A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

NEW Vlog Channel!

Yes, I decided to go with the channel name with the most votes: YOUTUBE.COM/kalebVLOGS! Be sure to check out the new channel and click the yellow subscribe button there so that you get all the latest videos. I’ll be posting a bunch really soon, and now that I have a separate channel, I’ll also put up some random ones from my iPhone 😀


A big reason I am doing this is because some of you don’t really want videos every day, and just want to see the Twilight and New Moon interviews and video features. So, if you’re only here for those, then you can just subscribe to youtube.com/KalebNation! FYI I’ll have some huge surprises very soon for fans of the New Moon movie, so be sure to check out the channel!



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