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NEW MOON Cast Tour At Hot Topic!

Despite my intention to tweet videos and live updates from the New Moon Cast Tour event at the Hollywood & Highland Hot Topic store, the Los Angeles traffic had other plans. I managed to get to the event about 15 minutes before the end. However, I did get lots of great footage of the New Moon stars, including Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and lots more! You can watch the videos below or on my Youtube channel:

If You Were An Alien, Who Would You Abduct?
What Ice Cream Flavor Is Kellan Lutz?
Who Was The Biggest Prankster On Set? also Did Ashley Really Drive The Porsche?
Is There A Lot Of Action In New Moon?
If The Crowd Wasn’t There, What Would They Do?
(shown below)
Kellan Lutz’s Dream Date
(shown above)



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