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Death Cab For Cutie VS. Paramore: Which Is Your Favorite?

MTV recently released the full version of “Meet Me On The Equinox”, the song from Death Cab For Cutie that will lead the New Moon movie soundtrack. Long-time fans will recall the song for Twilight, “Decode” by Paramore, and its enormous success in helping represent the Twilight movie (I can’t even listen to “Decode” anymore without immediately being reminded of all the fun times I had at the Twilight premiere last year)! But which of the songs is your FAVORITE?

As a poll of Twilight fans, I want to see which of the songs you like the MOST. So listen to the music below, and then vote in the poll at the bottom!






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  1. I actually really like both, which is weird because I'm not a Death Cab fan.. but I'd have to say Decode was better. Paramore is just amazing.

  2. I think 'Meet Me On The Equinox' describes New Moon a lot better than 'Decode' described Twilight. So, I'm voting Death Cab in the poll. But, overall I prefer Decode.

  3. I like Paramore but I really enjoyed Meet Me On The Equinox by Death Cab For Cutie. I actually think that Meet Me On The Equinox won me over sooner than Decode did.

  4. I like the song “Decode” MUCH MUCH better, but I guess “Meet Me On the Equinox” better suits the Twilight Saga.

  5. Decode I think it just seems to have more uuuummmmph! DCFC is good to but decode just has a lot of emotion to it. The words for equinox are more suited it's true, but the music for decode has the feel of twilight. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oh, that's a tricky one. I adore Paramore, but I'm not huge on Decode. DCFC I love as well, and “Meet me on the Equinox,” is quite good, but again, not my favorite by them. Hmm….maybe Equinox, because it's mood is more New Moon.

  7. paramore is great!.. but i have to say that i'm love with DC4C song!!! so i have to say both!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I love Paramore and DCFC, and I love both of those songs. I really can't choose and I don't see why I would have to. You should have had an option on the poll for people who like both or like neither.

  9. equinox ferrr sure.
    decode was kinda confusing lyrically, and equinox captures the mood of new moon. try reading new moon while listening to it. dcfc is amazing, and so is paramore.
    butttt #josiahleming should be on a soundtrack.

  10. Decode was much better, n Im pretty sure most of people think that, or at least most of teen people think that, n since its a young adult novel they shouldnt ruin it with such a song, I mean it was good but not super, I hope they have something better or they will end up with twi-grannies watching the film

  11. I REALLY can't say that I'd ever listen to the Equinox song if it was not featured on the New Moon Soundtrack. Paramore, hands down, is a fantastic band independent of the Twilight soundtrack and rocked out on its own.

  12. I didn't think Death Cab for Cutie was set to be the lead track? The only thing I've heard about a lead track was the other day with news of The Used…According to the Lexicon, “new song of theirs entitled โ€˜For You I Wouldโ€™ was set to be the title track”
    But that wasn't confirmed by Summit, so may not be true.

  13. WHY is Paramore winning? Decode is one of those horrible, generic, whiny songs that I can't listen to without thinking 'WHY was this chosen for the Twilight soundtrack?'

    Death Cab are one of my favorite bands so I am therefore programmed to like them best. They trump Paramore. Utterly.

  14. maybe i should elaborate – DC4C's is a good song, but i dont think its strong enough to be the lead single….no where near as strong as decode was

  15. Kaleb, I can't decide. Musically the Death Cab song is better, but there's always a place in my heart for Decode. Plus, things may end, but they can start again, too.

  16. death cab for cutie all the way, paramore is just hyped up. dcfc has such a great vibe and their lyrics are awesome!!!!!

  17. I think it's funny because the first time I heard Decode I absolutely hated it, now I really like it. But Meet me at the Equinox really I think really describes New Moon as a whole really well. Decode describes the beginning of Twilight not really the whole story. Just as straight up songs though they're really different but for now I like Decode better. ๐Ÿ™‚ But there are some other songs that even could be better for the movies but that's my thoughts…

  18. Oh yeah P.s. I think “Meet me at the Equinox” should have been named “All things End” what do all you people think?

  19. 'Meet me on the Equinox' definitely, mainly because I'm not a big Paramore fan (meaning Decode is the only one I actually relatively like) and because the chorus of Decode just doesn't seem to fit Twilight at all. I haven't actually listened to any other Deathcab For Cutie stuff but so far I prefer them.

  20. I love DCFC but hate “Meet me on the Equinox”โ€ฆ It just doesn't have the same feel to it as other DCFC songs. And I don't like Paramore as much as DCFC but prefer Decode.
    Grrr I just don't know what to pick!
    A frustrated Rebecca.

  21. Of course everyone has his own taste, n I mean no offense, but don't you feel like standing against the world saying that Decode wasn't good?!!

  22. omg!! i just adore dcfc!!!!!!
    their song is waaaay better than this pop/rock/whatever song named decode -.-
    i can't stand it…
    on the other hand…i like few paramores songs ๐Ÿ™‚
    but decode – 0 points
    meet me on the equinox – *_* pefect (even guy i love likes it :P)

  23. Of course, Decode is kinda awesome. And Paramore = <3. But Decode gets so annoying after a while. You just can listen the Meet Me on the Equinox FOREVER and not get sick of it. Plus it's a gorgeous song.

  24. i don't think like that. i just love tittles of the book – twilight, new moon….and now we have a song that also has time of the day in his name…i just love it like that…

    just like you, i hated decode when I heard it for the first time, i just can't understand why did they pick that song…all the others from the soundtrack are better than that….

  25. If you are having a bad day the Equinox. Since is has to do with endings. I like Decode better at the moment. Equinox will not have a valid chance until they have a video version involving the movie like Decode does. Therefore Decode wins. Also I think Decode sort of goes for the whole series not just for Twilight alone.

  26. Not a big death cab fan…the lead singer's voice normally irritates me for some odd reason. Paramore is my addiction sooo IDK. I don't think I'll be a good judge of the music until I hear it in the movie, you know? I'm instinctively disliking Death Cab due to my previous dislike, but if I hear it in the movie, maybe my opinion will change?

  27. its hard to say because i love paramore, but death cab for cutie is like a hometown band and maybe its just because ive listened to decode too many times, but like meet me on the equinox better for now.

  28. I don't like either song, but I can at least listen all the way through Decode (although Hayley's voice really grates on me). I haven't been able to get all the way through Equinox yet…I get half way and then have to stop it because it just annoys me. So this is probably the only poll I will ever vote for Decode as the winner.

    I know this sounds so negative, so I just want to say I'm sorry to the fans of both groups. I'm sure they have some great songs, I just am not fond of either of these.

  29. Honestly, I like both, but I don't LOVE either. I don't feel I can vote on this one; too on the fence. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of Death Cab, but don't feel this is one of their best songs. Maybe it will grow on me the more I hear it, but I don't know. They have so many good songs! (But yes, I agree with the majority that the title is perfect.)

  30. Usually I prefer Death Cab For Cutie to Paramore, but Decode kind of became a classic ;). It's just THE Twilight Song^^. That's why I voted for Paramore even though I kinda like the other song just as much or more..

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