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TwilightGuys Report: DJ And Blogger Loves Twilight


On 4/20 I really wanted to rent ‘Pineapple Express’ but couldn’t find an open video store that I didn’t owe late fees to, and it was late. There was one video store still open by my mother’s house, but I had fees there too, so I asked her to use her membership so I could get my movie. She agreed — however, I had to watch ‘Twilight’ as well… I told her it was a deal because I was curious.

The first time I watched ‘Twilight’ I wanted to put my hand through the wall. A vampire movie with no gore? No sex? And just vague references to the similarity to drug addiction? I was furious. Vampire movies are an allegory for sex, drugs, and lust… what’s up with this damn ‘Twilight’!?!?

But then I lost my job. And I still had the movie sitting around my house. And I thought, “Well maybe I was approaching it the wrong way. And I’ve got plenty of time to waste… and I love ‘Romeo & Juliet’, how is this so different?”, so I decided to watch it again.

This time instead of wanting to break something, I loved it. In secret, of course, I decided to read the significantly more violent ‘Midnight Sun’ manuscript. Then I went out and bought the ‘Twilight’ book. Then the ‘Directors Notebook’. Then ‘New Moon’. Then the double disc DVD and a bookmark. My wife finally caught me when, *cough*, the free iPod cover from the DVD arrived at our house.

She still gives me hell about ‘Twilight’ (the iPod cover didn’t get used; I was told certain ummm type of marital bliss would stop if I went that far), and she refuses to watch the movie, but at least I don’t have to hide it now. I’ll read the series to the end, and I look forward to the next movie.

I’m a 27 year old married man, a radio/club DJ, a successful blogger, and I love the Twilight Series.”

Submitted anonymously

There must be something with DJ’s and bloggers liking Twilight 😀



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  1. and yet first commentor didn't even say anything.

    isn't it weird that his wife is the one stopping him from using the iPod case? he should get her to read the book. heheh. or maybe she's the one using it in secret… ? XD

  2. cool, another Twilight guy, Kaleb, you've got a new friend here!!!

    PS: yeah, i am the third commentor, and with comments! hehe

  3. Yes all guys seem to be opposed to the no violent, vague reference to drugs, and very little sex at first. See you can always tell if someone hasn't read or seen the film. I had heard of a friend that thought Twilight was a vampire “adult book/film”. We won't use the p word here. Trying to keep it family friendly again. That's when I could tell they weren't paying attention. There is no sexual content really and when there is it's very vague. People it's a love story. That's why. So it's either girls complaining who never read the book or seen the movie that it must be a vampire you know what, or guys who complain there's not enough violence and lust. Like this guy at first. Yes the traditional vampire story is about those three things. And usually a bit more darker and horror related, but Edward loves her and therefore I saw the Romeo and Juliet comparisons right away. It made me happy this guy saw what Meyer was really trying to convey with the original book and what the film makers were trying (and I say trying because I think at times they failed) to do by bringing the book to life. I had a guy friend tell me the sparkling vampire thing didn't bother me and the whole changing of the vampire myth didn't bother me. I loved the story and people fail to realize it's a love story. He only saw the movie and was going to read the books soon. I was shocked because all my other guy friends say it's wrong!!! that vampires don't sparkle. That this is supposed to be a vampire movie damn it! and all the other curses they spill out of their mouths. I am happy some men are opened minded about the real story behind twilight. It's a love story with some vampires in it not a vampire story with some love in it :).

  4. Funny, my husband is in boot camp right now and he was so annoyed because the soldiers there are all into Twilight. That cracked me up. Now he's willing to watch it when he gets home 🙂

  5. “On 4/20 (international pot-head day) I really wanted to rent Pineapple Express…”

    Oh, wow, when we as women are praising guys for being “open-minded” enough to appreciate Twilight (hi Kaleb!) we weren't saying they had to be stoned first.

  6. That's hilarious & GREAT! Another Twilight guy. I love how some people are so hesitant about it & are ready to make fun of it, but then they read the books & see how awesome they are and fall in love with them like the rest of us. He definitely should try to get his wife to read them, she'd probably love 'em too.

  7. 😀
    one of the rare cases of the wife NOT urging her husband into reading them.

  8. Well, not to sound sassy or anything, but maybe this guy should be paying off his rental store fees and such before buying Twilight paraphernalia. I commend his enthusiasm, don't get me wrong, but basic responsibilities must be seen to!

  9. Don't you love the role reversal over the typical situation in this post? It's hilarious!

  10. lol .. to be honest when i was first told about twilight i didnt wanna read it because i thought it would be a typical vampire book .. but then i read it and fell inlove!!!! .. but my initial reaction was “a girl that falls inlove with a vampire? wtf, thats sick!” .. =D

  11. heeey k ben een nederlander…
    i'm dutch and i love twilight, my friends are too and talks about it every time,
    it's verry cool only my friends say that the book is better….
    but i can't speak English very good so good bye.. or in dutch de ballen!!

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