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Kristen Stewart’s Snow White Rumors?

The rumor is that Kristen Stewart is in talks to play Snow White in the upcoming Snow White And The Woodsman. Of course, I had to make a video addressing the subject! And do some clever Photoshop to see if I could imagine her in the role.

At this stage, it is little more than a RUMOR. Still, it has fans wondering if Snow White could be Kristen’s role after Twilight. Imagine:


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  1. Hmmm…….it could be interesting. If it's a role she wants then I hope she gets it. I really don't care if it's Kristen or Emily whats her name. It'll depend what the movie looks like if I'll see it.
    BTW I love your photoshop of Kristen as Snow White.

  2. I think Emily Browning should get the role. Because she is a fresh face and a good actress that hasn't had enough opportunities to showcase her talent. Because of Twilight Kristin will have limitless opportunities to pick whatever role she wants. Emily has done well and gotten lucky with the roles she's been given but needs another role to catapult her into a more sucessful (by successful I just mean getting more roles, not that she already hasnt success) career.

    And also I just can't imagine Kristin as a Disney princess, even if this is not a Disney fairy tale. Maybe if the role was supposed to be about maybe giving Snow White a more tougher, contemporary woman edge I still think she should retain some of the familiar softness and innocence we loved about the character when we were small. I think Emily would be great at giving us both. I dont know if I can ever really believably look at Kristin like that. I love her as an actress and everything but I think she's just a little too tough-girl to ever believably play soft and innocent. I think in some ways those characteristics of Bella were lost on her. (not that I dont like her portrayal of Bella, I do) I just dont think those are qualities that are easy for her to translate onto screen.

    But hey, maybe I'm wrong! If Kristin gets the role I will be interested to see how well she does. I wish them both the best for their careers.

  3. I heard she is also rumored to play Lois Lane. I adore her and things she can do a great job with role given, I think she should wait a few years before trying another iconic character. I wouldn't want her to be overexposed or end up with Ryan Reynolds syndrome who has 4 superheros already under his belt. So tiresome.

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  5. I would prefer emily to play as snow white. I think she will fit the part better, mainly because i do not think kristen stewart can act…..at all.

  6. I dont know if I can ever believably look at Kristin like that. I am liking her as an actress and everything but I think she is a tiny tough-girl to ever believably play soft and innocent.

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  7. I think Kristen should get the role because I think its good for Kristen to be in a new movie other than twilight.
    It would be good to see her as someone besides Bella.

  8. Definitely Emily Browning, Snow White would be ruined if Kristen Stewart played her. I don't want to imagine her playing Snow White! She's not a Disney Princess @ ALL!

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