A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reaction To TwilightGuy – VIDEO

So I put this video together as a little thank-you to all the people who have come to the site in the past few weeks. It’s more quirky than funny, I admit, but maybe you’ll give out a tiny chuckle. This might represent the usual reaction from guys when they find out about my website 😀

As a perk for you people subscribed to my Youtube channel, you usually get to see the stuff I upload a day before it’s put up on the site. So if you’re not on there, head over and check out my channel!

Added 12:16 AM: I gotta note that Youtube messed up the audio and delayed it slightly, so the voices don’t match up exactly with the mouths. Not too bad though 😀



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  1. Youtube always messes up the audio on my videos too >:-| But I loved your clip! Verry funny, and since that was dedicated to all your loyal fans- I would like to respond by saying “Your very welcome!” Thanks for all the laughs!!

  2. That was a great use of puppets 😀

    ‘A guy…reading Twilight?’

    Still admire you for having the guts to do what most guys are too afraid to do.

  3. I don’t know about everyone else, but I found that absolutely hilarious… though that may have something to do with the severe sleep depression I’m suffering from at the moment.

    Anyway, my point is that made me laugh, just like your posts always do. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  4. I love the puppets!
    And as I usually do when I visit this sight, I laughed. 😀

  5. Haha. So funny. That’s exactly why we keep coming back though Kaleb; your funny, your creative, (your a wiz with the computer), and you entertain us!!

  6. So funny… your website is an addictive one: I know I will always have fun when I visit it! That’s why I check for new posts everyday!

  7. thanks for making such a great twilight site!!!!!! that’s why we come back. also cause you put the twilight movie trailer up…. YAY TWILIGHT GUY!!!!!

  8. Hahahaha! I wish I had puppets! LOL~ Go tell you’re puppets to read Twilight! Its a great book~:D

  9. The puppets idea was genius.
    You’re hilarious Kaleb!
    I admire you for reading Twilight but even more for being a guy who ADMITS he reads Twilight and who laughs at the guys who laugh at him.
    You got me addicted to your website.

  10. Hilarious!! I like a lot your dragons! Was a funny clip!
    Thank you for make us laugh in each visit Kaleb.
    Hugs & cookies!

  11. That is seriously one of the dummest videos i think i’ve ever seen…excepting only the twilight teaser trailer. Ha! An alliteration!

  12. i just realized… when the puppets are talking, there is a picture of stephenie meyer in the background. (it’s small but it’s there.) anyone else notice that?

  13. wowow that was truly amazing.
    My cousin is in college and he makes all these weird videos, is that really what it’s like??????

  14. I literally LOLed

    after the first part.. and it went black.. then showed the computer screen with the website up and the puppet laughing.. nice touch! lol 🙂

  15. Puppets are really the best medium for everything…
    I tried to use your site to get my boyfriend to read Twilight (he has the same name as you, and you’re the same age) but he still hasn’t done it.
    I love your site though, you filled a void in the Twilight fandom 🙂 Keep up the goodwork!

  16. hey twilightguy! i have to say, when i saw ‘Stregoni benefici’ and then ‘Streganona’ bit i literally burst out laughing! xD
    I totally remember back when my gr.3 teacher used to read to us from those books!

    Your posts are AWSOME!

    PS. i didnt get a chance to comment on your other blog, so ill do it here: the food court bit was the BEST! x)

  17. The guy thats sparkles had me rolling like freaking crazy yo!!hahaha guy that sparkles, thats what IM going to call him.

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