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Back From Chicago!

Hello people, I’m back from the great state of Illinois! My trip was wonderful. Check out this page if you’d like to see the trip photos (including one of a book cow, and another of the television in my hotel mirror!).

This week is midterms, and thus I have six school exams and projects (two biology, two psychology, two photography shoots of 100 photos each) and a 5,000 word short story to write for English. Plus, I have a deadline for final edits of my book, meaning I must read and edit 120,000 words in 7 days. To top that off, I can’t stay up too late working, as I have my author photos being taken March 14 (my photographer also did photos for some of the Twilight film cast!) and it would be horrid to look exhausted in those!

Thus, posting this week will be small and rare, like a good filet mignon. But, check back at times, because I will be announcing a huge Twilight event I will be at this month and in which city I will be attending 😀

ADDED: There has been a lot of scattered posting this month, due to my crazy schedule and the book, and I’m sure it’s getting irritating to many readers. I am in a strange situation where I’m doing full time school, a full time job, and trying to be a full time author at the same time. But don’t worry, I will pick up speed again and certainly write reviews through Breaking Dawn!



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  1. good for you
    and I thought I was busy:P
    oh, and you’ll just *love* breaking dawn
    especially bella ;P

  2. Screw anyone who’s getting irritated. It’s not like we pay you for services, LoL. I’m so glad that you had a good trip.

    Can I made a prediction about the event you’ll be attending? Perhaps a certain Twilight DVD Midnight release party in New York, including attendance by the one and only Miss Nomoremarbles? 🙂

    Was that more of an Alice guess or a Professor Treelawney guess?

  3. Well psh I understand and I believe I speak for the most of us saying that we forgive you and Im sory I know how much that sucks being in a similiar situation myself (Full Time Author, Full Time Student, and on My nationally accomplished Speech and Debate team headed to Nationals in a month and Championship Track and Field Team)

  4. Wow, that is a lot of stuff! Don’t burn yourself out!! Hope you get everything done on time and pass Kaleb!

  5. Nice to hear from you again. =)
    I think I speak for everyone here when I say yor’re forgiven and then some. Take it easy Kaleb, you’re working yourself into the ground! I know I’m not irritated at all! And if anyone is then they can go read someone else’s twilight blog.
    Good luck on your midterms! I hope you do really well!
    -Gab <3

  6. Wow Kaleb that’s a lot to do. Don’t worry about us 🙂 Hope you can get everything done!

  7. That’s amazing, Kaleb. CONGRATS on making it this far. I hope that someday I’ll be like you, excited about dinner with my agent and the people who are going to publish my book. You’re an inspiration to me, thanks 😀

  8. Don’t worry about the posting, your real life is more important. Ignore the whiners who are clueless about what you actually do in your life besides reading the books and reviewing them.

    Also, I’m going to guess that the Twilight event you’re announcing is the Twilight DVD premiere in New York with Bailey and Craig Deering =)

  9. None of us are whining, go at your own pace and try not to kill yourself with the workload. And hey, you never know. One day you might be so successful that you will be featured in the rich people’s magazine that you once scoffed at. Congratulations for everything!

    p.s. i am soooooo happy you still plan on writing for “breaking dawn”. thats theone book i get into arguments with my guy friends the most, and i really need your opinion!

  10. WOW! That is one swanky hotel! I thought the one I stayed at in LA was spiffy, but that one takes the cake 🙂


  11. Omg dude that tv thing is AWESOME!!! hahaha. and omg so happy for you.
    i can see this excitement in your eyes…
    youre either really happy and ssooo ready to scream cuz of the energy…
    or theres something big coming…lol

  12. Woww… What hotl was that lol? Anyway, take your time posting, FOCUS ON YOUR BOOK. And BD…

  13. I just wanted to say that I’m very happy and excited for you, especially since I’m from Aurora, IL, which is right next to Naperville. I wish you teh best of luck in everything!

  14. awwwh no rush dude. sorry the dude probablly sounds pretty random. i dont know. i think that im pretty delusional myself, and im not half as busy as you are….so dont worry too much, we love your postings no matter how sporadically they occur. 🙂
    ps i loved the video from naperville! haha tv in mirror? your right…definitely lazy. but also cool how mega hightech.

  15. Did you have fun?! =] It looks like it! Gaahhh, you make me nervous and super duper excited about being published! lol

    And… book cow?

  16. Wow, it looks like you had an amazing time! And it can only get better! Good luck with your midterms, and best of luck with everything!

  17. Kaleb, you should totally cut youer hair short for your pictures. It would look great

  18. Hey good for you! I feel apart of your journy toward the release of your book. Im very excited for you, and I can’t wait to read it. Hey, no worries about posting, Im glad your taking your time. Because, what will happen when you do finish the last book? I also want to add how humble you are, and Im even more happy for you that your dreams are coming true. It is very wonderful to watch you grow, and I even feel I know you a little bit (just a little), so I can say to myself; I remember him before he got famous.

  19. Chicago is amazing!!!
    go chicago!!!
    i live right nearby, and the book cow is from cows on parade a couple years ago! I remember that! We also had ponies on parade. that was fun.
    anywho, hope you had an awesome time.

  20. Love the hotel, especially the phone touch-screen TV thing. I love that.
    It sounds like you had a great time.
    Also I love the music you used in your video. Very cool!

  21. Wow Kaleb! I am so happy for you. I wish you all the luck and success on your book and career.
    P.S. I want a signed copy of your book when it comes out!

  22. Your hotel room is so cool. espec the phone and tv n dont worry about scattered posting…non of us mind (well i dont anyway) n i hope u enjoyed ur trip to Illinois.
    p.s i agree with therasa i want a signed copy of the book when it comes out. :D:D

  23. Hey Kaleb, way to go!! Never say never, this book and whatever you choose to do could catapult you to star status and you too could be buying millions of dollar mansions!!! LOL! Congrats on all the good stuff going on for you right now!! One day we can all say, I remember when…….

    …..and good luck on all those mid-terms!!

  24. Wow, it looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip! The TV in the mirror is kind of awesome. Oh, and I don’t know what day you left Chicago, but if you left on Friday you took the good weather with you. We got tons of rain this weekend! But it’s all good.

    Kaleb, you astound me with all you have time to do already. Do you ever sleep?? Good luck with your midterms. And your book. I can’t wait for it to come out! If you ever come to Chicago for a book signing I’ll be there.

  25. AHH Kaleb! I seriously live like right next to Naperville! It’s literally in my backyard! lol I hope you thoroughly enjoyed this little town of ours. That tv in the bathroom mirror thing is totally awesome by the way, I hope you took a bath and watched some awesome movies like “The Goonies” at the same time. That’s probably what I would do if encountered with a tv like that.

  26. Lizzie Hale, haha just blame it on the time change….that’s what everyone at my school was blaming the fact that we were all like crazy today…. I think its a good enough excuse 🙂

  27. aww, you look so grown up in that suit jacket… where’s the plaid we all know and love? haha.
    wow, that beats the hotels *I* always stay in.

    don’t be stupid, no ones getting irritated with you. We know you have a life (a very busy one) outside of reading Twilight and posting about it! It’s fine, just post when you can. Just don’t forget about us fans once you’re rich and famous and buying houses and bling from fancy magazies 🙂

  28. Just by the way, nitrogen triiodide does have purple smoke! Yeah! We’ve discovered what vampires are made of!

  29. I have read a little bit of your book, and it was pretty catchy. I have the opportunity to meet with the illustrator that will be doing the cover (I think…the same guy who did Savvy’s cover?) of your book tomorrow. I may get to interview them both. =]

    Hope the transition into your published book goes well.

  30. I bet your going to New York with Bailey and Craig. gah,if it wasn’t on the complete oppisite side of the country; I’d be there.

  31. kaleb!! i wish i knew you were coming to NAPERVILLE!!! that’s where i live! :]
    sounds like you had a great trip – i can’t wait for bran hambric!

  32. It’s ok Kaleb. You are really busy! Most people would have exploded by now if they were under that much stress (myself included). Take your time and post when you can. 😀

  33. Hi I am a relatively new Twilight fan but I have seen the movie and I liked it! Anyway about a month or two ago I was looking for Twilight fan site and I came across this site and I was immediately hooked! I went all the way back to the beginning and I have now read all of your post! When I first started reading your site I had only read Twilight but I have since read the other three books (and of course loved them)! So anyway I love your site and I think that you are really funny I give you 5 out of 5 stars and don’t worry about leaving us readers hanging we will be fine!

  34. Wow I am so happy for you. It makes me think that dreams really do come true for you to have so much sucess. If your book is half as well written as your blog then I’m sure your book will do really well. I haven’t read the exerpt yet but I look forward to it. I wish you all the luck in the world!

  35. Ah, the irony. Yesterday I read this blog, and I LOVED the mirror TV thingy. Today my ELA class was having a discussion about how far technology has come (???in ELA???) and my techer said “Does anyone know about the mirror TV?” I mentioned you, Kaleb. But your mirror TV was awesomer than the video my teacher showed everyone. In the video, the TV took the entire mirror. No watching-while-brushing-teeth.

    And dont worry about not blogging cause you are busy! I know how you feel. Monday: Band twice. Tuesday: Spelling Bee Practice twice. Thursday: Library Advisory Board Meeting AND Swimming Class. Thats my life. Yeah. It can be overwhelming. No problem, just write when you can.

  36. Chicago! That’s where Edward was born! Hehehe 🙂 Anyhoo…

    You are officially one of the most amazing people in world. You wrote a book when you were fourteen, and now it’s being published! That is so awesome! I’m jealous 🙂

  37. Oh yeah, and the TV in the mirror was so cool! I went to a restaurant once with mirrors like that in the bathrooms! I swear, I spent like an hour in there just watching the TV! When I came back, my parents were like, “Where have you been?” and I said I was watching the mirror in the bathroom. Then everyone at the table gave me weird looks. And then I started cracking up laughing and told them there was a TV 🙂

  38. Holly!! Tht is a awesome HOTEL! eeekk I wanna live there…Love the phone && obviously the TV in the washroom! GOOD luck on ur book!

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