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TwilightGuys Report: Edward Meets Bella…In Real Life

January 20th, 2009 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation


Dear Kaleb,

So up until about two months ago, my Twilight knowledge was limited to mocking any girl I saw for reading “that apple book”.

But when I moved across the country to live with my uncle, swapping into a co-ed high school with my cousin, out of nowhere there were apples, flowers, ribbons and chess pieces everywhere there was estrogen, including the desks of some of my teachers! It roused my curiosity a bit more and I asked my cousin about it, worried I’d find out she was as crazy obsessed with it as all the other girls were. To my huge relief, she informed me that she wasn’t. She was just starting the first audio-book a friend had lent her. It was supposed to be this epic love story. Bleh.

Anyway, Liz got me invited to a friend’s party later that week since I was the ‘new guy’. Just after I got there, I spotted a girl across the room chatting up with some friends. The most conspicuous thing about her was that she was wearing casual clothes at a Halloween party.

I asked Liz about her and she kinda did a double take when she saw who I was talking about. Told me that was Bella, the girl who’d lent her the Twilight audio. I felt weird just walking up to her out of nowhere so I asked Liz if she’d introduce me and she obliged.

“Hey, guys. This is my cousin,” she told them casually, “Edward, this is Bella.”

And the girls totally flipped, especially Bella. Scared the crap out of me too. They squealed and giggled and I turned beet red, feeling like an idiot since I’d always hated my full name.

“Just Eddie,” I corrected with a glare at my cousin as I shook Bella’s hand.

Out of nowhere (again) the girls decided to unanimously ditch the two of us with some lame ‘dying of thirst’ line, leaving Bella and me alone. So in an attempt to make small talk, I asked her about her outfit and if she couldn’t find a costume. She blushed quite obviously and told me she was dressed as ‘Bella Swan’

Logically, I figured that meant she really COULDN’T find an outfit. When I told her as much, she gave me a LOOK.

“Bella Swan? From Twilight?” she asked me, like it was supposed to be clear as day.

“The apple book?” I asked, not having any idea whatsoever what that had to do with anything.

“You really don’t KNOW?” she said, almost laughing.

This exchange led into a long and detailed conversation which started with explaining (to my embarrassment) about the novel’s characters EDWARD Cullen and BELLA Swan and why my introduction sent her and her friends into fits of hysteria. It lasted pretty much the entire party, about vampire baseball and how transformed human blood makes vampires stronger, the whole deal. When the party ended, she tattooed most of my forearm with websites to check out if I was interested, including this one. Thrown somewhere in the middle was her number.

So before my uncle came around to pick us up, I asked Liz, casually as I could, if I could upload the audio book to my MP3 player. She rolled her eyes, as she pulled out her iPod and lent me a headphone.

Three weeks later, we’d gone through all four audiobooks and I was starting to follow the movie news (was I the only one who NEVER saw that proposal coming?). Liz’s crowd, including Bella (who I’d been talking to since Halloween) invited me to go to the midnight movie.

As we were walking out, I figured now or never and asked Bella if she wouldn’t mind being my stupid lamb. Ignoring her friends who awwed and cheered behind us, she just laughed and told me that she was glad it didn’t take me 90 years.”

Submitted by Eddie

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229 Responses

  1. maya

    awwwwwww.. that is so sweet!
    the most romantic story ever!!

  2. Ali

    I usually don’t comment these things.. but this time I had to. This was really cute! I love the ending especially. I liked how they met, too. Amazing story! =)

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  4. Annie

    that is just too cute!!!!! this is definetely one to remember. I can’t believe this actually happened!!!! I wish them both the best of luck and that they will find the same love that bella sawn and edward cullen did.

  5. Maria

    Aww … that’s so amazing! I’m jelly! Oh, darn it! Seriously, amazing. I hope they really end up together when they’re older. They could have a little baby boy named E.J. or a little baby girl named Renesmee. How sweet! =D Go Eddie! And Liz! for introducing them. XD

  6. Caroline

    ome. literally. so cute! Love it!

  7. Jessica

    That was so cute. Adorkable! 🙂

  8. Marley

    i think its kinda wierd, funny, but wierd that a reall life edward asked a bella to be a sheep…im a little scared right now, its sweet but a little freaky……a hilarious story good job^_^

  9. Luciana

    This story is so magic…
    is so seems to book’s.
    I hope the crush will be more

  10. Haseya

    Hahahah! I laughed so hard at the part when Bella’s friends went hysteric and he said it “scared the crap out” of him. hahaha, niceeee.

  11. Stephen

    An inspiration to all the young, gallant Twilight guys. And, dude, to make you feel better, I didn’t see that proposal comming either.

  12. Lily

    i think it’s kind of cut how most guys think its lame-like this dude- and end up being sucked into all the buzz

  13. Amy

    awww that was really cute!!

  14. Bella (no, really!)

    I thought that this was so so sweet…and it hopefully shows that there is still hope out there for all the Bellas like me!

  15. riana

    sweet!….i’ve always wonder how to include the word “stupid” when asking someone to be your gf/bf…ha!ha!

  16. Mattie

    that is so romantic…

  17. Susa

    How sweet =)

  18. kenzie

    awwww! that just too crazy!!!
    i cant think of anything more romantic!

  19. dimitra

    see what twilight can do? what a nice story! lol!

  20. inzaratha

    That is so cute!

  21. inzaratha

    That is so cute

  22. Maki

    What a lovely story… I want to know MY Edward!!!

  23. IDNTKN0W


  24. bellastwert

    I love edward he is my boy friend and i can't wait to see the new relase of eclipse!

  25. ummhedaya

    I like this story… now… how to convince my darlin' hubby to read it… all that he does is tease me too… hmmm… he tells me that he got me the books so he wouldn't have to hear about it… well needless to say that didn't help that situation 🙂

  26. ummhedaya

    I like this story… now… how to convince my darlin' hubby to read it… all that he does is tease me too… hmmm… he tells me that he got me the books so he wouldn't have to hear about it… well needless to say that didn't help that situation 🙂

  27. Jadachadwick22

    is this a true story

  28. Junnydavis

    twilight is my fav ! love bella and Edward ! if i could as good as Edward then i can afford to be a vampire ! 

    Watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- part 1 online

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