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M2 Productions “Not Another Twilight Parody” Part 2!

July 8th, 2009 at 1:05 am by Kaleb Nation

Finally — the second part of the much-anticipated “Not Another Twilight Parody” by M2 Productions is up! If you missed part 1, go watch it here! And check them out on YouTube for more great videos (and a channel designed by Yours Truly 😀 ).

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24 Responses

  1. babybott330

    Yep, I've already watched. It was fantastic! I'll say it again, I think Medya is a better Edward than Rob! LoL Not to mention, the crazy beautiful singer that is Melanie! I had no idea! I can't wait for New Moon, just so I can see them parody it! <3

  2. Gabriela Kennedy

    lol although i find this hilarious, sometimes i creeped out that edward is played by a girl..

  3. Brogan

    Hahahahaha! Oh my gosh! The blade of grass cracked me up!

  4. Linda

    This would be a great song while Bella is lost in the woods after Edward leaves her for her own good!

  5. Jane

    So funny! Charlie was…WOW! I was couldn't breath I was laughing so hard!

  6. AmyLeem


  7. Jenny

    l luved Charlie in this, he was hilarious. I thought Jasper was so funny when
    he was creeping up on the knife. lol

  8. imani

    My life is complete. That was great…no EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. imani

    I don't know if the last one went through because my computer messed up but, my life is complete and that was EPIC!!!!

  10. jess

    “I don't believe that, peaches don't kill..” that cracked me up, if only they said that in the film lol

  11. dawnmyrealname

    Brilliant as always and possibly better special effects than the movie. Way to go girls!

  12. beth_c93

    Haha! “Woof, woof.” “I'm coming, Sam!” HAHAHAHA! EPIC!

  13. blairbear1123

    Man that was hilarious! Love it!

  14. Lexi

    “Where else am I gonna go?”
    *cough* “Italy” *cough*
    haha that was hilarious.

  15. FictionsMyReality

    Hehe, I liked this one. I thought it was rather funny. The baseball scene was nice..and so was basically everything else. I shall go tell them that on their youtube channel..I don't know why I'm commenting on their movie on here..lol.xD

  16. JudithG

    Oh boy. By far, that is the best Twilight parody I have ever seen!!!

  17. Katie Koulos

    lol…funny…I love this parody.

  18. cgg7

    hahaha, totally made my day.

  19. Lauren

    I love this!!! It totally made my day sooo much better.
    Hahaha peaches don't kill….

  20. Dara Eliacin

    Omg Gaby! It's you! haha And yea I feel the same way!

  21. ylena

    hahahahaha! i was lmao! i like the part where edward says “were am i gonna go” and then shes like *cough* “italy” *cough* that was funny and then the last part were edward mentions the wolvs descending and shes like “oh yeah i get it cuz ita ll ties in at new moon” that was super funny!!!

  22. margaretmay

    fuzzy peach was EXACTLY what I thought too!

  23. margaretmay

    fuzzy peach was EXACTLY what I thought too!

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