A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

My Not-So-Farewell To twilightguy.com

It is with a mixture of hope and regret that I write this: my final post for twilightguy.com.

At least, that is how I originally planned to begin this post.

My ‘farewell’ to the Twilight fandom has been written for about four months now, because I knew the day would come when I finished the books and would need to move on to my own writing. But after I finished the last chapter of Breaking Dawn, and looked back on all the great memories I’ve made in the Twilight fandom, I found that I wasn’t ready to leave all of you wonderful people behind quite yet. So, as for now, twilightguy.com is here to stay!

I have a book tour coming up, which will take most of my time in the coming month, but I’m up to sticking to this blog and all of you wonderful readers if you’ll bear with my fewer posts during that time (to keep up with me then, you can follow me on Twitter). Since I won’t be doing chapter reviews anymore (at least, until Stephenie writes more in the Twilight saga!) my site will be posting more video features, news, guy stories, special features, stuff from readers and enormously epic contests!

Speaking of contests…


Yes, Stephenie Meyer Touched This (Unless She Wears Signing Gloves)
Yes, Stephenie Meyer Touched This (Unless She Wears Signing Gloves)

What better way to celebrate my finishing of the Twilight Saga, and my happy decision to continue writing here, than an epic contest? This book is my very own, hand-signed copy of Breaking Dawn, autographed by Stephenie Meyer herself. I’m giving it away to one of you, who have stuck with me through these many and long months of my slow reading through the Saga.

To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post! The winner will be chosen randomly.

As everyone knows, I started this site with a notice at the top bearing these words:

Attention: This is NOT REALLY a Twilight Fansite. I cannot honestly be called a ‘Twilighter’ yet. This site is about me reading the books for the first time. I am not a ‘Twi-hard’ or any other name for the fans of Stephenie Meyer. However, I am a reader. And I am a guy. I may be one of the first guys to read Twilight and actually admit it. But I’m only doing it as research and not because I’m curious. At least, that is my alibi.

As of today, I’ve taken it down. Because now, I am happy to have read the Twilight Saga; I am happy to be a part of this wonderful family of fans, and I’m proud to be known as The TwilightGuy.


Here’s to more great stuff at twilightguy.com, and to all the wonderful times I’ve had in this fandom so far 😀



396 Responses

  1. Yes, Kaleb.
    Thank you also for taking us along in your twilight journey and hilarious musings of it.
    Thank you for taking us to book signings, comic conventions, and even to Forks!!… and providing us with entertaining videos and pictures. It gives us fans from far places who can't be there such joy.
    Will be looking forward to Bran Hambric when it is released here.
    Maybe we should have some sort of sentimental back-to-the-past reminiscings of your past post blogs and subscribers can receive them again.
    I enjoyed Rakey's reminiscence of the past.

  2. Can't wait for the book to come out! (it comes out on my first day of school, but thats okay-this way it makes the day happy instead of sad)

    Totally want to win that BD book though 😉

  3. Kelab, I'm happy for you that you can consider yourself a twilighter now, although I truly believe most of us already considered you one. It was fun experiencing you, experiencing the saga as it is with any of our friends. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I hope your career in writing is taken to levels more than you can hope for.
    Thanks for the laughs, and the the insight. Good luck 🙂

  4. I'm a Twilight Mom who has loved every moment of your posting. I've laughed myself silly and been very proud of you for all you are accomplishing.

    It's good to know you'll still be around. I hope you'll do a review of the portion of “Midnight Sun” that's been completed.

    Take care and be well!

  5. I would like to say that I am kinda bummed that you are done Twilight Guy! I have read all of your chapter responses (and now I can't wait to read your very own BOOK!!!! So excited!) and I have enjoyed them so much. I look back and think about all of the rolling on the floor laughing fits brought about by all of your hilarious posts…all of the insightful things you said…not to mention your amazing pictures and video's!!! It has been WONDERFUL reading your thoughts on the Saga! Thank you so much Kaleb!!!!!!!! Hope you are enjoying your time in CA (which you so obviously are).

    Wishing you super success on your book and in everything else that you choose to do,

  6. This site is hilarious, I love it, and I'll hope that Steph writes another book so that we can enjoy another round of authoring

  7. OMG! I can't believe you have finished them! I laughed so many times in your commentary, they made me feel like i was reading the books again… which is a good thing! and Congrats on your new book, but just as much, congrats on becoming a part of our fandom! 🙂

  8. Keleb! Thank you for making my dreams come true! When you said that you were going to say farewell to twilightguy.com I got so emotional.But now that your keeping it, it brought a lot of joy inside of me! I remember I was on a site called hisgoldeneyes.com and someone put a post saying “Kristen Stewart is pregnant with Roberts baby!” I started to believe that when I saw you added a vlog to it, now I'm not the type of person who likes watching vlogs on people I don't know; but for some reason I felt I had to check out your site! So I went on twilightguy.com and read the latest post you put on, I think it was the end of eclipse or the beginning of breaking dawn. I read that post and I had to read more! So I went all the way back to the first post you wrote and read from there.It took me 6 hours to read all your posts! But I knew from that moment I was hooked to your site. I went and saw all the vlogs you made for twilight. After that, every single day I would check this site if you had a new vlog or post. Keleb I think I was more hooked on reading your site then doing anything else! So till now I still get excited to read your posts! Plus I got your book, it's great! Your a great writer Keleb, and you should know it! You get people addicted to read what you write! Now, I know I'm writing a post to get the book Stephenie Meyer signed and I really hope I win! Partly because I get to have a awesome book signed by 2 (hopefully) awesome writers, and also because I want to have a memory of all the laughs I got from this site!If I win (which I really wish I do!) I wish you can sign the copy as well! I hope you get to read this post! Even if I don't win PLEASE replay and/or send a bran hambric postcard with your signature it would mean the WORLD to me (literally)!

    Your honorary fan,

  9. you are positively thee best writer about twilight ever! thank you for your amazing contribution to the twilight world. 🙂 and an even bigger thank you from me for staying with us 😀 you have definitely been a big part of shaping the twilight world of fandom and made your ridiculously large mark here. it just wouldn't be the same without you. btw, i am totally buying and reading your book. too bad i don't live in california….though i think it's awesome that you did that whole random book signature.

  10. That was so sweet. This is probably one of my favoriet post ever! You are finally a Twihard. Congrats!

  11. Kaleb, congrats on finishing the series. I would love to have a signed copy of any of the Twilight book series.
    On another note I tried to buy your book in PA on 09-10-09 but they did not have it yet. Supposedly is was still in shipment. So I am hoping to get a copy on Monday, if they came in yet. Your book sounds really good and I hope the Borders gets it in soon.

  12. I was with you from the start when Stephenie saw your site and enjoyed your comment about Bella needing to drive a fire truck. You have added some needed depth to the twilight online community. Thanks TwilightGuy!

  13. Kaleb, I have been with you since day one. I think you should re-read the series and do more chapter updates comparing them to the first ones.

    You notice tons of more stuff the 2nd time around. <3

  14. I just moved too and finally caught up on all your posts. Glad you are sticking around. Bran Hambric was fantastic by the way!

  15. I've been reading your posts ever since I began being a Twilighter myself (a year since August 30th, actually :D) and I really enjoyed reading all of your posts and the epic photoshop pix 🙂 Thanks for being amazing and for making me laugh, and for giving me a different perspective to every chapter (especially the Eclipse and BD ones)

    So congrats and welcome to the fam! Finally glad to know you're in it! 😀

  16. omg i NEED that book please
    it would mean everything
    breaking dawn is my fave book ever p
    please i think this website is absouloutly fantastic i was gutted when it didnt work once

  17. I am so happy that we can now call you a part of the family Kaleb,
    the Twilight fandom welcomes you with open arms. =)

  18. Keep challenging yourself with new things. But keep us updated on future twilight events

  19. Keep yourself broading your horizons. But keep us posted no future twilight events.

  20. Keep challenging yourself with new things. But keep us updated on future twilight events

  21. Keep yourself broading your horizons. But keep us posted no future twilight events.

  22. Every man If fortunate enough as I am to have a Incredible Women by his side that is as Beautiful as a sunset in paradise,
    as loving as a new mother to her new born child, And cares more to give than receive Is truly a lucky Man As I am.
    My wife is my angel From Heaven she loves the whole twilight story and thinks the writing is The Best she has ever read and I would Love to give to her a copy of her now favorite authors book to my One True love who has already Given me the World.
    Keep on writing you bring joy to my Angel.  Thanks

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