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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the Official Twilight Convention LA

June 13th, 2010 at 12:18 am by Kaleb Nation


Lots (I mean LOTS) more photos coming tomorrow and Monday. I just wanted to get this sweet one up for all of you who are waiting. I think I have at least 300 of Rob, Taylor, and Kristen alone (I’m not even exaggerating either).

ADDED: Since you’ve all been so patient here’s another one. I’ll have more tomorrow!


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  1. Kelli Chavez

    I just loved these moments between the two of them. He so obviously fancy's this girl…

  2. AlteredbyaVampire

    Rob's looks for Kristen are just so special………………..I feel like a voyeur looking at their special moments………they are so adorable.

  3. Greeneyedgem60

    They have such a bond……..I think he would love to anounce to the world that they are in love but uintil this Twilight saga filming is wrapped……the papparazzi attention would be 10 fold to what it is right now……cuz if they aren't a couple…they should be ……..if they are only best of friends…I hope they never lose that closeness but me thinks..it's love.

  4. jesuamae

    they're freakin' CUTE i love them!

  5. Kendyl Bryant

    lol. I like how Riley is creeping over Rob's shoulder. made me giggle

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  7. Ally Williams

    lol 2nd one it looks like rob is trying to hard

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  9. Lee Anne Egelston

    They are way too cute for words!! I am still wanting to find out where that ring on her middle left hand came from, she is forever wearing it – it looks like a wedding band.

  10. Kathleen Harkins

    I love those two together

  11. marabenefici23forever

    << SECOND PHOTO>>>Rob .. don't bite Kristen… it's not nice.. 😛

  12. Kathleen Harkins

    I love those two together

  13. marabenefici23forever

    << SECOND PHOTO>>>Rob .. don't bite Kristen… it's not nice.. 😛

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