A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

TwilightGuys Report: Convinced By A Convertible


I am just out of college and married. My wife was introduced to the Twilight series in June 2008.

After a month or so of her (my wife) being overtaken by another man, Edward, she made me a deal. If I would read Twilight ,just the first book, I could drive her convertible for the rest of the week. I said ok and the rest is history.

I started to read Twilight, and finished 2 days later. I loved it! I don’t know if I have ever even liked a fictional book. I am def. a non-fictional reader. I started reading New Moon the next day and stayed up all night reading it..finished it in one sitting. It just drew me in.

After a week to a week and a half of reading, dreaming, and not being able to get away from Bella and what would happen next, I finished Breaking Dawn. I loved every bit of it! I may not be a fanatic like my wife, but I most def. try to get other guys to read it, so I don’t feel like too much of a woman.

You know it is a great book and series when it is made for teenagers and this 23 year old man knows what will happen in the book, because his wife told him a million times already, and he still couldn’t put it down.

I am a guy and thought Twilight was amazing!! I still have dreams of it.”

Submitted by Kyle

Well you have to convince some guys somehow 😀

I have come down with the flu, so if I’m not around for a couple of days, that is why. I will, however, have my post for the Epilogue and my final thoughts soon.



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  1. i want to drive a convertible…
    i wish someone would make me read some other book and let me drive their convertible in return 🙂

  2. Eh, I’d take the deal 🙂
    If I could drive that is..
    But still, wonderful convincing.
    Would anyone give me a cookie (virtual is fine) if I read Twilight again?

  3. I like this one. XD

    I was sick for the last couple of days, I’m only starting to get over it today. It was a terrible coughing and hacking deal.

    I’m giving you some virtual homemade soup. Feel better soon! 😀

  4. Feel better soon. Boy, you’re good. I just asked yesterday what happened to the Twilight Guy reports. Thanks.

  5. YAY! If *I* had a red convertible… but I don’t, so it’s a Moot Point.

    Get better soon!

    (Last night I dreamed that I taught you to dance. You weren’t very good. 😛 Of course you may be a fabulous dancer in real life for all I know, lol.)

  6. That’s a pretty cool story. Wish my brother could be convinced by something so simple (not that either of us is old enough to drive).

    Feel better Kaleb!!!

  7. That’s a cute story! In my case, my high school (now college) aged male cousin read Twilight first and then he got my 40yo husband to read it. They both got another female cousin to read it and when the three of them started talking about going to the movie this year I figured I better read up so I could go along. I LOVED it!
    Feel better Kaleb!

  8. I am a 30-year old former lawyer/current senior bureaucrat, who typically reads books written by Gore Vidal, Edward Rutherfurd and Donald Kagan.

    However, I enjoy a light romp through the pages of a book from time-to-time, and started reading the HP books just before the 4th book was released – I subsequently bought each HP book immediately upon its release, and had each read within the first 24 hours of said release.

    Friends of my wife, aware of my enjoyment of the HP books, suggested the Twilight series. Despite not being a “vampire” fan (I don’t dislike horror – but it just isn’t my bag), I reckoned I would give it a shot.

    Four books later, I am thoroughly impressed with Stephenie Meyer, and am just glad that I got into Twilight after all four books were complete, so I did not have to wait for a new work’s release.

    Fabulous stuff – and anyone who deigns not to read the series because of any misconception of it as some sort of “love story” is short-changing themselves.

  9. Shatha, i will give you a virtal hug AND a cookie if you read Twilight again. Smart dude. Though may i ask…. did you ever ride in the convertable? And Kaleb, feel better. I will send you some virtal chicken soup =Þ lol

  10. Hi Kaleb!! That was a great post!! And please feel better soon!! Eat some chicken soup!!(Unless your a vegetarian like me. Then eat tofu soup. If there is such a thing!!)
    Feel Better! I <3 You!!

  11. this blog has got to be the coolest things i have ever read. i’m very glad i discovered it! rock on kaleb!!!
    and get well soon!!!

  12. ugh never mind i simply can’t type today.

    please disregard all of the above.

  13. that’s great!
    he doesn’t get a shirt? sorry i just noticed that…

    i hope you get better kaleb!!

  14. That’s another great story! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to your Epilogue post, Kaleb.

    Get well soon! 🙂 God bless you and I’m sure you’ll be getting a lot of chicken soup from us. 🙂

  15. 😀 that is so funny…. you’re right I guess you have to get them to read it somehow…

    -your twitter says that you feel better…. guess the soup worked…

  16. Aw he dreams about it? I once had a dream that my boyfriend punched Robert Pattinson in the face….true story…I was pretty mad at him for that, haha.

    I feel for you Kaleb. I am sick as well. Get better soon, friend!

  17. wow thats pretty sweet.one week in a hot car to read twilight id take any day.! i would do some major shooping in that thing lol
    get better soon kaleb!.

  18. haha. omg dude thats awesome. lol. i still have dreams too. i just dreamt the other day that jacob and me greeted in this super friendly way and then edward kissed me haha

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