A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

TwilightGuys Report: A Teacher Reads Twilight


” As a school teacher of Junior High school students, I find myself looking at what they are reading all the time. So when this book with two hands and an apple started to be carried around by every single girl in the school, I began to wonder. So I began to ask:

Me: What is that book you are reading?

Jr. High girl: OH AHHH…. It is just like… so…. the coolest… Oh man is Edward… Sigh…. Drop dead in faint.

So, I went home and told my wife. She, being the cautious one, looked it up online. She said, vampires? I hate vampire stories. But if you really want me to, I will read it.

So she put it on reserve at the library. (Number 44 on the list waiting for the book) So the next day the library called telling her the book had come in (The Library got smart and ordered 50 copies of the book, knowing that they would mysteriously come up as “lost”)

She picked it up and began reading it when we went to bed, at 10:30 that night. When I woke up the next morning, my dear sweetheart informed me that if we didn’t go to get the next book from the bookstore that afternoon, that our marriage would be over. By the time I got home with the book so I could see what was going on, our entire neighborhood had claimed that it was their turn to read it next. (I actually had to buy another copy of the book when the original copy never made it back to the house)

Naturally, I had put my foot down as the head of the family (you can guess who the neck is – and it is true she can turn me any direction she wants) I get to read it before we loaned it out to anyone else. My wife was actually okay with this, since she could read it a few more times while I went to work. I have to admit that I too finished it in record time, and counted the days before Eclipse was released. Now if only I can speed up time a little more.

I did buy the series to put on my bookshelf at work, and then another set when my first set become “lost” within 3 days. ”

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  1. haha

    I don’t recall walking around with an apple….???

    But I know I wa walking around with the books for months. That’s so sweet that both him and his wife got into the books. ^_^

    But I do wonder….. How did the books become lost at work after three days? Was it the women in the office? Or, was it the men secretly wanting to know what the big deal was. hmmmmmmmmm

  2. The Twilight virus is incredibly powerful.

    And people say it’s not better than Harry Potter?

    They should check this out.

  3. Gotta love Twilight guys.

    And Twilight fans who spread the (sometimes not so healthy but still fun as hell) addiction, thank you very much!

  4. Well, I’ve been trying to hand my sister the Twilight book, I said she’d love it but she hates vampires although I told her it’s not a typical vampire story and all that but not successfully. I won’t give up though.
    Everyone who reads it is addicted.

  5. That’s funny. Now if only my teachers would read Twilight…Hm…That would be so awesome, we could lead class discussions about it, haha.

  6. Oh my gosh! That cracks me up! My friend’s copy of Twilight was accidentally “lost”. I would never do that, but a lot of people do.

  7. hehe. That’s a good one. Should have told the neighbors to get their own copies. Hopefully your new set doesn’t go “lost” too. you could alway Lojack them.

  8. HAHA Twilightus is becoming a hard disease to overcome these days!

  9. Good job reading Twilight!
    I know this is EXTREMLEY random…but I’m freaking out so……go to my blog! (Unless you hate spoilers…stay away!)

  10. Ha ha ha, that was funny! I only know of one teacher at my school that has read the book. And she’s an english teacher so she likes to read just like me. I also was planning to see stephenie meyer a week ago and when i brought The Host to the school she was curious about it. Naturallly i had already finished it the week before but it was still fresh in my mind, so i could tell her about it. I have to admit, Stephenie has an interest in writing “different” books, so it was hard to explain the book to anyone without seeing their eyebrow raise. I of course was the same way in the beggining, I only bought it because you had to buy it along with the ticket. But after i was finished, i wanted more. Crazed just like twilight, maybe not as obsessed as i am for the twilight series, but close enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. LOL…That is a very amusing story…All the girls at school must think he is a way cool teacher!

  12. If someone didn’t return my Twilight books, I would kick their butt. I have laid down laws about book borrowing though, so my friends know that all of Icy’s books are precious friends, so if you hurt them, Icy hurts you. LOL!

  13. Wow, I am really selfish–I have never loaned mine out and never will, for exactly that reason. I just tell everyone to go buy or check their own copies and make it sound like that’s what I did (I borrowed the books the first time I read them, but did not leave the premises–we were visiting for the holidays). Once I read them the first time, I had to get my own copies, but I don’t tell people I have my own. Does this make me a bad person? I guess I will just have to live with that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. to answer angelina’s question at the top….
    i would bet my copies of the twilight saga that it was a girl in the school who took it and not a teacher.

  15. I went to my library because finally Eclipse (not the special edition though snif) was released in my country in english (we don’t have the spanish version yet :/….) and then I asked for the release of Breaking Dawn and the salesman told me he didn’t know it would be a fourth book PFFFFFFFFFF….. but he told me also these books started with more fans than HP o_รณ

  16. His students totally freaked out when they heard that he was going to the Stephenie Meyer book signing in Salt Lake. He was one of about 20 guys there.

  17. Yes, Eric, my son-in-law, is one of a kind… and so is my daughter! I have to mention that Eric even took his wife, my daughter, to the “virtual prom” What a guy–a Twilight guy!!!

  18. Reminds me of my high school English teacher.
    His daughter (one year younger than I) was uber-over-excited about reading the Twilight series last year and he noticed me re-reading my worn out paperback copy in class one day and asked me about it:
    I tried not to sound too much like an addict, but failed miserably. Once he started firing questions, my answers poured out. I actually squeeled when he asked about Edward and Jacob.
    It was a little embarassing to say the least.

  19. That reminds me of my biology teacher from last year. I go and talk to her every day and when I started to read the series for the first time a few months ago she asked about it and liked the idea of a human and vampire falling in love with each other so I lent Twilight to her and now shes going out to buy New Moon (because my copy is with another friend).

  20. I lend some of my friends my german copies of twilight and new moon but now I regret it! They aren’t as careful as me… I will never give them my books again! even my mum isn’t allowed to touch my books.
    I love twilightguy stories! His wife is cool!

  21. I got my high school Language Arts teacher to read it. We have to read 15 minutes every class and everytime i would have Twilight. She asked if it was too difficult for me and suggested i switched books after i had been reading it for a solid month. I patiently explained to her that i had read it several times in that month (i only read during her class period…i wanted her to notice) She asked what it was about and me being a good person described it in all of it’s glory. She didn’t believe me when i told her it was really good because she had never heard of Stephenie Meyer (blasphamy i know). It took me two weeks but she finally sat down and read it. I loaned her my copy and the next day i got called down to her room. (i have her class every other day) She handed me the book and thanked me. I was like you didn’t even give it a full day. That was when she pointed to the 3 new books on her shelf. Her personal shelf the one the school didn’t pay for. I thought it was funny.

    Now we’re Twilight buddies and we discuss everthing during class it’s funny cuz while everyone else is working me and the 5 other Twilighters in the class (small class)discuss the book with the teacher.

  22. Nice. Man… I’m thinking about my substitute teacher status and how I would probably earn major points with the high school kids because I have read this series.

    Maybe I should start carrying Twilight around with the rest of my stuff….

  23. Poor guy. As a bibliophile as well as a Twilight fan, I sympathize with the disappearance of Eric’s books.

  24. i tried to get my english teacher to read them, but i don’t know if that ever happened…i graduated shortly afterwards. i hope so though! it’s great spreading the love.

  25. My teacher finally got so curious last week (what with me and my friends ranting about the books, and doing a countdown of days left until Breaking Dawn is released on her board everyday), she finally gave in and is going to read Twilight. I’m so excited, class might be more interesting from now on….Or it might not…

  26. haha cool, twilight teachers! my math teacher actually asked me and my friends if she can borrow our book, and our librarian is now also insanely obsessed and won’t stop talking about edward and bella! if i’m there and some kid wants to borrow a book, she makes them wait: ‘Important Twilight discussion’!

  27. wow, i don’t think any of my teachers have read it

    sadly, at our town’s library there have been only 2 people to have ever checked Twilight out… and 1 of them was me!

  28. Hmmm… every girl in the school, where have I seen something like that before? …oh yeah!!

    Ha gosh, even in the little town I live in it has gotten extremely rare to see any girl who is not totally unintelligent without a copy of Twilight. I must confess myself that I have yet to return Eclipse, which I borrowed from a friend several months ago and finished on the second day that I had gotten ahold of it. Even now, I think I can safely say that I am a die hard Twilighter and I find myself keeping close tabs on Breaking Dawn and the Twilight Movie.

    I can also totally sympathize with you wife. I have to admit, I was definatly not interested in Twilight when people in my school started carrying it around, and I loath to say that I did ask myself and others several times what was so special about it. Vampires did not particularly interest me, even though I was and still am totally a fantasy fanatic and hardly pick up anything that dosen’t have something supernatrul or romantic. I can even remember saying to myself that it would be a waste of time to reach such a thing, and time was a thing that I had not been able to spare at that moment (being far to concerned with getting into high school and final exams). Finally my love of literature, romance, and fantasy, not to mention all the chatter that was going around the school about it (Twilight hit my school like a wrecking ball. One day, people went about their lives and the next half the girls in the school were squealing over either Edward or Jacob) got me to ask to borrow the book from a friend so I could at least read the first chapter of it. It took quite alot of muscle power for her to get it out of my hands afterwards.

    I so wish that the male teachers in my school would pick up Twilight and read it. It would certainly do them alot of good. Unfortunatly, they are much to “guyish” (ha) for that. Oh well.

  29. I’m a high school English teacher, and one of my students told me about Twilight. As I love vampire stories, I thought I’d pick it up for some relaxing reading when school ended. Well, that was less than a week ago, and I’ve finished all three of the books. I’m enjoying discussing it with my summer school kids… we are Team Edward all the way!

  30. -laughs- This guy is great and funny. My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding and Twilight. Perfect.

  31. i was rerereading ecclipse at school when about two periods later i realized i dint have it anymore, i kninda freaked out i looked EVRYWHERE and i couldnt find it, I actually made my mom go out and by me another copy, thats 20 bucks not counting the 3 dollars i was using as a book mark(not smart btw)

  32. I’m surprised she got it from the library so fast. I had to buy it because there was a waiting list of sixty people, and the only other version was in Spanish, (that to had a waiting list.)

  33. Whoever this guy is is SO lucky. Even now if you wanna get a copy from the library your #347.
    Oh my gosh.
    I know my middle school is like OBSESSED with Twilight. I don’t know a single girl who hasn’t read it.

  34. One of the best Reports. I love how he was like “my dear sweetheart informed me if we didn't get the next book our marriage would be over”. Just more proof that the TwiVirus is incredibly powerful, and there is no cure.

  35. Twilight sucks… It's in no way better than Harry Potter. Look up Mark Reads Twilight, your opinions will change greatly if you love the book. And if you do, you should get screened for brain tumors.

  36. Twilight sucks… It's in no way better than Harry Potter. Look up Mark Reads Twilight, your opinions will change greatly if you love the book. And if you do, you should get screened for brain tumors.

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