A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

TwilightGuys Report: Stephen King Or Stephenie Meyer?


My story is very unusual.

I am a junior in high school, and one day for English class, our whole class had to pick a book that you would have to take a test online for. I had forgotton my school ID card, so unfortunately for me, I could not check out a book.

As the bell rang, I glanced over to the shelves to see a book that caught my eye. It was Twilight, but i had thought that it was written by Stephen King. Probably because i saw it from far, and only saw the first name.

Later that day, I went to Borders, and I searched for that book. After about twenty minutes of looking for it in the Stephen King section in the store, i came to realize that the book was actually written by Stephenie Meyer. I ended up buying it, although i cannot say that I felt weird, because I noticed that many of the people buying the book were girls, but i still bought it.

Later on that night, i read it. And ever since then i have had a huge obsession over Stephenie Meyer’s brilliant series.”

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  1. Stephen King, HA!
    What will people mistake “Kaleb Nation” for? Perhaps “JK Rowling?” I know, that's a stretch, but it was a funny story all the same.

  2. LOL! Loved this one! I know Andrew isn't the only one to confuse her name with someone else's. My friend won't tell me who she thought Stephenie was though…
    Glad I was up late enough to catch this early!

  3. say Stephen King 10 times fast and it will eventually sound like Stephenie!

    lol idk i'm a little tired… 5:21 am….

  4. Well that's weird. I've never heard of that sort of situation before. Good for him for admitting it!

    And Kaleb, two posts in two days?!?! Crazy! Is this a direct result of summer vacation??

  5. That is really cool that 'Andrew' admitted it! I love it when guys read it and don't bash the book because they totally can't beat Edward (or Jake)

  6. OOOOOOH!!!! It's been a while since we've had a TwilightGuys Report…. Funny how Stephen King criticized Stephenie Meyer and 'Andrew' manages to mix them up…..

  7. I'm glad he liked it. Even better: “Ever since then I have had a huge obsession over Stephenie Meyer's brilliant series.” I would like to hear him say that a loud. I would like to hear it from any boy, honestly.

  8. LOL sooooo funny! i did that on another book, i thought the author was garry coleman and i never found out who the real author was……….. maybe i should go find out now…….

  9. Like two before me said, it's totally ironic he thought it was Stephen King because Stephen king said Stephenie couldn't write worth a darn. Actually he said damn. But I was trying to be family friendly. Pfft the last Stephen King book I read in it's entirety was Carrie. Probably because it's one of the few short books he's written and I can only tolerate some of his stuff for so long. I liked Dead Zone though too bad I had to take it back the library before I could finish it. I don't remember where I left off so I am too lazy to start it from the beginning. Carrie is an old book of his by the way ha! and all must remember that movie with sissy based on it. Probably the only movie based on a book series that was closet to the actual book. Then again it's easy to put every detail in the movie when the book is short. makes for a short movie. Oh and oops I am off track now. Rambling. That's a great guy report. I love hearing boys are obsessed with it too.

  10. I work in a high school that is a treatment center for troubled teens and I have lots of guys there reading twilight. And I'm not talking sensitive guys, I'm talking 17 year old black guys that were in jail for crimes and want to be rap stars and are completely hooked on twilight and ask me to print pictures of the characters off the net for them so they can hang them up. I think it's cool. Of course, they might be reading it to increase their chances of getting to talk to the opposite sex but so what. They are high school guys reading for fun.

  11. Ha ha ha. That's so great. If Stephen King wrote anything like Twilight, it would probably be really gory and not a romance! And now thanks to the mishap, Stephenie Meyer has a new fan!

  12. hahaha…Stephenie Meyer mistaken as Stephen King…
    LOL!!!wel…congrats to you without mislook at the book you woldn't read the fantastic Twilight Saga…
    Lucky of you!!!

  13. hahaha…Stephenie Meyer mistaken as Stephen King…
    LOL!!!wel…congrats to you without mislook at the book you woldn't read the fantastic Twilight Saga…
    Lucky of you!!!

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