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Erupting Star Is Not Real [AKA: Brains, Please Use Them]

EDIT: Read a preview of ERUPTING STAR at Twimore.com (8/2/11) –>

Yesterday I posted on my blog about my book coming out next month and how hard we’re working to make it hit the New York Times bestseller list. I mentioned in passing that the only thing that might wreck our plans was if “Tomorrow, Stephenie Meyer might announce that ERUPTING STAR, her sequel to Breaking Dawn told from Charlie Swan’s perspective, will be out IMMEDIATELY, divided into 10 children’s paperbacks.”.

Great sparkly forearms…! The emails and tweets I’m still digging through…

This is not some insider information I have from Stephenie. There is no Erupting Star novel. There is a reason that post did not go on twilightguy.com. Stephenie is not writing a ten-book childrens series from the perspective of Bella’s father with the words “[…] WILL SURELY CRUSH KALEB NATION” quoted from USA Today on its cover.

The past 24 hours have been amusing. It brought me back to the day when I said I’d been cast as Edward Cullen and the world imploded. But no. This is a clever Photoshop, 4 teh lulz & teh lulz only.

But if Stephenie still wants to write a childrens series called Erupting Star from Charlie’s perspective, that’s alright by me. Just don’t put it out around 10/10/10  😉

ADDED 8/6/11: Erupting Star has made an appearance in my new video 🙂



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  1. I have to admit I”m laughing my butt off that you were being facetious and people took it seriously. Twilighters need to relax… geesh.

  2. Thats just FUNNY some people spazz way too much, lol i mean i like twilight but I'm not going to go absoluty crazy for a new book of hers. Oh my god i even showed my friend this picture and she starts freaking out because there is a new book haha. Gosh i could go on and on about stuff i just did to my friends with this book haha but i think i will end it there

    Love, *Dev*

  3. when i saw the website i beleived but i thought that something wrong with it. i was very excited 😀 and yes too many people is still beleiving its true. now i think that is a very successful joke, i laughed so hard 😀 rofl

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