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As many of you have probably noticed, the new design for Breaking Dawn is up! After my nice week of a break (and getting caught up on school after the DVD release!) I will be starting on Breaking Dawn this Monday or Tuesday!

Meanwhile, I’ve had a lack of posting due to being ordered to bed by midnight every night this week (as opposed to my usual 2 AM). This is because I am getting my author photos taken this weekend, and since these will be used for worldwide marketing it’s really important I don’t look sleepy in them! In fact, they will be done by the great Amy Howe, the same photographer who did Solomon Trimble and some of the other Quileute cast! (see more of her work here) I will have the results of those very soon (ADDED: the photos Amy just posted to her blog are the fun one’s we did after the shoot — I’ll have the real one’s on my website in about a week (minus the crazy hair and monstrous grimace!) ).

Also, for those of you who enjoy my music, here’s the latest (download it for free here).

I can’t wait to start Breaking Dawn in a few days!



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  1. Ahhh! I have never been so anxious for a post in my life! I’ve been checking your site at least 20 times a day waiting for the first breaking dawn chapter. But, I want your author photos to look good so I’ll just deal. I hope they turn out great! (:

  2. Can’t wait for you to laugh buckets on how ridiculous this book is!
    (Sorry if you liked Breaking Dawn, I thought it was retarded lol)

  3. Breaking Dawn is not ridiclulous, Kendra!! It rocks! OMT Kaleb I cant wait for you to read Breaking Dawn it rocks!!

  4. lol.
    Yeah same here! i cant wiat for u to post!
    But breaking Dawn will be a great adenture for ur blogsxD(in a good way)

    I cant wait to see YOUR point of you for it! Be sre to tell us when ur done it witch is ur fave twilight saga book! plzandthxs

  5. Sweet deal on your book stuff =)

    And I am so excited for you to start BD. I am extremely curious about your reactions to…well, everything. The whole book is just crazy awesome. I have a feeling your posts are going to be hilarious, especially during the middle section.

  6. also, i loved the idea behind the video (as clips from where you’ve visited), but it kinda made me sick with all the flickery blurry moving-ness. lol.

  7. I have been checking your site daily to see if you have read it yet. Out of all the books this is the one i am most excited to see you read.

  8. Yay for BD!

    Oh, and a double yay for the Twilight Series in general- it won the Favorite Book at the KCA’s!

  9. You’re nominated for Top Male Twilighter. I voted for you, although you’re already winning! 😛

  10. I can’t wait till you read Breaking Dawn- It’s pretty good. I didn’t notice the new (and awesome) Breaking Dawn design; I’m very unobservant. I saw who’s gonna photograph you- her smile’s kinda creepy. But she takes pictures good.

  11. man thats awesome!!!………nd i just went to see the pics of the quilete cast nd i saw the recent photos nd ur photos were there!!!!……….i saw ur photos!!!…….lemme tell u they look totally awesome!!!…..u don look sleepy at all!!!!…..u look reeli nice …….nd if u havent checked it out yet….then plzzzzz hurrrrrry!!!

  12. its k don get freaked out….these r the “safe” ones …….ones wich probably wont grace the insides of ur cover soooooo…….n du look reeli cool…….seriously!!!!

  13. i agree wid allllll of the posts relating to breaking dawn…..it is gonna be adventure……..so strap ur seatbelt tight!:D:P

  14. Are you going to do the 12 chapters of Midnight Sun?
    That would be awesome 😀
    I hope you like Breaking Dawn, and haven’t been spoiled yet!

  15. I Have Read Breaking Dawn Loads Of Time (Fast Reader. Lol.) So I Cant Wait To See What You Say About It. I Loved It! Its Soooo Funny And For Me Its Joint First With Twilight!

    Ohhh Its Amazing….
    I dont Recognise The Difference Mine Looks Like The One Your Holding…Hmmmmm……

    Anyhoo Cant Wait To Read Your Reviews And Im Going To Look At The Pics As Soon As I Have Finished This Comment….. So Now Really.

    Bye Bye Kaleb xx

  16. Whoa! The new design ROCKS!!

    I love it Kaleb, and don’t worry about not posting, because if I was doing as much work as you do, I’d most likely be dead.

  17. Loved the song…tried to get a copy (followed the instructions)for but some reason I can’t make it work. Sad for me! I visited Amy Howe’s website and her work is amazing. I can’t wait to see your pics. I loved BD, some parts were /strange/ but I loved it to the end, I hope you do to.
    Thanks Kaleb for sharing your fun self with us!

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