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Return From Vacation

September 4th, 2008 at 12:18 am by Kaleb Nation

Hello everyone! I have safely landed back in Dallas and I’m slowly getting caught up on all the homework I left behind! I will resume regular posting as soon as I’m back into a decent schedule (and I’ve gotten some much-needed rest). I did, however, take plenty of video of my trip back to Austin and Bastrop, Texas:

You can see more at my channel. On my next post, I will also talk a bit about the Midnight Sun leak and what we can do to make things a bit easier. Thanks for sticking around and I hope you all had a great vacation too!

NOTE: It would be a good idea to go to the video link and click on Watch In High Quality, as the one here distorts the images a lot.

–ADDED: I will be in the chat room around 9 PM CST on Friday, September 5, if you want to drop in.

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40 Responses

  1. inmortal

    The piiiiiiiiigs <3

  2. Shannon

    i love all your videos Kaleb, they make me smile… even when I’m in the middle of a rather large pile of calculus homework. I had my birthday today and I hope yours will be great, and I cant wait to hear what you have to say about the leak… it put a new spin on twilight that makes me love it that much more.

  3. shakesgirl

    I just got back from Austin too……

  4. Shatha

    Hahaha, great video (:
    The pig and butterflies were hilarious!
    I hate planes so much.
    And I am jealous of your bag.
    Happy Early Birthday!

  5. nicoleface

    not gonna lie, those crows are scarier than the plane ride. ever since i saw the birds i’ve been scared, damn you hitchcock!

  6. Loony_Lovegood

    i can’t read it now, because i’m going to miss my bus if i do, but i hope ur vacation was fun! good luck with school! =]

  7. Lori W

    I want that gift XD

  8. Catherine

    Nice bag. 😉

  9. kaitlin

    haha…cute gift 😀
    Can’t wait to hear about what you have to say about all this Midnight Sun mess.

  10. Ann-Laurel

    Kaleb! I’ve got that bag too! Happy early…what…20th??

  11. Jess

    OMG, I know how you feel. We live in the city now, and when we go home its like a whole different planet. I wonder how I ever made it there growing up.

  12. Steff-A-Leff

    Hey 🙂 awesome bag and Happy Birthday! My birthday is Sept 16th too LOL I just found your site through a twilight group on facebook and you seem like a really funny guy 🙂 Im gonna go read some of your stuff now and again.. Happy Birthday

  13. Samie

    lol twilight saga bag! thats great..hey my birthda it the 12! not to far from yours! kool! gotta love ur videos! they rule!

  14. Stephanie K.

    Oh my gosh. Your little brother is ADORABLE. And so is Isabelle. She’s so cute! I have a cow named Betsy. She’s evil.

    lol I DARE you to throw your hands up on the next bad flight and go, “WEEEE!!!” when it’s dead silent. haha

    Anyway, I hope you had an awesome time! By the way, I think the smell of the city is way worse than anything the pigs could make.

  15. Jen

    That was hilarious!
    Hello pig. Hello other pig.
    Butterflyyy Butterflyyy
    Awesome job K!

  16. vivs

    yea! im happy ur back kaleb! i hope u had lots of fun!

  17. becky sue

    I’m sure we have all missed you Kaleb. (Me especially) And I’m so glad you’re back!! Oh, and the video rocked btw. lol.

  18. Becca Shmeka

    Aw, ahahahaha! Pigs!

    That video totally made my day. Good luck on that smell -o- vision!


  19. Becky

    YAY! You’re back!! 😀
    that made my bad day better.
    Awesome vid. But who was starting a fire right by the trees? That’s a bad plan, lol. Rather dangerous.

    and your brother is awesome for getting you a Twilight bag!

  20. Loony_Lovegood

    i wanna twilight bag! =[
    good luck catching up with all your work. i missed one day, and i swear my hand will never recover from having to do all that work before the next day.

  21. Dianne

    OME! MY birthday is on September 16!!!!!


    AH NO WAY!

  22. Elise

    LOL ur SO funny!

  23. Alice G

    hah, that was awesome.

    I will comment again on
    your birthday!

  24. Laura

    Yeah, what were you singing Kaleb? Lol.
    Hey, could you ask your brother where he found that bag? I totally want one now, so when people say they like my bag, I could be like “Yeah, The Twilight Guy has one, too.” Lol.

  25. Annie

    fabulous! i love the movie pan’s labrynth too! it’s more than amazing!!! but i’ve only seen it once since i had to get it at our library seeing as that’s the only place that will let me rent R-rated movies…..
    and your pigs are cute!
    and your brother sounds almost exactly like yoU!

  26. Carol

    Haha, the video…I go to Dallas all the time..o m g..I could have seen YOU..or maybe not..idk…

    Dude, I wish I could get on the chat tommorow, BUT…it doesn’t let me LOG IN!? Server Error or something 🙁 So..I have to say Hi.. from here…HI.

  27. Verali

    Isabelle, I don’t think we’re in Dallas anymore! Happy early 20th, Kaleb. And, like many others, please inform me where you got the “Butterfly” song. I NEED those lyrics!!! qXP

  28. Jacqueline

    “Butterflyyy… butterflyyy…. where is the butterflyyy?….”
    Lawl, you sound like me =P
    Except for the fact that I may or may not usually be spinning around in circles while saying it.
    And that’s one amazing bag. ^.^

  29. Ashleigh

    “Butterflies, butterflies…oh where are the butterflies?”

    Way to represent Texas! 😀

  30. Sarah

    Too cute, Kaleb! Happy early birthday!

    P.S. My favorite part was the butterflies. 🙂

  31. Sarah

    Ha, I had to watch it again. Get’s funnier everytime.

  32. Marissa

    I want that bag…. anyways…. pigs and butterflies are awesome. as are gnomes… but that was a given

  33. Amanda

    Awww…your birthday’s the same as my dog’s and that’s my half birthday.

  34. M.A.Estman

    I’m from Austin too! Gah!
    How lucky!

  35. SydViciou

    “in the south we have piles of sticks…and as you can see this is probably the biggest pile of sticks…of them all…” HA! You are a funny guy my friend. Keep bein awesome…and hurry up and get back to New Moon! lol

  36. Sammy

    LOL i lovvveee ur song. My family is making an album entitled, “Driving With Your Headlights On” Featuring “Five Thirty in the Mornin'”, “What Should I Talk About”, and many more.

    LOL its a joke in my fam – dad cant sing but he makes up “songs” and we tease him about making an album. AND – catch this – You’re special enough to guest with “The Butterfly Song”


    Have a nice weekend =D

  37. bellazombirella

    Aaarrrghity blargh! Hurry hurry hurry up an read some more! I am already on BD the second time around and I am hella interested in your take on everything! Your fans await!


  38. Hunter Lepold

    ok I’m done
    Im glad you enjoyed ur trip to the Live Music Capital of The World

  39. Cara C.

    sweet vid. i wish i had a pig.

  40. Danielle

    I know what you were singing. It was the butterfly scene from the movie, The Last Unicorn.

    I bet you didn’t even know that. XD

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