A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

What Happened With twilightguy.com

The Twilight GuyBefore I begin reading more of Twilight, I must tell you a story. The main character is me.

In writing on my website KalebNation.com, I realized this week that on the front of my own blog, I had 4 posts devoted to Stephenie Meyer, and only 2 for my own book. Obviously, Twilight has bitten my site, in more ways than the one you’re thinking of. And yet through all this talk about Stephenie Meyer (who, as a writer, I can’t help but idolize), I still had not read the book itself.

So I decided yesterday to start a new website. Wednesday morning, I bought twilightguy.com. This site would be my exploration into the world of Stephenie Meyer. Also (and note this especially) I didn’t plan to tell people about the website for a week or two, so I could get my final exams out of the way; and perhaps some mental preparation for the crazy looks I’d get from every other guy I know.

However, Twilighters would not let that be.

For my readers of a Certain Page on kalebnation.com, I put up a tiny link to twilightguy.com, just to see if they would like the concept of it. What a laugh. Before I woke this morning, twilightguy.com had exploded. I have received not hundreds, but THOUSANDS of visitors in less than 24 hours, without the slightest promoting or mentioning to anyone.

I come home from class this evening and my email inbox is full of Twilighters either wishing me well, wishing to know if I’m onto Chapter 2 yet, or wishing that their boyfriends would come to my site and then have the guts to read it. Myspaces, forums, blogs, Xangas: they spread the word about me reading Twilight in less than 7 hours (ahem: between the hours of midnight and 7 AM, when most humans sleep). Every time I click Refresh on my stats (about every minute or so), I have received another 50-80 visitors. People have started posting some of my little Twilight Guy buttons across their pages in support of my venture.

And thus, Kaleb Nation: your friend, your writer, your blogger, your failed chemical pyrotechnicist…is now The Twilight Guy. I welcome all you Twilighters to my website, and let it be known that you have my deepest thanks. Best to all who are accompanying me on this journey- now on to the book!



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  1. so yeah like everybodys said Way to go and im checking back to see where you are later!


  2. AMAZINGG!! I’m so happy you doing this becase my bf will NOT read them and maybe this will change hsi mind!!!

  3. i am so happy to see you’re reading it! I only know one other guy who read it and he actually liked it :] or at least that’s what he told me har har

  4. Wow. A guy reading twilight. I’m a 42 year old mom and i just started reading that book. Certainly not for guys so you’re certainly adventurous! I’ll be keeping up and good luck!

  5. ok, this is so great!!! i cant wait to see what u thin kof them and when you read them. hey, i might just read them again with u!!! and when you get to the next chapter i’ll go to the next on w/u

  6. oh and yeah this site looks so sweet howd you do it? its not like the other twiligth sights!!!

  7. You’re not the only guy who reads twilight, actually. My brother read twilight, new moon and eclipse in less than a week! Probably in just four days. He loves the thing! And my sister’s boyfriend has read twilight and new moon. He starts talking about Edward Cullen and how much he wants to be a vampire now. Hahahha

  8. ur not the only one i actually got one of my guy friends to read it and he read the first 2 books in one day(i couldn’t believe it either!) and now i have to let him borrow the third book before he dies of anticipation 🙂

  9. chapter 3 of NEW MOON, “sweetest goodbye” by maroon 5. i know you don’t get it yet, but it is amazing how much they sound alike (to me anyway 😉 ) you won’t get that one till you read the end of new moon to realize ———- oooopps! almost gave it away!

  10. I just wanted to let you know, I think your posts are hysterical. it’s funny, because I’M usually the one pulling my boyfriend’s head out of the latest vampire novel; he actually hooked ME on this series. Thanks for being the guy who validates his Twilight obsession. 🙂

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