A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

TwilightGuys Report: DJ And Blogger Loves Twilight


On 4/20 I really wanted to rent ‘Pineapple Express’ but couldn’t find an open video store that I didn’t owe late fees to, and it was late. There was one video store still open by my mother’s house, but I had fees there too, so I asked her to use her membership I so could get my movie. When she got there she agreed to rent the movie, however, I had to watch ‘Twilight’ as well… I told her it was a deal because I was curious.

The first time I watched ‘Twilight’ I wanted to put my hand through the wall. A vampire movie with no gore? No sex? And just vague references to the similarity to drug addiction? I was furious. Vampire movies are an allegory for sex, drugs, and lust… what’s up with this damn ‘Twilight’!?!?

But then I lost my job. And I still had the movie sitting around my house. And I thought, “Well maybe I was approaching it the wrong way. And I’ve got plenty of time to waste… and I love ‘Romeo & Juliet’, how is this so different?”, so I decided to watch it again.

This time instead of wanting to break something, I loved it. In secret, of course, I decided to read the significantly more violent ‘Midnight Sun’ manuscript. Then I went out and bought the ‘Twilight’ book. Then the ‘Directors Notebook’. Then ‘New Moon’. Then the double disc DVD and a bookmark. My wife finally caught me when, *cough*, the free iPod cover from the DVD arrived at our house.

She still gives me hell about ‘Twilight’ (the iPod cover didn’t get used; I was told certain ummm type of marital bliss would stop if I went that far), and she refuses to watch the movie (she thought the characters were uneven and badly acted), but at least I don’t have to hide it now. I’ll read the series to the end, and I look forward to the next movie.

I’m a 27 year old married man, a radio/club DJ, a successful blogger, and I love the Twilight Series.”

Submitted anonymously

There must be something with DJ’s and bloggers liking Twilight 😀

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