A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)


It’s finally here!!!

(and now, I am going back to bed. 6 AM is FAR too early for me to be up processing videos 😀 ).

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  1. Can't wait until June!! Love how movie Jacob is more endearing than obnoxious as in the book…makes it hard to be 100% team Edward or Jacob. Such a conundrum!

  2. I hope they don't make Jacob likeable in the movie. (He is WAY obnoxious in the book & totally turned me off him. Eclipse is a big reason why I'm totally Team Edward.) He needs to be in the movie like he is in the book. That way people who haven't read the books will know & understand why some of us really can't stand Jacob. But this is just 90 seconds & we'll have to wait until June to see how it all comes together.

  3. I love this trailer! It has just enough to wet my appetite for June. No big spoilers (like the first NM one w/the B-day party.) The first line that Edward says sound a lot like the official proposal from the book to me! This has eased my worries a little bit for a good movie. Crosses fingers. 🙂

  4. I totally agree with your comments jenb! Jacob was WAY to likable in NM!! I also hope that more will be kept as a surprise for the movie. By the time I saw NM, I think I had seen bits from all the best scenes and there wasn't much left for a surprise. I am soooooooo not complaining, loved the movie, but I live for the suspense of how the book comes through on film especially since we already know the ending…

  5. I really really like this trailer !
    It almost doesn't say anything about the story for people who didn't read the books : that's cool for them ! And when we did read the book, that's just a very good trailer who reminds us what we're waiting to in this movie.
    However, Bryce Dallas looks like not to be bad… and we need a very very bad Victoria !
    I hope it will be different in the movie. =D

  6. i love the trailer i think the new victoria is ok but u can tell that its a different face i didnt like the look of the meadow though

  7. just like the book!! so excited.. can't wait to see it. i love how the beginning started with edwards “formal” proposal. love it

  8. just like the book!! so excited.. can't wait to see it. i love how the beginning started with edwards “formal” proposal. love it

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