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Taylor Lautner Will Play Jacob Black In New Moon

No more worries Taylor Lautner fans: Stephenie has just confirmed that he will be returning as Jacob Black in the New Moon movie.

I’m very happy to announce that Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob Black in New Moon and that he’s doing so with the enthusiastic support of Summit Entertainment, the producers, and Stephenie Meyer.

The characters in Stephenie’s books go through extraordinary changes of circumstance and also appearance; so it is not surprising that there has been speculation about whether the same actor would portray a character who changes in so many surprising ways throughout the series. But it was my first instinct that Taylor was, is, and should be Jacob, and that the books would be best served by the actor who is emotionally right for the part. I think that fans of Twilight the book and the movie will be surprised by the Jacob Black that Taylor will bring to the screen in New Moon; and I’m looking forward to working with him and the rest of the cast in realizing the film.

very best

Chris Weitz

Read about it here and then tell me what you think! Will he do a good job with the larger role?



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  1. Wise decision, Mr. Weitz, wise decision. Remember the pitchforks Stephenie mentioned? He’s well on his way to avoiding any encounters with them.

  2. They caved to the fans, plain and simple. Taylor is so very engaging in his interviews, I found myself wanting him to stay in the role…until I thought about what the role IS. Then I realized that it would have way more impact to hire a new actor for the part. It’s a weak choice that demonstrates that they are pandering to the fans rather that trying to make a piece that’s quality in its own right. It bodes no good for New Moon, in my opinion.

  3. well, am not fully satisfied. Taylor needs to mature up and stop acting all Disney. Hes performance was “ok” in twilight but he’s gona need to prove that he can fully play jacob. Jacob is one of my favourite characters and i don’t want to feel irritated by his character when watching the movie. Chris Weitz really wants to make a high quality film, but i just don’t see that happening with all the fans demands.

  4. Speaking of Casting,

    I heard that for several other roles in the movies they were looking at casting people like Selena Gomez and Disney Crew.

    I would just like to say that if the Twilight series goes all Disney channel on me.. I will NOT be going to the movies.

  5. ummm…
    can you please finish eclipse already? i really enjoy reading your chapter commentaries :]

  6. Thumbs DOWN!!!
    I believed Taylor did a OK work on the first movie, but he is NOT New Moon’s Jacob. I think that anyone that read New Moon will agree with that and the only reason why the director chose him was to make all the Team Jacob loonies go and watch his film. But I still wish them Good Luck! Taylor has a big roll to fit (literally!)

  7. I’d like to say that I’m extremely happy that Summit decided to stick with Taylor Launtner as Jacob Black. I think he did a great job in Twilight and I believe that he will do even better in New Moon.

  8. i totally agree karenmilli, chris obviously wanted a new jacob but stuck with the fans (Summit probably stepped on his toes, just like they did with Catherine.)

    Happy fans = more money for Summit.

  9. yay! I’m surprised they decided to keep him though, considering that Jake changes so much in this one… oh well, I think Taylor will be (and was) an excellent Jacob Black.

    sticking with the fans, always a good idea. especially given that Twilighters are notoriously vocal in our opinions, haha. And by vocal I mean obsessive and crazed.

  10. I’m most likely Team Bella, so I love Edward and Jacob both. And in the movie, Taylor did a great job of portraying Jacob. I was so upset when I saw that he might get replaced – so good job Summit! You’ve gained respect back from me.

  11. Wahooooo!!!! i was so worried about that. Im Glad he is staying, im sure he will do a more awesome job in the second movie and prove doubters of his talent wrong!!! yea! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. ps: i agree with alex, i like disney channel and everything but i totally agree with what she said…..

  13. Disney Channel stars? . . . .what’s the point in doing that? I agree with Alex, although I’ll probably end up going to see how childish and how much they ruined it. But then knowing myself, I’d probably atleast end up liking the story line again, not exactly the characters who playd who but what matters to me is->Did they or didn’t they stick New Moon’s story line?<-I really hope they don’t go all disney childish on us though.

    Okay about whoever it is playing Jacob, I think he did a pretty good job and I personally hate when they change characters in a series of movies that they are doing. It just messes with my mind and confuses me and ends up making me hate the movies. It doesn’t help that the guy is very cute but I’m glad he’s playing Jacob still, if anything, just because it keeps everything the same and won’t mix fans up.

    I’m not a “twilighter” at all, I can’t quote the books or any of the characters or remember every single detail but I love the story line and how Bella falls in love with a vampire then has a werewolf best friend trying to protect her so. . .I just thought I’d say my opinion.

    I’m glad he remained the same character. I think he’ll do wonderful as Jacob, he seems to get very into and emotional about his characteres which is always a big PLUS in everything. I hope and pray that he does surperb, I have very high hopes for him.

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay him!!

  14. I’m ecstatic that Taylor got the role – again! I really liked his performance in Twilight, especially that lingering look when he saw Bella when she first arrived at Forks. He seems like a really sweet guy, too. Hopefully I’ll get to see him next month and congratulate him myself. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. chapter 16 is calling your name…kaleb…kaaaaaaleb…leave your homework alone and reeeeeeeeeead meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

    i don’t know about you, but in my personal experience, it’s always a good idea to listen to the ghostly voices in your head =]

  16. Im so happiiiii I cried! Without Taylor Lautner Jacob wouldnt be Jacob so Im so happy. My wholeschool was convinced to not watch New Moon if Taylor Lautner didnt play Jacob Black so Im glad hes Jacob!!!!!!!!
    Luv U Taylor!!!!!!!!

  17. OMG I’m sooo glad he gets to continue with the movies! I’m suuuure theres no one better than him to play Jacob (:

  18. I’ve always thought Taylor was correctly cast as Jacob. I’m familiar with his other work and have no trouble seeing him handle the bitter/disillusioned/jealously in love Jacob.

  19. I’m so glad that Taylor is cast as Jacob again. We should give him a chance to grow up, and he’s working so hard for the role. I don’t agree in the least with you people who say that Summit is caving to the fans’ demands. Stephenie herself says she supports their decision. That’s good enough for me. Besides, Taylor is firmly cast in a lot of people’s minds as Jacob. I do hope that he portrays the role right. Jacob is one of my favorite characters (I want Bella to stay with Edward, though) and if his role was messed up, I’d be severely ticked off.

  20. i still hope STEVEN STRAIT will be Jacob Black in the movie sequel. Can’t picture anyone being Jacob Black apart from steven of course. i don’t care how many likes talyor, his unproportional abs and scary smile. his acting is too amateur for a movie like new moon. It’s too david archie like-very teeny bop pop pop dooap. Doesn’t anyone notice that? or is the abs just their basis of jacob. o’common. that’s all rubbish. They’ve messed it up with Kristen already. i hope they don’t screw jacob, too. it’d be big time screw up. or wait. do team edward people post comments that they want taylor so that rob will still be hotter than jacob? hmmm. JACOb is hotter than edward. it’s just that edward is the perfect guy.

  21. YAYYYY! I’m so happy that I’m actually screaming and happy-dancing! …Anyway I’m so glad Taylor will remain as Jacob because I think that he was perfect for the part and I would have been pissed if they would have replaced him with other guy(I don’t really his name)
    I’m glad that Summit did something right for once! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I’m so glad that they kept Taylor. I think even in the short amount of screen time he got that he captured the part. I can’t wait to see more of him! Also, it really annoys me when the replace actors. If that were really the case, they could just replace him like four times throughout his New Moon growth spurts.

  23. Taylor Lautner is the sexiest man alive! SEXY BEAST! im so psyced for new moon!!!! Time for Jacob to shine threew!!!

  24. Well, I’m glad. I’m actually not a big Jacob OR Taylor fan, but I’m glad they’re keeping the same actor for the sake of continuity. I mean, that would be weird if one character looked COMPLETELY different in the other movies.

    Anyways, I heard that Vanessa Hudgens tried out for Leah Clearwater. And guess what? She isn’t even in the script for New Moon. So I don’t think we need to worry about that now, but they’ll still have to cast the other people from La Push.

    I also heard that New Moon will be released in theaters on November 20 of this year. I don’t know if this is true or not, so don’t hate me if it’s wrong.

  25. Oh my gosh! Talor Lautner is the hottest man on earth! Nice job playing Jacob Black in the movie Twilight.

  26. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad that Taylor is still playing Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE JACOB BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. thank you!!
    haha i wanted him to still play the role,, it would ruin it if you changed his character!!

    and you can always make him get bigger to be the werewlof haha

    and i think he will play the role exelent!!!

    hope it comes out asap!!!

  28. I totally agree with Alex (#2 COMMENT) i saw the movie before reading also and it just URRR yeah no. We need someone more i guess is the word to use- someone with rigidity.

  29. i love that he is playing Jacob..and none can judge him by the first movie because he wasnt in it that much…i like that they are going to keep him..you dont change someone that youve seen in the part and like him there..

  30. o m g…i’m sooo happy…taylor is the only right jacob black…he is sooo cute!!
    I love him…
    I wouldn’t see new moon..if taylor were jacob..
    thanks thanks thanks!!!

  31. I love Taylor Lautner as Jake!!!!!! he is soo hot i absolutely love him!!<3(:

  32. Aww man…
    But he’s so ugly!
    He was ugly as “shark-boy”
    He’s still just as ugly as Jacob

  33. Omg, finally. I was so worried they were going to change the Jacob Black actor, after all Taylor is absolutely gorgeous. He is so good for the part, i started out obsessed with vampires and now werewolves are at the top of the list. Well done Taylor x

  34. iam sooooooooooooo happy my future husband (lol) is gonna play the part of jacob black again!!!!!!!!!! he TOTALLY gorgeous and i love u taylor!!!!

  35. i COMPLETELY agree with Rasmor. she wuz totally right bot everthing she said bot taylor!!!!! he is the HOTTEST GUY on the face of da earth!!!!!

    I HEART TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!


  37. omg im so hackin happy i am madly inlove with taylor! lol! i cannot wait to see new moon! ahhhhhhhhh! lol!

  38. i am still thinking that the best actor to play jacop in the new moon would be Steven Straitโ€ฆhe is just right ..the smile,,the pain on his face,,,thatโ€™s exactly what bella is talking about in the story..even the angry face will suit him..so i think he is the best

  39. omg i am soooo happy and that steven strait is good 2 but hey aslong as either taylory or steven are playing the roll of jacob black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 =)

  40. hey i dosent matter as long as someone is playing the roll of jacob black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 =)

  41. well apparently steven strait who was in 10000 bc is going to be playing jacob black? no they have to keep taylor lautner hes totally awesome and cute and omg i got a sneak peak at the bit in new moon when bella goes to save edward and its amazing go watch!! ^^

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