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Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Are TOGETHER?!? [Video]

February 23rd, 2010 at 6:04 pm by Kaleb Nation

Ah. This again. Pardon me while I marry Taylor Swift. After all, she and I are ‘together’*.

*on planet earth.

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  1. Becky Miller

    I thought the Taylor-Taylor story was just a rumor too, but then I saw Valentine's Day last night…I guess they were TOGETHER for a while!

  2. Mar123

    lol, well on taylor's monolouge song she did blow i kiss at Taylor and whispered Hey Taylor, so that got me thininking if taylor WAS dating taylor, but i still don't know, i need

  3. Wendilynn

    ROFL!!!! I love it. The last definition just slayed me..

  4. jenb

    ha ha that's great Kaleb. I especially loved your definition of tabloid.
    I never have & won't believe that Rob & Kristen are an official, dating, offscreen couple until one of them verifies it to a credible new source, and videotape evidence of said confirmation would be even better!

  5. Lagrenadine

    The last definition is just so funny. And so true !!
    I just can't understand people who believe everything said in tabloids ! xD
    Let's them live their lives. If they are together, that's great for them. If they're not… that's great too, for them. xD

  6. AMC

    So funny love to watch the videos… It just brightens my day! Awesome!

  7. AMC

    So funny love to watch the videos… It just brightens my day! Awesome!

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  9. hailey

    wow i think robert is like so yummy 😛

  10. Roderick Morrison

    Please, carry on the superb work and continue to post topics like this.

  11. Garrett Gonzales

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