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Vote For Stephenie On TIME Magazine!


The time has come for Twilight fans to rally behind Stephenie for 2009!

Last year, Stephenie was one of TIME magazine’s Most Influential People of 2008, due to the enormous hype surrounding the release of Breaking Dawn and over the Twilight film. This year, TIME is letting people vote on who should be included in the list for 2009: and if any author has been an influence this year, it would certainly be Stephenie.

Coming from someone who writes, it is immensely important for me to convey just how much Stephenie has done not only for entertainment, but for publishing itself. On the New York Times bestseller list a few weeks ago, 5 of the 10 top books had something to do with teenage vampires. While I’m sure Stephenie didn’t single-handedly cause this, it was the popularity of Twilight that ushered a focus on this genre into mass media.

Here is how to vote. Visit this page and then select the slider, dragging it all the way to 100:


Then click submit. It’s really easy, and you can even post your vote to your Facebook page! Plus, every vote helps to get Stephenie onto the list for this year.



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  1. WHY must snarky stuff like this appear, as if every writer wins these prizes:
    “CON: The Booker! The Nobel! The Pen/Faulkner! These are just some of the many awards her books won’t be winning anytime soon.”

  2. I voted and will be voting many more times. Lets get her waaaay up there this year!! 😀 Last year we did it, and this year we can do even better. 🙂

  3. Mm, she deserved it in 2008, but I think 2009 belongs to somebody else. I don’t think she has that much pending for this year; unless I misunderstand, it is her own wish to get out of the media spotlight for a while.

    It seems a little early in 2009 for this kind of judgment, anyway. It still feels like the new year to me, if you know what I mean. 😛

  4. I have to totally agree with you. If it wasn’t for Stephenie Meyer writing the Twilight Saga, I would’ve never picked up all these different great books about vampires (Vampire Kisses, Vampire Diaries, House of Nights Series, Evernight, and the list goes on).

    Not only has it gotten me to read all these different books, but my students (freshman/2nd-5th grade reading level) who did not like to read, are actually excited to read books and actually enjoy it!

    It only takes one author to open the love of reading to a child.

  5. Yup, I’ve been voting. Also I love the BD book in your layout. I hope when you had it open to the middle you didn’t read anything… >=(

  6. thanks for telling everyone kaleb….i know no one would have bothered reading my twitter or my comments…..ive already voted as i follow twilightlexicon on twitter…..and thanks again for telling everyone about this……..im really happy people got to know at last!

  7. Crap, Crap Crap! I Voted 1 cos i thought it was most but it wasnt so i voted again and did it right! 😀 Phew!

    Stephanie Should Win <— Best Author Ever! Love Her Loads!



    Hopefully that is a result of all the mistake-making. 😛

    Anyways, I did vote, and am telling EVERYONE I know to go to the site. 🙂

    Anyways, thanks!

  9. Yeah, I feel SO bad because I totally put her as 1 the first time I voted. Ugh… I feel so horrible! I would never do that to Steph! She’s phenomenal!

  10. omfg. EMO vampire book? STARLESS cast? who ARE these people writing for time?

    PRO: Her emo-vampire series Twilight is the biggest book franchise since Harry Potter, with four titles locked on the best-seller list. Last fall’s Twilight film, meanwhile, earned a No. 1 spot at the box office despite a starless cast.

    whatever. still love steph and twilighttt 😀

  11. @Emma- same. I read all the books you’ve listed, except I’ve only read book 1 for Vampire diaries because I didn’t like it as much. But Vampire Academy!! That book was soo good.

    Twilight did make me try reading out other vampire books out there. I usually read murder books, but when I read Twilight, well, it seems like my reading taste twisted the opposite direction. lol.
    ^^ I love reading.

  12. I agree with Edwella Cullen. Seriously, Time!!! EMO VAMPIRES BOOK??? Who In Twilight Is Emo, I Ask You??? The vampires cant even BE emo!!! Their skin is indestructable!!

    I am going to vote Steph as 100 every single day! Come on, people! Lets bring her up from the 25 average she’s at!!

  13. Voting 100!!

    Okay.. The Twilight books are the ONLY vampire (fiction)books that I have ever read. Sure some emo’s probably have read it, but it’s not all emo’s at all! I think Stephenies writing is reaching out to a lot of different people, which only proves how great an author she is!!

  14. LoL. There’s the famous comment. “You should tell us about Tyralak.” Just remind me to never again speak of Raisin Bran Crunch. Clearly, it can only lead to trouble. 😉

  15. LoL @ Anna. True, their skin is indestructible. Unless, of course, you account for the fact that the only thing that can penetrate their skin is their teeth. I suppose it’s possible, but a highly disturbing mental image nonetheless.

  16. yay! I voted for Stephenie…however I do not approve of twilight being referred to as an “emo-vampire series” lol

  17. WOO! i voted. I think she deserves it, her books have brought back what i loved so much about books that i had forgotten about. Oh and i too love the new header. :D!

  18. i already did!! stephenie is awesome!!!
    btw i love the BD header thing!! its looks amazing
    abd i love your song colors!!!! its super good!!

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