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Thanks To You

Usually there is no post on Sunday, but I woke up this morning to be greeted with some things which deserve my largest amounts of thanks.

Remember that barely 2 weeks ago, I was pretty much an unknown, teenage writer who sometimes got up to 10 comments on his blog. I didn’t think life could get better after signing my book deal.

But over the past two weeks, an enormous network of people have come together and rallied behind me like nothing I have seen before. Previously, if you were to look at my other blog, you might pick up on strands of confusion as I tried to understand Twilighters I knew. I just didn’t get it until I dove in.

What I found was a huge, worldwide family. I spent this morning searching the internet for mentions of my name and The Twilight Guy. To my surprise, I discovered at least fifty places where I am being talked about at length, more than that of people showing my support buttons. On some sites, people start talking bad about me, and every time at least 5 Twilighters come to my defense and throw the flames right back. I have over 200 new friends in 2 weeks on my Myspace. Stephenie has started a phenomenon like nothing I’ve seen before. This doesn’t just happen with some cheap imitation novel.

Cheap Imitation

Example of Cheap Imitation

Something else I discovered this weekend: multiple TwilightGuy support groups on Facebook! This is something mind blowing to me and that I can’t thank the founders enough for. Some of the ones I found were: Bella Should Drive A Fire Truck: Twilight Guy Appreciation and Kaleb’s Nation. Show them some love for making my day!

Certain key players I need to thank are the Twilight Lexicon, BellaAndEdward.com, HisGoldenEyes.com , Twilighters.org, TwilightTopSites.com and TheMovie-Fanatic.com for always mentioning anytime something happens. Also, Stephenie Meyer, who took the time between MTV News and being in TIME’s 100 Most Influential People to officially open the gates.

There is something important we must do on May 6th, and that is buy The Host. We absolutely have to get Stephenie to debut at number 1. But the way these lists work is by weeks: to get her up high, we have to buy the book on May 6th. The impact of all the fans at once will propel her to the top, and then people will notice it, buy it themselves, and keep it perpetually on the list. Let’s get Stephenie to Number 1!


– Just so you know the lineup for this week, I’ll be reading a few more chapters, replying to plenty of emails and writing my article for tMF.

– There are some people posing as me on the internet. You will know if it’s me because all my public profiles are linked at the bottom of this page. If it doesn’t come from one of those, chances are it’s not me!

– Thanks for shooting my Youtube profile up to over 100 subscribers this week! I promise another video soon. Also thanks to everyone friending me on Myspace!

– There is an online petition to get Stephenie Meyer and Catherine Hardwicke on Oprah. It just takes a minute to sign! Head over here to add your name (I did and I’m number 598!).



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  1. thanks to YOU! You have given hope to all the twilight women that our men can read and enjoy Twilight! You have boosted our spirits and made us laugh as we read (and perhaps stalk) your site for new and creative comments on each chapter that makes even the veteran twilighters want to go back and reread for the 16th time!
    Thanks to you! a member of the twilight family!
    Happy Reading!

  2. Yay! It’s exciting to read your blog! You posted a link to a petition to get Stephenie Meyer and Catherine Hardwicke on The Opera Show… that’s awesome. Last week I sent an idea to The Opera Show staff for them to be on the show, so it’s awesome they had a petition. C:

  3. I have to say this: I’VE READ THE HOST!!! It’s out in England already, and i read it in one day. It’s totally different to Twilight, but amazing (not that everything has to be related to Twilight to be amazing, it just helps). I think the Host will appeal to men more than Twilight (because it is after all about an alien invasion, albeit a peaceful one), but both are just as good for both genders (or should i say all genders?) once they’ve been read.

  4. By publicly reading Twilight, you got all the attention of every Twilighter. You are a great writer and deserve the attention, so revel in the glory;-) Keep up the good work!

  5. Also agreeing with Phinecia, i think that you reading twilight publicly that you represent us twi-hards, or twilighters (whichever one you use). I hope you enjoy reading twilight. But this is a warning: This book is addicting and there are only three books out right now. Im almost bald because of the wait for breaking dawn. So proceed with caution. 🙂

  6. I think you’re freakin awesome, and an incredible guy for having the guts to try and read a “girl’s” book, as well as seeing EVERY comment with humor (remember Mr. Pig?). Enough said. Greetings from Portugal 😀

  7. Twilettuce…. hm… how the (snort) do you come up with stuff like that?! I do not understand… oh, well. It was really funny, and I will get my copy of he host ASAP!

  8. Kaleb i wish there were more guys like you. *sighs heavily* Well, at least i can take comfort in reading your funny and insightful blogs. By the way, i pre-ordered The Host; that counts as buying it on the sixth right??? If not, i’ll just have to buy it again…..i guess i could give it to someone…

  9. Awww! Thats so sweet. But you deserve it, Kaleb. You seem like a very intelligent, funny, respectful guy and wish that guys would be more like you. It’s so cool to see a guy reading Twilight, and that makes you more manly that any macho, pig-headed guy like the one we read about the other day. I check your blog all the time, and love what you write. I hope you have a successful writing career once you publish our books. Count on us to buy your book when it come out.

  10. Twilettuce? hahaha I wonder what that book would be about…hmm, haha. you’re awesome, we all got your back kaleb! =) twilight guy all the way!!

  11. Ha! TwiLettuce!
    You are too funny…
    Of course we’ll get Steph to the top. My mom says cause I only turned thirteen recently I can’t read adult novels. I told her I read Twilight when I was 11. She doesn’t see my point.
    But I’ll by it. We’re gonna be out and about since it is my little brothers b-day.
    She just doesn’t know that the teen/audlt rating hasn’t stopped me before. It better not stop me now.
    Though I think she and my now almost-twelve year old brother have gained sympathy for my obbsessidness(sp?) considering I MADE them both read it along with half of my grade.
    Now all there is to do after I buy it is to tell her that she can’t use my copy.

  12. I’m agree with Andrea. You seem a intelligent and amazing person, and you deserve it. Besides if we believe that something is good for Twilight we spread the news… so are the fans, weird but adorable XD Count on me too to buy your book when it come out (in fact I was talking about your book and this site today in my LJ) although not will be published in Spain I suppose… But for some reason was invented sale online XD
    Hugs & cookies

  13. i like the twilettuce thing. two things kind of like that i’ve thought of/seen are:
    twilight with a green apple that says the green apples got jelous
    a picture of the twilight cover, 15 minutes later… a picture of the twilight cover with just the core of the apple. somebody got hungry…

  14. You have my full support, Kaleb!
    If people link and talk about your website it’s because you’re a really funny and smart person.
    I will make sure to buy your book when it comes out.
    Oh, and I joined the facebook group too. It’s genius.

  15. Dude you are freaking awesome!! I love this article, and yes I have used your name in some articles to prove to turd heads out there that think that guys dont read the books. You are great and dont forget it!!

    Love ya!!

  16. Oh no! I won’t be able to buy The Host until this weekend (May 10th). I feel really bad about it, but there’s just no way I can get to a bookstore. Shoot! And… online buying is out because of my mother’s fear of identity theft. Hmph!

    I really can’t wait to read it, though! And congrats on all your popularity!

  17. I’ve told people about you, and I visit this website every time I’m online. We should be thanking you. Reading your blog is like reading Twilight all-over again. :]
    I joined the facebook groups.
    && I have to e-mail you about it, but your book is great so far. I know that’s a rather boring comment, but I haven’t finished reading all of what you sent so far…but I will!

    I’ve already reserved my copy of The Host. I’ve been waiting for Tuesday for forever.


  18. Kaleb, thank you so much for mentioning the petition! You are beyond terrific for doing this. Oh, and love the twilettuce book art. LMBO! I’ll be reading!


  19. You are MOST welcome! Your site brings me daily amusement and smiles 😀

    I would so read Twilettuce, if it existed.

  20. Hey, Twilight Guy! 🙂 I find your posts enjoyable. You’re really funny. 😉 Like you (although I’m a girl), I’m new to the Saga, but I got through the two books so fast, I really didn’t know what hit me. I live on the other side of the world, and I don’t know, but there was probably a weird time-warping thing, but I found “The Host” in our local stores already, and I’ve got my copy. More and more stores are carrying Twilight, and more and more people are becoming aware of the series around here. Hopefully they support “The Host” as well. Keep on reading! 🙂

  21. Unfortunately for Stephenie (in a weird way), I preordered The Host before I’d fnished the Twilight series back in early April. I’m guessing she doesn’t need a WHOLE lot of extra help though… can’t wait to see where it all goes!

  22. Can’t wait for the HOST! And omg I would die if Stephenie & Catherine were on Oprah!!! Yay Kaleb- I’m so happy for all your success! You rock!!!

  23. So I logged on at 8:30PM May fourth (the same day of this post) and TwilightGuy siad he was number 589 or something to get Stephenie Meyer on Oprah and i singed up to get her on Oprah and there was more the 1220! Great Job everyone!!!!

  24. Oh I am already planning to get The Host even though it’s final week and I have no time for anything. I’ll make time darnit!

  25. TwiLettuce would probably be about Ella and Bedward. Bedward is a hampire (who eats only ham) and Ella is a vuman (some strange human crossover)

    And then they start a war.

    And I’ll DEFINITELY support the Host! 😀

  26. Hey Kaleb! I’m really enjoying your blog and I’m so excited there are actually guys out there who enjoy these books. I can’t get my guy friends to sit down and read them! Any tips?

  27. So, let me guess. After Twilettuce comes New Spoon! Followed by Eatclipse and Baking Dawn! Boy I’m getting hungry.

  28. Hey Kaleb! Keep it up! We totally dig you over at Twilight Moms and I have my husbands reading you now too! (He has also read the books and finds solace in any other male who has).

  29. Im not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website to come back later. Many thanks

  30. Attractive section of content. I just stumbled upon your site and in accession capital to assert that I acquire actually enjoyed account your blog posts. Anyway Ill be subscribing to your feeds and even I achievement you access consistently rapidly.

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