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New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Ending?!

Entertainment Weekly revealed that The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie will have an ending sequence that is different from the book! The ending was “dreamed up” by Stephenie Meyer and Melissa Rosenberg over dinner and the producers decided to use it in the film.

Wonder what it could be? Watch the new video for my ideas!

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  1. hold up hold up i cant understand your taking you talk so fast like your just saying BLABLABLABLABLABLABLABLA

  2. Actually the vampire venom is like poison to the werewolves. He would die, not transform.
    I’m not obsessed or anything 😉

    and yes I know you were just kidding.

  3. Was it just me or was Kaleb sparkling? :O

    And I want Renesmee to go to Hogwarts. That’ll make a whole new series that’ll be a bit better. I like Harry Potter more than Twilight but it’s just an opinion.

  4. Bet thst all the Cillens will enter High School like in Twilight and people will be amazed lol

  5. but they decided that ages ago- there is no way they could show breaking dawn into one movie- the breakind dawn book is split into 3 parts (bella.jacob then bella again). 😛 plus hunger games is going to be split into 4 movies- which i don’t think is necessary but oh well 😀

  6. but if he got bitten, the vampire venom would kill the werewolf, so it is not possible. 😀


    The ending isn’t so much a twist as it is… a continuation of the book’s contents? Alice is injured so Carlisle runs in all angered and is beheaded and burned alive by Aro. Huge fight ensues. Renesmee and Jacob run away and almost die. Jasper is killed. Esme and Alice go sick. Aro dies. Seth dies. Leah dies. Caius dies. The other one dies. Then it all turns out to be Alice’s vision so the Volturi decide not to attack. The end.

  8. Spoiler alert!!!! Carlyle dies jasper dies everybody starts fighting volentary loses and it all turns out to be alice’s vision and then volentary decides not to attack and ten edward and bella are lying down taking you back to the past when they first met!!!

  9. LOL AND DONT RUIN THE. ending for the other ppl who haven’t seen it @TheMichaelmikey99 i saw it and didn’t tell the world

  10. at the end they all revel they r all ragin hommosexual queers but we already all knew that cuz they are all a bunch of dumb faggots

  11. Prediction : Edward leaves Bella, goes for Jacob, and comes out of the closet as the shining gay vampire he is.

  12. I think you mean Volturi…not volentary. lol. but that was mean don’t spoil it for everyone!

  13. Damn foreal so did i , specially on the ending when that song came out and the memories :”’) My mom was like “Wdf ?”

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