A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Number 7

A Different Type of Forks in TwilightLike every other morning this week, I slid out of bed and immediately wobbled to my computer to check on what happened while I slept. Forgoing breakfast or turning on the lights, I first went to check my position on Twilight Top Sites. Lo and behold, faithful Twilighters, this site slid upwards YET AGAIN. We are all now known as the NUMBER 7 MOST VISITED TWILIGHT SITE in the world.

You must realize I am the only person on the list who has Not Even Read the first book in its entirety! The support from Stephenie and all you wonderful Twilighters is amazing, and an enormous thanks to everyone for getting me up that high (and for all the five-apple reviews)! I feel as though I am actually being welcomed with open arms into an extended family of millions around the world.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, to Stephenie and all of you, for letting me into the fold!


Next week, along with the next few chapters, I will start featuring some of the stories from guys around the world on how they first picked up Twilight. From ‘Twilighters stole my wallet until I read the book’ to ‘a mob of Twilighters tormented me daily until I read them’, they’re funny, funny stories!



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  1. yay! i’ve been wondering if we would get to read those stories of other males who’ve read this book.

  2. Just thought I’d leave a comment telling you how much I love your website! Its really interesting to see what a guys perspective of the book is! And congrats on being number 7! Can’t wait for your thoughts on the next chapter, and the stories of other guys who’ve read the books!

  3. Yeah! Hey! I have a Twilight story too..xD

    Congrats on becoming the number seven Twilight website!

  4. I can’t wait to hear some of the stories of how guys read the books. For one of my guy friends i IMed the first 2 chapters to him before he actually went and read the books.

    Congrats on #7!

  5. Congratulations!! I love your site; you are such a crack up! My hubby, after much prodding and being the sweetheart that he is, read all three books. He enjoyed them; not anywhere close to how I did, but I was so glad to finally be able to talk to him about them. We have both enjoyed your commentary on each chapter; very well put. Thanks!

  6. I so want to read the your book!! I will be sending an email your way!!! Also its i cant wait to read what the guys have to say. Rock on Twi-hards!!!

  7. Ha! i just stumbled upon your site- and I love it! i will be eagerly checking into view your insights and comments on the books. Happy Twilight reading!

  8. You sound surprised. But you deserve it. Twilight fans are not so obsessed that they don’t love hearing about someone’s first time reading the books- we’ve all been there and remember it quite well. There is something about the first time, before you know what happens at the end…

    Besides, it’s refreshing to hear someone, a male someone, about their experience, particularly when they have as good a sense of humor as you do. So thank you for writing this! You deserve that number 7 spot!

  9. Congratulations! You don’t understand what a testimony you have to all of the ladies who have been pushing their men to read this “vampire chick-flick.” I have bidded my time, and this summer (after I’ve graduated college and gotten married) I will finally pounce.
    Thank you for the e-mail with the first few chapters of your book, I started reading it, but since it won’t be out for a while I’m taking my time to savor it. I really enjoy your writing style.
    Also thank you for this beautiful website, I look forward to reading future posts!
    Happy Reading!

  10. Wow, number seven! That’s awesome!
    And I love the idea with the Twilight stories. I started reading them because of the people I ate lunch with last year. ALL they would talk about was Twilight and Edward Cullen! I’ve never been one for romances, so I mostly just tuned them out, despie their constant begging (threatening) for me to read it. But, finally, I caved and bought Twilight and New Moon one day when I was at the book store (If I ever stopped reading Barnes and Nobles would probably go out of business) that night I stayed up til around 5 in the moring reading, with finals the next day. Needless to say, my friends went insan when they found out I had gotten it.

  11. So do you want people to tell you how they stumbled across this wondrous book? Fine, so be it.

    My friend Sara (who lives a thousand miles away from me and thus has little way of forcing me to read anything) had been telling me about this great book “Twilight”. I listened patiently, read a little of her fan story of it, but otherwise ignored all her remarks about her book. I even passed by it many times at Target. I still remember reading the back the first time and thinking, “What the hell?! This is about VAMPIRES? How stupid!” and practically throwing it back onto the shelves.

    Finally, many months later, my family was going on an outing for a little summer fun. We live in Washington, so we went up north to a Mariners’ game. I think it was an impulse buy. In fact, now that I think back upon this Twilight Journey, I know it was. We stopped at WalMart for one reason or another and in one hand I had “Twilight”, in the other I had “Sold” (which I still have yet to buy). Since Sara had read “Twilight” and I had become a reading fiend over summer, I bought “Twilight.” Actually, I think I bought it because it was the same price – if not cheaper – as “Sold” but was at least twice as big. I then proceeded to cross the aisles to the music section and buy AFI’s “Decemberunderground” CD, which has absolutely noting to do with this story other than the fact it’s another thing Sara got me addicted to and that I did actually buy it the same day as “Twilight.” After a little more shopping in the mall that was connected to WalMart – including buying a bright pink American Eagle sweatshirt that I was wearing as I read the first page – I returned to the car. I reached into the WalMart sack and….pulled out the AFI CD. I begged my parents to let me listen to AT LEAST the first song, which they did. I loved Prelude 12/21. Then Kill Caustic came on. I cringed. After Miss Murder, I concluded that I hated the CD and returned it to the bag. My parents thought that maybe they’d like it instead, or maybe my brother. The funny thing is is that they now hate AFI, as does my brother, and I’m in love with them.

    And I would say that I was digressing, but I’m really not. This is all part of the story.

    So, we get to Safeco Field. “Twilight” had still not left the WalMart bag, but I, unlike my family, despise watching any sort of sports game. It’s freaking BORING. So, instead, I pull out Twilight and read the preface. I practically hyperventilated! I was absolutely positive that Edward was the monster threatening to kill Bella in the preface. 100%. No question about it. I turned to my mom and made her read it. After that, I promptly began Chapter One.

    What a letdown! That great opener immediately draws your attention, then you’re like “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” when you start Chapter One! Where did the drama go? Who was the killer? DID Bella die? What the hell is going on????????????? I didn’t read much more at the game. It was too loud and I couldn’t concentrate.

    I read the remainder of the book the next day and the day after that. (I find it strange that I could finish Harry Potter 7 in 23 hours, but Twilight takes me 3 days and I love Twilight so much more) My parents went grocery shopping so my brother went on MySpace – since we weren’t yet allowed MySpaces so he did all of his MySpacing in secret – and I sat on the couch, dreading what I was sure would come at the end of Twilight and reading all the funny parts out loud to Kaj (my brother).

    Of course, I won’t tell you the end, because that would be horribly awful of me. All I WILL say is that I’m glad you’re reading this book and you’re not alone: there’s a guy on my bus who’s finished Twilight and is either on New Moon or Eclipse. Not sure which.

    On a final note, I read Twilight one and half more times before Mom brought home New Moon several days later.

    ~ Kelci

  12. Well even if you haven’t read the entire book, it’s fine cause you’re just absoultly histarical. I print out the pages and read them to my very-depressed-Bella-should-get-with-Jacob-Black (i know know she thought the same thing about Juliet and Paris) friend and she’s laughing by the end of the day. So keep writing at the very least so Bri doesn’t have to get sent to theray!

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