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Kanye West VMA FAIL [Video 9/13/09]

While you were eagerly watching the MTV Video Music Awards to see the NEW MOON trailer, you might have noticed some EPIC FAILURE on the part of a certain rap star. This is my hastily made video response to Mr. Failye West.

If you didn’t see the original fail, click here to see the video from the VMA’s.



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  1. Kanye has shown in the past that he lacks class and is full of himself. Still, I was somewhat surprised by his actions. Beyonce and Taylor are class acts. They could've shown major attitude (understandably) and said some things against him, but they didn't.

  2. Couldn't agree more! FAIL! I was shocked! Like, did he really just do that?!? Shocked. Poor Taylor.

  3. Kaleb – you & Taylor would make an adorable couple… ;o)
    On Kanye – well yes he definitely failed with this one. It is one thing when he makes such arrogant outbursts within his own category, but it is another when he does it where he is not even nominated – it isn't even possible for him to have been nominated = he is not a female artist! Yet he somehow tries to make it not about Beyonce's great song but about him. HIS thought that Beyonce should have won. HIS moment to take the stage & speak about the category. HIS utter ignorance and lack of awareness for others permeates the entire 2 minutes that all of this occurs. Taylor Swift graciously stood there and handled it much better than most would have. I am already a fan of hers but this definitely makes me a bigger fan. She truly acted beyond the 19 years… 19!! The man just ripped a 19 year old girls moment away… disgusting. I give Beyonce much respect as well, she not only appeared shocked when he acted out but also beautifully shared the stage with Taylor in the end while receiving the BIGGEST award of the night… Kanye should have just sat, waited & Beyonce would have gotten her moment.. yet now he not only ripped Taylor's time away in a sense he took the shine off of Beyonce's as well. So stupid.

  4. Wow, Kanye never ceases to amaze me…. I can't believe how big of a jerk he is. Taylor handled this so amazingly well… and I'm proud of her for that. If I didn't already appreciate her music, this probably would have made me want to switch over to listen to her stuff. Kanye just showed yet again how much of an idiot he is, and how much class he doesn't have. Where did Kanye even come from? I don't understand how he managed to have gotten on the stage on that exact time. Taylor is amazing… and considering what he put her through, I think she did an amazing job in her performance that was only 9 minutes later!!! So… props to Taylor!
    And I agree…. Kaleb… I think you two would be very cute together. haha.

  5. Did you just srsly ask Taylor to Marry you???
    Well i think you'd make a PERRRRFECT couple. =D
    kanye, kanye, kanye….
    NO ONE messes with Taylor,
    Tommorow morning, dont be surprised if your toes are missing…

    (Not that i have anythig against Beyonce, I mean srsly, how many things has she accomplished in heels?)

  6. Thank you, Kaleb! Thank you! Because some dummies at my school thought what he did was funny. Kanye is an EPIC fail! What a classless, grotesc thing to do to another person! Im glad Karma came back and bit him in the….well you know where. Taylor Swift is an awsome singer and she DEFINATLY deserved that award! She shouldn't have been cut off like that. But she pulled through pretty well. I would have beaten him on stage with my award! The question on my mind is…”Why in this dismal planet, did he do such a stupid thing!?!?”
    Beyonce was sweet though when she brought Taylor back up at the end so she could finish her speech.

  7. Kanye West is a freakin 7 year old! Every time he doesn't get what he wants, he makes a freakin scene. And did you see what he wore to the awards?!?! While everyone else, inluding Taylor, got all dolled up for the big event, he came looking like he had just finished working on his car! And that lady (if she can be called that) on his arm didn't look that much better than him. He should have been thrown out just for coming like that! But now I feel bad because I don't even have the will power to delete the few Kanye West songs I have. Damn. Anyways Thank you so much Kaleb for making this video. And the last part was HIlarious as always!

  8. Look Kaleb. I realize there are all these girls saying how you and Taylor would make a cute couple.
    but its not happening.
    i definitely agree: Kanye West=Colossal FAIL

  9. Uh….yeah….I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, KALEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There seriously can't be an MTV event without something completely awkwardly atrocious happening!!! I am SO sick of it!! I only watch it to get Twilight trailers when they are announced!

    Kanye West is a sick psycho path…he needs to be exiled to another planet or something. I AM SO GLAD he was kicked out of there!! YEAH MTV for having smarts and some moral quality!! I never would have thought it.

    Beyonce was SO NICE to let Taylor speak when Beyonce won later! I never liked Beyonce before but now I totally love her!

    Taylor Swift is one of my favorite artists and this was a personal insult to me!! She totally deserved the award !!!! Kanye is on drugs!!!!!

    Thank you Kaleb!! I love you for proposing to her!!!! I wish I could have see n Taylor Lautner's face who was also standing on stage during this. He loves Taylor Swift too!!!

  10. what kanye did was so horrible. i couldnt believe it when i saw it. poor taylor. her song was awesome and she totally deserved that award. you'e right Kaleb: Kanye West IS FAIL.

  11. I know it was so sad, but i was very happy with what Beyonce did to make up for it. Very classy. And Kaleb, I have a feeling Taylor isn't looking for a husband. Sorry buddy.

  12. That was really sad. I'm not even a fan of Taylor but what he did was completely foolish. What an idiot. I love your post.

  13. Kaleb + Taylor

    You two srsly would look cute together…

    Team Kaylor!!!

    PS. I don't understand why Kanye West is still alive. I really don't.

    PPS. I didn't have any of his music either, because it's appalingly bad, just like his taste and conduct.

  14. Kaleb + Taylor

    You two srsly would look cute together…

    Team Kaylor!!!

    PS. I don't understand why Kanye West is still alive. I really don't.

    PPS. I didn't have any of his music either, because it's appalingly bad, just like his taste and conduct.

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