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Read Bree Tanner ONLINE For Free!


Stephenie Meyer just release THE SHORT SECOND LIFE OF BREE TANNER: AN ECLIPSE NOVELLA for a free read online! You can read it until July 5 at www.BreeTanner.com .

Be sure to leave your review of it below! What was your favorite part / most shocking discovery of the new book?



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  1. Fred was a surprise and the others who might have gotten away…hopefully this leaves the door open for more!

  2. I thought it was really good. It makes me feel bad for Bree, of course. It would be interesting if Fred were to pop up in other twilight related plot lines. I haven't read The Host yet, but I did read another unrelated short story by Stephenie Meyer and I definitely think she is at her best when she is writing about Twilight.

  3. I will admit that I wasn't expecting very much from this novella. I will also admit that I was completely wrong. This “book” was a complete surprise. I believe I will be buying a copy because it gives valuable insight into what happens shortly before Bree is killed in Eclipse. And you get to know Jane a little better. And who doesn't want to know what goes on in the mind of a sadistic vampire? That's always fascinating. And like anyone else who has read it, I will agree that Fred was a complete surprise and it's a shame that he didn't reappear later, perhaps in Breaking Dawn. But we can wish all we want. But Fred is a character everyone would like to get to know. I would definitely suggest reading this novella. It explains so much and is of value to any Twilight fan.


  4. The most surprising part for me was Bree's communication with Edward after the fight while talking to the Volturi, as well as her acceptance of her fate. Really fun to be able to delve into some new Twilight-related material, I read it all in one sitting!

  5. This has nothing to do with the content of the book, but i love how proceeds from a book about blood sucking vampires are going to the Red Cross. Is anyone else laughing at the irony?
    As far as the book went i was wondering how she would turn the novella into a romance. You can always count on Stephenie Meyer for a good love triangle. Her Bree book doesn't disappoint, i was pining over Diego and then started to look at Fred with new eyes. i think i would have chosen Fred over Diego.

  6. I LOVED it. I read it in 3 hours! So amazing to be able to see into the mind of a 'normal' newborn, rather than Bella's unrealistic self-control. Seeing humans as prey rather than PEOPLE was fascinating, and I loved everything about the lifestyle that Riley created for the army. I also never made the connection that the Volturi actually wanted the army to take out the Cullens and personally asked them to do it. Haha yeah I know I'm slow 😛
    I'm glad that Fred got away, but sad that Diego didn't. I really liked Diego. Even though we didn't see him much, his character really had an impact on me for some reason. Maybe because he seemed a lot more mature than the others? I don't know. But I was sad when he didn't come home 🙁
    The entire novella also just made me feel so sympathetic to all of the newborns. They had no idea about who they could actually be, and it was so haggish of Victoria to manipulate Riley into manipulating the newborns. While I hated what she did to them, I'm glad I got an insight into what it was she did and how she did it.
    But yeah. It's gotten so much bad media, but I loved it! My local Borders had a launch party for it, to which I would have gone if I hadn't been working, but only one person showed up! And they had food and everything! I couldn't believe it when I heard! Crazy cakes! We usually have so much Twilight hype!

  7. I love the saga and I had complete faith in Stephanie that she would make this novella brilliant – I was right. When I read eclipse I thought Bree was bad, I thought she wanted to kill the Cullens. It never crossed my mind that she might of not wanted to fight or that she was a good decent person. I have so much sympathy for Bree, both her lives were cut short. What I also thought was good was that I got to see life from a newborn's perspective, I got to feel the blood-lust and pain whereas I never could due to Bella's control, it was interesting. I loved Fred, he was sweet with a very cool power. Even though I knew what happened to Bree it still made me cry as she died. She found her soul mate and lost him, she found a way out to a good life and lost that. I admire her acceptance and calmness at what was going to happen to her. She was a smart girl and it was a shame. Stephanie Meyer overdid herself yet again.

  8. LOVED IT!! I really enjoyed getting to know Bree, even over such a short period of time. My heart broke for Bree when she finally figured out that Diego wasn't going to be there. I was intrigued to hear what she was thinking at Edward, and it made me want to hear more from his POV again! I read this quite quickly, in an hour and half, and am already wanting to read it again.

  9. Not sure why these websites are saying until July 5th – the link for free download is no longer available, and some sites are saying it was only good til June 7th. NOT very long time period (one week??) 🙁

  10. Just in time for making Eclipse release more attractive the Bree Tanner free online reading made its way… Awesome to read! Makes me feel lil bad for diago though…

  11. I feel so stupid. I think the link doesn't work with me.
    I don't know what's wrong, I can't see anything on the site.

  12. re the comment above, I'm on the bree tanner site right now and I also can't find any way to read it online, the only thing that you can click on is the link to take you to the red cross site. can someone explain how exactly you can access it? (I must be more stupid than i thought since i've been trying for ages and no luck!)


  13. Does anyone know why i see nothing when i go to this site? there is nothing to read!

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