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Twilight Movie Trailer

In case you haven’t already heard about, and watched 23,932,834 times…here’s the official Twilight movie trailer.



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  1. (thud, just fainted) ok I’m ok this is soo cool where did you get the link? I want to put it in my blog.

  2. OME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And that, Kaleb, is the reason you won’t be able to put the book down now!!!!!!!!!

    And Robert IS EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete with crooked grin, and hypnotic eyes!!

    *thud,sigh, faint—smiling the whole time*

  3. Wow!!!!!!!!! Where have you found this? ItΒ΄s amazing, I canΒ΄t wait to see the movie…

    and SO hyperventilating right now.

  5. I.. saw… before… on diff site… still… cant… breathe…

  6. Why can’t my husband be Edward?? Now I’ve truly lost my mind and am completely in love with a fictional character all over again!!

  7. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I think my heart just failed. Someone please revive me!! This is going to be the longest 7 months and 6 days of my life. I pray to God that semester finals are not that week or the week after the movie comes out because I know my brain will not be focused on testing. OMG!! “hyperventilating” Ok so now I am going to watch the teaser trailer some more. I think I am in love!

  8. =0
    Im still an avid jake fan, but gosh, seeing edward in this made me want to see the movie SO

  9. You’re my hero for posting this. I just watched the HD trailer and have been rolling on the floor for past hour. I’m elated. My grin is reaching from ear to ear. *dies*

  10. *hypervenalating with heart racing)OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! Where did you find this!!!!!!!! You know there is something wrong with you when you are in love with a fictional charecter, this book is going to land me in theripy. Im obsesed! (does anyone know where to find good photos of the set??) *hyperventalates and faints*

  11. OH MY HECK!!! i think i might die. i wish it was december already!!! ARGH!!!! omg omg omg…..

  12. Sweet amazing monday! i was wondering how you feel about the movie? I love it because to see Edward walking around and not just in my imagination is one of the reasons i love it so much! But anyways…i don’t know how you can go so long without reading the book!

  13. It looks like it will actually be good! Hopefully I’ll be able to see it sometime after it comes out (not sure if me mum would allow it. She wouldn’t like the idea of a vampire romance movie).

  14. i already found 3 things wrong with the movie. probably no one wants to hear them. so i won’t say them, but if you do, tell me, and i will post them on here. but where’s the link to that video because i want to send it to my friends.

  15. oh wait, sorry 4 things wrong.
    im convinced they are going to ruin the book with the movie. but on the bright side, i can now visualize the actor playing edward and actress playing bella more as edward and bella

  16. I not ganna see the movie, it will ruin the book for me, i don’t really like it! I mean it looks good for a movie and i get that it wont be the same but i think i just had my hopes a little to high up there were every thing is the exactly the same as the book..
    but oh well still love the book.

  17. OME!!!!!
    wow that is AMAZING!!!
    *watches trailer and faints*
    hey twilight22lover i want to know what you think is wrong with it!

  18. Thank you so so much for posting this!!! I have my AP history test this Friday, and have consequently been wallowing in a pit of despair, and this just about made my entire week. I’m so psyched for this movie, ahhh!! Hopefully it won’t be terrible πŸ™‚

  19. That was excellent! I screamed and sprinted for the computer that has Flash on it when I saw it was on here. Thank you SO much for posting it on here, I would normally check the Lexicon for this but it’s currently down. See what you have to look foward to, Kaleb? Keep reading and enjoy Twilight!

  20. first, when bella asks edward how old he is, they are supposed to be in bella’s car, not in the forest.
    second, when edward saves bella from the car, bella has headphones and the book never says bella is wearing headphones.
    third, when bella says, im not scared of you, they supposed to be in edward’s room, if that is edward room, they totally messed it up.
    fourth, when edward saves bella from the car, bella is just looking through her bag. she was supposed to be looking at the snow chains charlie put on for her. it isn’t even snowing in the movie.
    fifth, (i know i said i only had four but i just thought of one.) edward’s eyes are brown. BROWN! vampires have eyes that are red, black or gold. RED, BLACK OR GOLD! not brown.

  21. twilight22lover– keep in mind that the twilight movie is based on the book, not on the book… so they can’t put every knit-picky details; and the director said that she and the crew did their best to keep the movie true to the book. regardless, this movie is going to be heebyjeebies MAGNIFICENTLY AWESOME!!

  22. @Twilight22lover – Yeah, they usually change simple things like that. Sometimes they have to do that to make everything work smoothly in a movie. Sometimes you just have to accept that it’s going to be a little different (and sometimes, in parts, very, very different).

    We just have to hope that they stayed true to the really important parts of the plot. There’s nothing much else we can do, and it won’t help to complain. Let’s try to be happy with whatever we get! I mean, it’s really cool in the first place that they made a movie out of Twlight! πŸ™‚

  23. Oh my gosh, I better correct this before I get thrown to the lions! Twilight is TWILIGHT, not Twlight! πŸ˜‰

  24. Kaleb, you shouldn’t watch that if you don’t wait any book spoilers. Also, you shouldn’t read some of these comments because they are also spoilers. Maybe you should have turned off comments for that….

  25. First, I agree with Theresa. Don’t spoil the book by watching that, Kaleb. Jeez. =P

    Second, the official movie website (http://twilightthemovie.com/) has posted that this is just a bit of the trailer. Just a tease… and yet I’m still on the edge of my seat, watching it repeatedly. Meh, Edward’s grin is worth becoming mentally unstable over.

  26. *sigh* Not much for me compared to the book. I’m not a Robert lover, so one of the most important components is just… missing. And they fly. Through trees. How does that work? There’s some extreme suspension of belief needed there. It just seems like a typical book-to-movie adaptation, in my opinion. More glamour, more action/violence, less meaning and intelligence. And… that accent… “I’m sheventeen”. Hmm.

  27. oh. my. god. the first 5 times i watched it, i couldn’t breathe, i could only stare at the computer screen. then i started crying. then i blew off yet another night of studying to watch it like 50 bajillion times and try and find more pictures and stuff. AHHHHHHH WHY CAN’T IT BE DECEMBER ALREADY?!?!?!

  28. Kaleb, you are the best! I believe out of all Twilight sites, I visit yours daily. I love what you have to analyze and say about the book. And definately love that you share cool stuff with us, like the TWILIGHT TRAILER! When I first saw it, I kept screaming, giggling, and hyperventalating at the same time (it sounds impossible but I did it)! Hopefully my next door neighbors didn’t call the cops, and then I watched it ten more times and I’m not even done watching it yet. Thanks for everything! πŸ™‚ ~Andrea

  29. woops! Omit the “I believe” in the second sentence! I’m so high of Twilight, I can’t type straight! Sorry πŸ˜‰

  30. omg i think i just fainted…SIGH the whole time i was watching it i got the chills and goosebumps…i hope it turns out something close to how AMAZING the book is!!!

  31. *thud* Oh my god…
    Robert is almost getting me as a good Edward…Kristen is perfect, I love her work, actually.
    This is the first time I enter to this website and let me tell you, you are so brave to admitting you enjoy reading Twilight.
    Consequently, you are going to my top 5 Twilight sites =D
    Take care!

  32. A note on Edward’s eye color: I did notice that they didn’t seem the right color. However, they only showed a few movie scenes in the teaser trailer, and there were even some of them where Edward’s face wasn’t clearly visible. It’s entirely possible that these few scenes happened to be ones where Edward wasn’t very well fed.

    It’s rather depressing for me to see how hard the producers are working to make sure that this movie captures the important parts of the book, when this didn’t happen with other film adaptions of books, like Harry Potter. Especially when I went on MuggleNet and saw that Tonks will only have one scene in the upcoming HBP movie, and that Death Eaters are now attacking the Burrow in this movie, when they didn’t in the book. I think that as Twilight fans, we should be grateful that they are being as true to the book as they are. We could be in the situation where we see yet another beloved book series destroyed by movie(s) that leave out entire plots and other important aspects of the books.

  33. Yay!!!! This trailer is awesome…I don’t know how I’ll ever make it to December though…I wish time could just skip to the release of Breaking Dawn..and then to the movie. At first, I had my doubts about Rob and Kristin for Edward and Bella..but after watching that, I think they’ll do a good job.

  34. is that exactly 23,932,834 or only 23,932,834-ish? πŸ˜›

    Trailer looks brilliant BTW. Thanks for posting!

    I had heard about your blog before, but today was the first day I actually took a look at it. I’m enjoying your insights and have subscribed to the blog. Keep reading and posting!


  35. Ahhhhh!!!! Every time i watch this video I cry coze I’m o mad I cant be Bella (yes Im a freak) and thats alot of crying seeing as in the first 3 to 3 and 1/2 hours I was aware of this video today I watched it 109 time (yes i counted told you I was a freak) THANKS FOR POSTING IT KALEB!!!!! now I’m off to watch it like 20 more times before I go to bed!

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