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Which Twilight Twitters Are FAKE?

rpattz-fakeTo my greatest annoyance, there are hundreds of fake Twitter accounts posing as stars from the Twilight movie. This morning, a fake Robert Pattinson actually sent me an @ reply — when I looked at his account, I found that it had already misled 170 people. Unfortunately, this is a small number in comparison to the fake Kristen Stewart account, which has fooled over 20,000 followers.

Having been one of the people who actually fell for a fake account before, I noticed this has become a huge issue, and many of you might think you’re talking with the stars when you’re really just talking to an attention-seeking poser. This can actually become dangerous, because when you’re talking to someone you think is ‘Robert Pattinson’, it is very easy to become too trusting and get your account hacked, or worse.

To help decipher which accounts are real and which are fake, I wrote a post on How To Spot A Fake Twitter. I also have links to the REAL Twitters of the Twilight stars — click here to read it!



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  1. This must be one of my favorite shots of you photo-shopped yet. I haven't read the how-to-spot-a-fake blog yet, but I do know that twitter has a new experimental feature in which those subject to fakes can verify their account.

    On another note, I'm so happy to say that after my two month internet sabbatical, I am finally, gloriously caught up on all things TwilightGuy and Bran Hambric related. Remind me not to try this experiment again. I mean, I had to read the actual NEWSPAPER everyday to find out NEWS. >GasP<

    Not to mention, as a result of not surfing the internet, the first time I saw the New Moon poster, I was walking through the mall and passed a Hot Topic. I barely caught it out the corner of my eye. I didn't think they were marketing yet, silly me. I did a double-take, jaw-drop, and near-drool, along with a dazed expression, leading me to say, “That is FANTASTIC! It's like they've summed up the whole book in one fantastic image!” People turned to stare, someone bumped into me, and my husband rolled his eyes.

    If being obsessed with the internet causes me to never have a reaction like this in public again, then it is well worth it. 😉

  2. lol love the pic!!! this is my fav pic so far… tho the lion one u photo shopped was pretty great too..

  3. That can be really really annoying and terribly confusing. When I first got a twitter I thought it would be easy to tell the difference between fakes and the real stars but it is amazing how good some of them are at pretending!! So seriously all be careful out there, don't share personal info with anyone you don't actually know in the real world!!

  4. Haha, I was completely fooled. You could've been Edward in the movie and no one would have spotted the difference.

  5. awesome pic, Kaleb. you look great with Rob's hair! lol. I hate posers. its really low, pretending to be somebody else just to get attention.

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