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Almost Better

smalllogoI’m finally into that last stage of being sick, where it’s mostly coughing and sore sides because of it. This is an obvious sign of Not-Swine-Flu. We can celebrate.

Meanwhile, due to bedridden boredom but lack of energy, I’ve been trying to update things. The F.A.Q. page has been completely updated and moved, to be combined with my other sites. There are double the answers as before now too. I also wrote an entirely new song. Stephenie’s publishers are releasing some cool journals, and in lieu of a post I’ll link you straight to the Lex. Also, if you’re curious, I discovered how much a domain squatter is demanding for StephanieMeyer.com (the common misspelling of StephenieMeyer.com) and lament commonly-misspelled names. Hint: the price is in the millions.

I shall return soon.




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  1. This makes history, my first ever first comment lol
    i'm glad you're getting better so that you can get to CHAPTER EIGHT. You are going to love it.

  2. that's alot of money just for a name..what would they use it for though…?

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. I'm glad that you don't have the swine-flu. It'd be a shame if you died without getting to know how the story ended.

    Hope you get better soon.

  4. I hope you feel better! Almost summer, no? Being sick for finals is fine, but being sick for summer is inexcusable.

  5. I was wondering if your new book Bran Hambric will be sold on Amazon for download on the Kindle? Thanks

  6. Yay for getting better! I think we both had the same thing, since I'm just getting over my illness (which happened to have sprung up around the same time yours did) right now. Still have the cough though (and that ALWAYS seems to go off in Pre-Calc class so I'm coughing up a storm). But, YAY NO SWINE FLU. Seriously, if you had announced that you had Swine Flu (or h1n1 or whatever), I'd have killed you! MWAHAHA! Ily.

  7. I just realized this, but your book comes out on my birthday!
    That's so cool!
    It's a good thing you don't have swine flu.
    Because if you died, we would miss you too much!
    I hope you get better!

  8. Glad to hear you're feeling better, Kaleb, and that you managed to update your FAQ! 🙂 Oh and being the spelling nazi that I am, I noticed a spelling error in your FAQ under “Who was Tyralak?”. You misspelled albeit. You're a writer, Kaleb; you should be ashamed! 😛 Regardless, good to hear you're almost back!

  9. YAY! Kaleb is almost better! I certainly hope you got lots of reading done, and you're just typing up the chapter review now… >:)

    LOL, that price is RIDICULOUS! I find that hilarious. 🙂

  10. Love it!

    –Kaleb: “My one regret in life-not knowing how Breaking Dawn ended. Well besides not having enough Nomes.”

  11. Hey twilighters!
    Um i just had an idea. I was looking on google, and when I typed a “T” in the search engine, twilight was just below target, twitter, and travelocity. It has the fourth space. What can we do to move it a space? or is that simply an idiot's idea?

  12. I'm happy to hear you're better Kaleb. Keep eating chicken soup… and composing gorgeous music, of course. 🙂

  13. I'm so glad you are feeling better! Hope you feel 100% soon 🙂 Keep resting!

  14. Bah. Bed ridden = fail.
    Atleast it's not swine flu! [[I typed in Swine pig – wut wut?]]
    but death by pigs would probably be a 'different' way to go xD

    I saw the website thing on KalebNation.com, I think xD
    They would probably buy it, and be all “ZOMG, LOOK AT ME, IM STEPHANIE MEYER. LOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLO?!?!!?!?111?!?!?//”

    Get well soon! Enjoy your movie marathon 😉


  15. Kaleb
    I'm glad your feeling better and would like to thank you for another 20 minutes worth of procrastination time before I return to my own studies 😀
    XoX Amber

  16. I feel your pain. I'm sick as well. I went to he docter and aperently I have been sick in the first two weeks of the month of may for the past 7 or so years! My sis says I should now make apointments ahead of time.

    I hope you feel better soon!!!

  17. Heyy,
    I wasn't going to comment but then I saw your favourite books and I wanted to say that I LOVED The Road too 😀
    it was brill :]
    I totally cried at the end, how humiliating! I seriously would reccomend anyone to read it- unless you're really young. Then don't because I got creeped out and had a nightmare and I'm 17. Once again that is very humiliating.
    But I just wanted to congratulate your excellent choice of books 🙂
    not that you wouldn't have great taste, seeing as you're a writed but whatev trev!
    So I'm glad you're getting better, hope all goes well!

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