked me to answer a few questions for their Feedback section in this week’s issue.

Some of my confessions include:

– What have I learned in my research of Twilight?

– Have I become a fan of other Vampire Romances?

amongst other startling (and perhaps shocking!) revelations you can only read about in this week’s Entertainment Weekly 😀

As I haven’t exactly seen the actual interview in print yet (it is released today), if someone happens to get a hold of a copy before me and it says I answered a question with:

Bala! Baloo! I hate Twilight! I (oink)ing hate it all! Snort! Baboo! Bala!

then know that somewhere along the line, my words were edited by an evil magazine printing computer. So everyone get a copy and tell me how you think I did!

As for other news:

– twilightguy.com just recently got it’s 940,000th hit! Thanks for coming: one-million will be here in a flash!

– I am almost finished with a new song for my soundtrack. For those of you who enjoyed my music last time, I will have a preview up on my website as soon as I have some of the mastering done. I’ll post a note when it’s up.

– I am considering adding a chat page on this site after August 3. I’ve realized that with the piles of email, I don’t get to talk to everyone in a timely manner, and the chat might be more available for me to pop in. So, if anybody would visit the chat, let me know so I can gauge if it’s worth putting up.

NOTE: Remember: the interview should be in the magazine that is released TODAY, NOT the issue DATED JULY 25 (it will be in the issue with the Dark Knight cover, dated August 1). So check the magazine first! The issue might not be available immediately in all areas.  — Kaleb



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  1. that is AWESOME!!!!!!! i bet you’re excited!!!!

    can you post chapter 5 of new moon SOON? and when do we find out about who won the CD??????

    also, as an author/writing-type-person, what is your opinion on multiple ! and ?s after sentences to demonstrate how excited/curious you are???

  2. Wow.
    That’s pretty rad.
    I can’t wait to get my copy in the mail!

    Having a chat page is a wonderful idea. Dooo it.

  3. Congrats Kaleb! I’m certainly going to go out and look for it. 🙂 Of course, it’s going to have to wait until I can talk again, but I can’t wait to read it! I’m sure you did a great job. 🙂

  4. I don’t think you would have any problem with people not visiting the chat room.

  5. I just got the Entertainment magazine last night and I saw you within the first few pages! If people don’t know which Entertainment edition your in, it is the magazine with only Christian Bale in full Batman gear on the cover.

    Your comments are witty and make me smile. Continue reading “Twilight” for… ‘research’. *winkwink*

    And if you need a scan of the article, e-mail me and I’ll scan it online for you.

    Ja Ne

  6. I saw your article in the Aug. 1 issue of EW. It’s on Page 5. I love your photo on it. That’s how most of my male students look when they’re reading the book.

  7. hmm.. would i enter the chat… umm DUH!! lol i haven’t seen the issue yet but I’ll try to get my hands on it.

  8. Kaleb,
    I picked up a copy of the EW Aug 1 edition today. My husband thought I was buying it for the Dark Knight article on the cover.
    NO! Silly man!
    I’m buying it for the Kaleb Nation “Twilight Guy” interview!
    THIS has GOT to be one of the TOP BEST THINGs to happen for you! WOW! How fantastic! Way to Go, Kaleb!

  9. I’m actually holding my copy of EW right now and you’re definetly in there Kaleb. In the Feedback section right between the Twilight cover and The Racial Divide. But the cover of the magazine says August 1, 2008. Whatever, congrats on getting notice for being such a fabulous Twilight fan!!!

  10. i just read your interview!!! it was fantastic!! i bought the magazine just to read your interview =]

  11. GO Guys reading twilight 🙂 my girl got me interested and im on page 8 but i also read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 1 and am looking forward to the oncoming movie!!! oh and ya i am doing this for…. research… ya XP GO GOD, GO JESUS!!!!!!

  12. I subscribe to EW and here’s the conversation I had with my Dad after he read your article before me

    Dad-“There’s this really cool guy who read Twilight that has an interview in here.”

    Me-“Do you mean Kaleb Nation?”

    Dad-“Yeah, apparently he has some website or something…i think i’m gonna check it out”

    Me-“What?!” I’m angry because I told him about this website FOREVER ago but her refused to check it out.

    Dad-“What’s wrong?”

    Me-“Nothing” (I was over my minor freak out)

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