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The Happiest Place On EARTH

Hellooooo everyone! I just got back in town late this evening. Whilst in the sunny state of California, my friend Melanie (famously from M2 Productions on Youtube) took me to DISNEYLAND! It was a great quick vacation to get me all excited before Book Expo America next weekend (and of course, another excuse for some Owl City music) 😀

Photos from the trip are on my website. I’ll be on the next chapter of Breaking Dawn really soon!

BY THE WAY while I was out, I read the book ONCE DEAD, TWICE SHY by Kim Harrison (she reviewed my book, so I got to read an advance copy of hers!). Seriously it’s something Twilighters might want to check out! The book comes out TODAY so you should look it up online or at the bookstore 😀



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  1. LOL! Looks like fun was had. I'm a little jealous. Never been to Disneyland 🙁

  2. SO right!
    I went to Disneyland once and it was the best day of my life lol!

  3. Cullen! Ahaha.

    Hanging out with Melanie, huh? *wink* How'd that go? Ahaha. I kid. Looks like you guys had fun. I've never been to Disneyland. Probably… because I live in Oz. Ahaha. That's just a theory, though. I have, however, been to Sea World, Warner Brothers Movie World and Dream World. Personally, I don't get what's so great about Dream World. I went on the Tower of Terror and hurt my neck. I hate theme parks. That being said, Movie World was definitely my least hated. How could I hate something with an entire Harry Potter section? I remember going there the first time, after the second movie came out. That giant spider was freaky. This one lady had her hand on it when it started moving. We all screamed. Fun.

  4. By the way, it's really helpful for me if you post your thoughts on the BD chapters at roughly midnight. That way I can read them at 4pm here. And don't you want me to be able to read them ASAP? 😀

  5. You saw Aladdin! That's my all time favorite Disney movie. Jealous! I haven't been to a Disneyland/World/whatever place since I was 4, and it was the one in Florida.

    And you found a Cullen! Gosh!

  6. Ohh Disneyland! Amazing how such a place can be the best place in the world no matter your age or stage of life. I'm glad you had fun. I'm sure the very crazy non-stop life of Kaleb Nation deserves a day off now and then. Disneyland sure seems like the best place to take that day off!

    I greatly anticipate your next BD post. I'm re-reading with you, and trying my hardest not to read ahead 🙂

  7. Hope you had a great time at Disneyland. I live about 10min away and I can hear the fireworks every night at 9:30 🙂

  8. lol Looks like you two had a lot of fun! I've been to Disneyland Paris, but I think there are a lot of diferences between both parks.

    Anyway, I love watching your videos! lol

    Greetings from Spain,


  9. did you go onthe grizzly bear river run ride if you g at night you can ridre it with no lines

  10. Hi! I have a question, and I've looked everywhere. And I've asked in a bookstores here in Sweden, if they're going to start selling a book called “Bran Hambric and the farfield curse” sometime after september. But they just look at me like I'm crazy and tell me to ask in another bookstore. I practically live in a village sÃ¥ we only have ONE bookstore. Soo, could the auther himself perhaps know if your book is going to sell immediatly here aswell (in english ofc) , or will it have to wait?

    This was off the topic I know?:)

  11. The only park I've been to is Canada's Wonderland and trust me, it's fun! Never been too Disneyland, though I've heard it's great and always wanted to go. But when you live in Canada, you can't just suddenly say I'm going to another country to go to a park. Sigh. I'll make do with Canada's Wonderland, but don't get me wrong it's extremely fun and if you're ever in Ontario Kaleb, you should check it out. :))

  12. Lucky, Kaleb!!!! I want to go to Disneyland! When I was 4 me and my family went to Florida to go to Disneyland, but get this: We had so much fun on the beach we FORGOT to go to Disney. (Weird, I know.) And then we were gonna go two days after my birthday, BUT NO, someone had to go highjack a plane, kill the Twin Towers and get the airlanes shut down. So anyway, enormously jealous. And OMG CULLEN!!! AWESOME! K Byee!

  13. I live in CA….Disneyland is no new thing for me. Anyways, looks like you had fun, that video was really well done. And cute. 🙂

  14. Lucky! You're taking me with you next time! LOL. Actually, every time you go ANYWHERE, I always say that. 😛

    Did I hear Melani shout “SHUT UP! I'M ELEVEN!”…? LULZ.

  15. I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!!! I went just this past spring break! Okay is Melanie the one who plays Edward in the twilight parody or does she play Bella? Hope you had the time of your life!

  16. YAY! DISNEYLAND ROCKS! I've been going since before I was born (hee hee my mom was pregnant!) and I love that place! I have a deluxe annual pass, and so does the rest of my family, and we go ALL the time, especially during the summer! When I was 8 we went at least once a month! Literally. Now that I think about it, that's actually kinda depressing… But I know that place like the back of my hand. I went yesterday when we had no school. We always go on a TON of rides. Our best is 18 in one day. And that doesn't sound like a lot, but it is when you have two 3 year old kids with you. It sounds like I'm making this up, but I'm really not. I live really close to Disneyland, so we go A LOT. 😀

  17. I think the time ur referring to she said “You're going to love it!” or “Shut up you're going to love it”
    i think! lol!

  18. Yeah, I figured I got it wrong. It would have been infinitely cooler if she had said that though.

  19. welcome to the sunny So. Cal 😀
    Glad u had a great time @ the Happiest Place on Earth!!
    i am an annual pass holder and trust me….. once is never enough!!!

  20. Hey–were you out here Monday night?! Aww, I was listening to the fireworks! 😀 Hope you had fun, Kaleb!

  21. Space Mountain is so much fun even though we got stuck in the middle of the ride the first time I got to ride it.

  22. zomg. Now I really want to go. I've never been there before, and it looks about as magical as the commercials say 😀

  23. Kaleb, you should go to DisneyWorld in Florida! It has 4 parks, and its HUGE! Ive been there 3 times wth my family and we might go again next year. its awesome!

  24. awww!!! Disneyland!!! I went there the day before my 11th birthday then I spent my birthday in California Adventure which was just next door XD

    Looks like you had fun with Melanie !! *wink* *wink* Hahahaha…. Kidding!

  25. oh that looked like it was lots of fun!
    she looks like a good friend to have also.
    haha. ive never been to disneyland. but i have been to disneyworld.
    oh well, same thing to me really.
    lol :]]
    hope you had fun!

  26. So good to see you smiling for a change. Letting go of some of that book deal stress and having a good time. Good for you. Good luck with everything. Can't wait to get the book for my nephew and my son Kaleb, sorry, named him six years before i “met” you, but at least u spell it right too!! lol

  27. Come down to Sunny Florida! Disney World is to die for. Be careful now with that Disney music. Once it's in your head you will carry that tune forEVER!

  28. Amen! I was on the It's a Small World ride today. Shoot me. What were they on when they made that ride?

    Anyhoo, glad you had fun!=D

  29. Oh my Gosh, Kaleb!!! You went to Disneyland for the first time!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO happy for you!! My brother went to Disneyland the same weekend, I wonder if he saw you! SQUEEEL!!
    I haven't been to Disneyland for 4 years and I am so homesick for it!! Yoyr video made me cry!! So how did you like it? What was your favorite ride. There's so much construction going on in California Adventure right now, sorry about that!! Oh I miss Space Mountain and the Indiana Jones ride and Star Tours!!! Did you get a pineapple float at the Tiki hut?? The best dessert EVER!!!
    AWWWW!!! I am so sad now. Tear!!

  30. To me it looks like you had a lot of fun. I have never been to euro disney of disneyland world. Because I am Dutch and I don't like to travel to far. But I always wonder what it would be like.


    I've been to Eurodisney in Paris – will hopefully make it to Florida one day! And Tokyo.

    (This shall all be difficult as I am Australian).

    Kaleb Nation, he's our hero, gonna take polution down to zero!

  32. I'd just like to say that I think you're freaking awesome, Kaleb.

    I only technically found out about you last week…but i'm from Australia, so give me some credit. But i hope you keep on blogging and such because you're so fun to read!

    Oh, I also hope your new book goes very well. I highly plan on reading it myself :D.

    Much Love,


  33. I've never been to Disney Land, but I've been to Disney World tons. If tons can be considered every other year, or every three years. I LOVE Melanie's shirt, Nemo is my favorite! I've been looking for a Nemo shirt, but I can't find any that are just of Nemo. Does anyone know where I can get one like that?

  34. I've never been to DisneyLAND but I have been to DisneyWORLD and if Space Mountain is the same at both parks it's my favorite ride of all time!!! Glad you had fun!

  35. I too have never been to Disneyland, though my folks have taken us to Disneyworld. You look like you had a total blast.
    I managed to get my hands on an ARC of Once Dead, Twice Shy at NY Comic-Con — and you're right, its a great book! Fast-paced, sarcastic, witty….I highly recommend it!

  36. I too have never been to Disneyland, though my folks have taken us to Disneyworld. You look like you had a total blast.
    I managed to get my hands on an ARC of Once Dead, Twice Shy at NY Comic-Con — and you're right, its a great book! Fast-paced, sarcastic, witty….I highly recommend it!

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