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Merry Christmas

December 25th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

Hope everybody is having a great week!


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40 Responses

  1. Kylie

    Thanks Kaleb! You too! I should go to bed now or Santa won’t come.

  2. Priscilla

    Merry Christmas, Kaleb!
    I hope you get some twi-tacular presents 😉

  3. Drama

    Merry Christmas!

    Oh, would you make your response about of a Filipino version of Twilight for television set to begin production soon? http://www.yehey.com/entertainment/celebs/article.aspx?id=231366

    Again, merry Christmas!

  4. Joanne Maria TWILIGHT MOM

    Have a TwiWonderful Christmas Kaleb!!!

    Thanks for all the TwiWonderful gifts you have given us this year!!!

  5. Samie

    Happy holidays to you to Kaleb!!
    thanks for the wishes! hope u have a good time!

  6. Filipa (from Portugal)

    Merry Christmas!!

    Kaleb, hope you make a video showing all your gifts!

  7. Shannon

    Merry Christmas to you to Kaleb!
    =] Have a great time!

  8. SammiStarz

    Merry Christmas, Kaleb! Hope you have a good one!

  9. Bekah

    Isn’t that the “no presents for you alice” picture? Yepp, It is……

  10. Loony_Lovegood

    hahaha, this is hilarious! Happy Christmas everyone!

  11. Ember P

    Merry Christmas to you too! ^^

  12. Sophtine

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year Kaleb!


    Kaleb, you are the most evil looking santa i have ever seen!

  14. Nazneen

    Have a MERRY Christmas, Kaleb!
    Thanks for sharing your Twilight journey with ALL OF US. We love yoouuu ;DDD

    At least, I love you. XD

  15. Sophie

    Merry Christmas!

  16. Mellie

    Merry Christmas!!!

  17. Cara

    Merry Christmas!!!

  18. Carmen_Denali

    HAHAHAHA!!!! Merry Christmas to you too Kaleb!

  19. Caitlin

    Thanks! Merry Christmas to you too! 😉

  20. Shakesgirl66

    Merry Christmas Kaleb.

    I have to say you make one of the best Santas I have ever seen.

    I hope you had great christmas.

  21. Charlee

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Don’t worry. I was good. 😉

  22. Rachel

    Merry Christmas Kaleb. That just made my Christmas.

  23. vivs

    oh god! i havnt checked your webiste since last week. these holidays have truly been busy. Especially having 5 extra ppl at our house (whom use the computer as much as i do :(). so it feels nice to go on the computer and get an update on whats been going on.

    🙂 Merry Christmas to you too Kaleb! Hope you’ve been a good boy (which im sure u have been) and gets lots of presents from santa! 😀 .



  24. maddie

    Merry Christmas Kaleb!!!!!!!

  25. Kim (there are a lot of us too)

    Merry Christmas!! =D

  26. April

    Merry Christmas, Kaleb! Thanks for making Twilight even more entertaining. Hope you got all you asked Santa for!

  27. Jae

    I can see the relation to Gandolf in this one.

    Merry Christmas!

  28. Melissa

    Merry Christmas Kaleb! 🙂
    I hope everyone had a great day!

  29. Katilyn

    Merry Christmas Kaleb!
    btw you should totally start your own greeting card company. XD

  30. Marissa

    that is terribly frightening Kaleb,

    but Merry Christmas to you too!!!

  31. CourteyQ

    Merry Christmas Kaleb!!!!

  32. Heather

    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  33. Snow Wight

    Merry Christmas! and a very happy New Year (extra happy because a certain book *cough* Bran Hambric *cough* will be out) 😀 The coughs are slightly ironic, because I didn’t have to fake them–I’ve been sick for Christmas…enough said.

  34. Hope

    Merry Christmas!!!

  35. ~Tina

    Merry (late) Christmas to you too! And since I got money for Christmas (thank you Grandparents!) I’ll be able to get Brian Hambric!!!

  36. ERIKA

    Happy Holidays Kaleb!!

  37. sonia

    2 cute, hope you had a good one as well.


  38. Jamaica

    Belated Merry Christmas!
    OMC, a Filipino version of Twilight is pure coolness. Haha, there are always pleasant surprises whenever I visit your site.
    Thanks for all the laughs, Kaleb. I’ll be looking forward to when Bran Hambric comes out next year:).

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