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Off To Chicago

I will be in Chicago until Saturday, at all-day meetings with my publishers (fun times for me!). I’ll be Twittering as much as I can while I’m there, but any blogs I do over the next three days will only be at my website. I’ll try to post some photos and video if I can!




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  1. Good luck, Kaleb! Remember this moment…..your life will be changing significantly before long:) We will miss you and can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

  2. Have as much fun as possible! =]

    And yes, try to take pictures/videos for the travel-challenged. We miss the world.

    And congrats on the book cover artist! =]=] I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing the cover!

  3. Good luck kaleb and ur in luck the weather is going to suck up here so no need to go outdoors hope everything goes great

  4. Have fun in my home state!

    Make sure you visit the magnificent mile, sears tower, and the navy pier!

  5. Rock the meetings… Hope all goes well! You’ll be awesome. 3 Days is a long time to talk about just your book, but as a writer, It’s all you could ever ask for. 🙂 Have fun most of all, It is really your time, dont let’em push ya, make the decisions for Bran and you, not what the publishers think would be best. YOU know him and his story best, don’t forget that bit!

  6. Try to have fun, Kaleb! 😀

    I live in the Chicago suburbs…it’s a nice city! Try to stop by Millennium Park if you can.

  7. hey kaleb! chicago is a great city, you will love being there (ps. monica, i used to live in skokie. do i know you?) good luck with the publishers, and congratulations on the cover art!

  8. The best of luck to you! Have fun and take lot’s of pictures and videos!

  9. Hey you’ll be within 3 hours of where I live! you should visit me!!!
    (that was a joke, even if it would be really cool to meet you)

    Anyway… Congratulations on your book meetings! You are on your way to becoming as big as Stephenie!

  10. I dream of the day I’m in your shoes. Er, well, you can keep your shoes. I meant I dream of the day I’m getting MY book published and I get to meet with the publishers for some all important planning meetings.
    We’ll miss you! Have fun!

  11. Hey sorry this is kinda random but I had to share… The other day I was looking through some of your older posts that I missed when I came across chapter 19 and the question about twilight moments. I read through the comments( and laughed hysterically at some). Ever since that day I find something twilight related in EVERYTHING. Just today I had more than enough twilight moments. Me and my friends were at the mall and we went to this shoe store. I was just walking around when my friend called me over to look at this pair of shoes she was thinking about buying. They were silver glittery converses and she goes, ” look they sparkle.” I very nearly screamed, ” like Edward!!!” I managed to contain myself by letting out a few small giggles and inconspicuously took a picture. Also, while we were walking to my friends car I did not see one, not two, but three Cullen cars! I managed to find Carlisle, rosalie, and Edward’s cars all in the same parking lot. I managed to get a picture of the mercedes but the shiny silver volvo and m3 were blocked from where I could get a decent picture. THEN, when I got home my parents were watching tv and this guy said twilight about 5 times. I literally thought I might be ready to get shipped off to the looney bin after my twilight full day.

    P.S. Sorry for this abnormally long comment, but I had to show how much the stories of fellow twilighters influence my thinking.

  12. Just want to comment on the vet school thing and the werewolf… I am in vet school….It’s easy for a doctor to heal up an animal…. But congrats on the progress with your book!

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