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New Moon Will Be A Movie

It’s true:

New Moon
New Moon will be a movie

If you have doubts, check out Summit’s website and click news.

I think a major part of this decision is the fact that the movie opened at #1, which only happened because of the amazing dedication of all the Twilight fans. Already, it’s grossed over $35 million. In a way, our movement paired with an independent movie studio to topple the giants — and did anyone ever really doubt that Twilight would come out on the top?

For the comments: now that you’ve seen what they can do for Twilight, are you excited for New Moon?! What part of the New Moon movie will you be hoping to see the most?



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  1. Now that’s super reading but Robert P. is so Ugly in real life im sceariess ive realy seen hem. He’s Hot in the movie.

  2. Tbh, i can’t wait till Newmoon, FULLSTOP! I just can’t wait for all of it 🙂
    It’s gonna be so amazing, but the bit i think is gonna ber amaing is the Italy bit. ARRGH! SO EXITED!

    Btw twilightguy, you are so amazing. (=

  3. i honestly cant wait i havnt read the book yet …but im planning to steal it fom barnes n nobles one of these days…..anyways someone wrote that edward was a horrible actor and that he pulled weird face expression but i think he was great i think he even gave him a little more character than the book-edward…bella on the other hand looked akward and shes book-bella except that idk i think book-bella was more gracefull(even tho she was wicked clumsy)idk but movie bella is just alil bit wierd in front of the camera AND OMG HAVE YOU GUYS HEARD THE SONG LET ME SIGN BY ROBERT PATTINSON HIMSELF ITS EFFING AWESOME…ITS IN THE MOVIE(the part where edward is sucking the venom out of her in twilight)

  4. i’ve seen twilight more than 50 times now

    well i think more

    AND i’m so excited that new moon will be film in only a few days

    despite the fact that new moon ist’n my favorite book but it was that the first one i ever read

    i was stupid thing to that but i was the only one at the store.

    i knew the story and i did understood the book even more when i didn’t read twilight

    anyway i’m looking forward for new moon the best luck for the cast
    and crew

    and happy birthday ashley green

    i bet she’s in las vegas right now


  5. and i’m thrilled about the where edward, bella and alice have to go to talk to the volturis and discuss about the possible “death” between bella and edward

    and the other scene is where paul transform into a werewolf and nearly kills bella

  6. i started reading twilight during thanksgiving vacation in pennsylvania and went to see the movie in new jersey. i read the rest of the books really quick. im so upset abuot finishing so im going to keep readin them until i can see breaking dawn.

  7. Im so exited for New Moon! Theres so much drama and itll be so long! i cant wait to see the werewolves! and when edward leaves! i hate jacob but i cant wait to see it.
    i read new moon in 2 days, and i really liked it i love when jacob turns into a were wolf and than when he comes into bella’s room to explain and she gets really mad at him. i hate jacob! but i love taylor lautner.

  8. omg.i can’t wait.it’s my favorite book…i think…favorite scene?hmm,let me think…when bella and edward meet again in volterra.oh,and jacob’s phase.there are a lot of scenes that i loved but i have to think.anyway,that’s great!i can’t wait to see again kristen and rob*sigh*…8 month left

  9. New Moon is coming out pretty quickly, so I’m hoping they don’t rush making it too much but have it not be a good movie. I’m willing to wait an extra year if I have to, as long as they do a good job.

    I’M SO EXCITED for Taylor Lautner to finally have a big role in the movie!! He is a BILLION times better than Robert Pattinson (sorry, Robert fans) and I think he’ll be amazing!! 😀

  10. I have to agree with u on that.. i DO NOT LIKE JACOB AT ALL!!! bella and edward are too cute together
    i cant wait for the cliff scene, or when edward is by the clock tower.. and also the part when bella and edward return from italy and she thinks she is dead.. that part was a bit funny

  11. I Loved the books but.. i have one more to go! there really interesting and full of excitment as well as suspence! I didnt really like jacob in the second book.. But Hes growing on me lol haha but i still love Bella And Edward there so awesome and both so so HOT! 😉

  12. yay i sure hope that this movie is going to be better than twilight but i have hope for this new director sooo ya


  13. I CAN'T WAIT 4 NEW MOON….Edward is MY Husband….The Books were so great, and the clips from this movies looks freakin Bada$$…SEXC BAD/G00D VAMPS whats not good bout dat?…. <3 I Love MY Husband….

  14. you guys make the best movies in the world i can not wait until new moon comes out because i am goin to see it also robert you are one fine man

  15. I really luv.. twilight n their seriess
    OMG I cant wait until watching it in the cinemas..
    love u all frim robert pattinson, Kristen Stewart
    u look like a great couple..
    MOVE ON!!
    Really love it

  16. eclipse is going to be awesome cant wait to see how much buffer taylor lautner ( jacob black ) is . omg he is so sexy hott

  17. eclipse is going to be awesome cant wait to see how much buffer taylor lautner ( jacob black ) is . omg he is so sexy hott

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