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Important: About The Robert Pattinson Contest

I just uploaded some important info on the Robert Pattinson contest, which has been having issues due to Youtube Fail.

Click here for the info.

Just so you know, the reason I have not posted all week is because of the stress over Youtube and school starting. I haven’t even written on my book stuff all week either, since the Youtube issues have just wiped me out. Sorry for totally disappearing for so long! But I’ll be back again this coming week 😀



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  1. That’s still HORRIBLE that that happened. You were so excited over the numbers! Hope you get it all fixed soon! *goes to watch information video*

  2. This video makes me feel so bad for you. It makes me wish I could give you a hug, you seem so sad and scared.
    I wish you luck through this whole ordeal!

  3. Okay, I’m in twilight love and everything ..and I feel a little guilty saying this…but I’m actually a little relieved that its been delayed. I mean I don’t have the time to sit there all day and comment and when I do it anyways it takes forever and it never seems I could beat the numbers that have already been posted and are being posted! Its kind of that feeling: “If I can’t have him, then noone can” type thing, I can’t help it! Hahahhaha! *sigh. So I seriously don’t even want to know who the winner is ..:[ because it’ll just make me sad.

    I know I’m depressing.

  4. That sucks that Youtube is messing up. I hope everything get fixed quickly Kaleb!

    All best wishes.

  5. awh
    I’m sorry that youtube is being stupid. As advised in said video I will choose not to express my concern in spamming youtube officials. I would think myself as well that probably would not be the smartest idea. Hopefully things stop stressing you out and everything gets better sooooon.

  6. Sorry about that Kaleb. YouTube fails epically. Don’t worry about posting, just get caught up on school and book stuff. Us rabid Twilighters can wait =)

  7. Not everyone has learned the valuable lesson you did: Never underestimate Twilighters!
    Thanks for giving us the info video, and we’ll pray for Youtube to realize how ridiculously stubborn they’re being.
    Now go keep writing about Bran (assuming you didn’t kill him off or anything in the midst of your youtube frustration)!

    (….right, like KAN would every have to ROBOT-SPAM comments onto his videos….)

  8. I agree with all that’s been said above, Kaleb. I’m so sorry it happened and hope Youtube gets to fix this whole situation as soon as possible!
    Don’t lose heart!

  9. I am so very sorry this happened at all. How could you set up robots to do that? And No you didn’t set up robots considering the fact that THIS was a twilight reunion with all twilighters. So it doesnt make sense. If youtube actually read the comments that was posted then you could see that you didnt set up robots. It’s horrible that they accused you for something you didn’t do. I dont hate youtube but they need to watch their mistakes and they made a lot with just listening to the twilight haters. I mean who could hate twilight? And who could be this mean to you Kaleb? You didnt ask for this. And I am going to listen to you and not go on a youtube boycott(only because I can see your awesome videos there AND so I can continue doing this contest) but right now I am mad at youtube, and the twilight haters on it. I don’t understand how someone could hate twilight so much that they wanted to take that contest for other people donw. I dont understand that. Im sorry you have a warning on youtube and im sorry that stupid people made youtube take that video down. I hate twilight haters. no one can hate twilight lol I mean they can but how can you!?!?!?!?!!?!? All in all im sorry about this Kaleb and Im sorry you lost a lot of honors. I am sooo sorry. :'(

  10. Lol. You are pretty much hilarious. “Getting that many comments in one day isn’t possible.” “Um… Yes. It is.”

    Everything will work out. AND YES! Keep writing!

  11. Kaleb, you need to stop apologizing for something that is NOT your fault! Don’t worry, we’re not fairweather friends…we’ll stick with you with or without your youtube account and, dare I say it…with or without an autograph from Robert:)

  12. I agree with everyone else, this isn’t your fault at all! I’m so sorry that this is happening. I’m sure they won’t take away your channel. If there’s anything we can do to help you out, just say it. I also totally agree with what you said in the video- EPIC FAIL, youtube.

    And hate is a stong word, Kaleb. I don’t think youtude HATES you. They just seem to strongly dislike you… 🙂

  13. i feel bad that you have to keep uo with all of that. sorry we have you all hectic over the youtube thing. luv ya!

  14. No worries Kaleb! It’s not your fault. And I promise not to bring the wrath of the Twilight fandom to YouTube. =]

  15. awww kaleb you do soooooooooooo much good stuff and then they go and cut you off from your FANS!” grrrrrrrrrrrrr silly youtube

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