A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

“Stephenie Meyer Is Not Dead” [Music Video]

Yes, you did just watch me rap. Might I offer you some brain-bleach?

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  1. lol i nearly died myself watching that! great job kaleb! never thought i would ever in my life hear you sing a rap song! XD sooo funny!!!! cant believe that rumor started up AGAIN! thanks for the laugh kaleb! ;D

  2. like i said at kalebnation.com, that was just something else
    the brain bleach doesn't sound so bad right now…
    lol just kidding!
    i really want to hear you actually sing though, that'd be epic. (epic FAIL!!!)
    jk again
    you should really show us how you really sing kaleb. ( though i'm afraid we'll need the brain bleach for THAT…)
    XD !!!

  3. Wow!!! Kaleb….. ummmm that was funny!!! (and scarry 🙂
    lol i went to the :35 seconds and OMG that smoke alarm is going to die!!!!!
    hahah well anyways… you should do it more often (just spend more time writing the wrap…. 🙂

  4. oh Kaleb I JUST ADORE YOU ! Your the best Twilight guy out there screw Matt and Andrew from Imprint. Your the true fan and their just jumping on the band wagon and I have no idea why Summit keeps them around probably cuz their little fanbase from mugglenet jumped on the bandwagon. I'm sorry I have a real problem with them being a Twilight site OH WELL.

  5. wow, you should totally be a rapper, Kaleb.
    What a creative way to get your message across/

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