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Back From Alaska

Hello peoples! I am back from Alaska and am dropping into bed after a full 24 hours of flying and airports! Alaska!But I managed to upload some of the photos to this page on my blog, in order to make up for not posting anything so far this week. I will more than likely be leaping upon the next chapter of Twilight on Wednesday and try to catch up some!

I discovered on my trip home a new master plan from the airline companies to force everyone to pay more in order to rent the new in-flight movie gadget with noise-reduction headphones. This plan consists simply of an ill-tempered baby in the middle of the plane and poking it every few seconds in order to get it to scream bloody murder for half the duration of the flight. About ten minutes into the monstrous tirade, everyone is more than glad to pay $7 for a 2 hour movie with headphones.

Children on board planes are usually well behaved. But this particular squid was screaming before I even boarded. So imagine my horror when I found I was not getting further from the noise, but actually closer — a mere two rows from this minion. Thankfully, after refusing window-watching, toys and Spongebob Squarepants, he fell asleep, much to the relief of all present.

My stay in Alaska went wonderfully. But if anyone lives in Anchorage, their airport bookstore needs an overhaul. I searched every shelf and then even asked where the Stephenie Meyer books were. The shopkeeper didn’t even know who I was talking about, and she even proceeded to commit the worst insult of all– to spell it Myers, Stephanie when searching the computer. Looks like someone needs some education in what happens to be the Number 1 Book In The Country on multiple lists, especially if they choose to work in a Bookstore of all places.

I now have a few hours to rest, and then I start off for my miserable, loathsome 5 hour summer class I regret signing up for. I will continue posting this week but will be slightly scattered for a few days due to the lag o’ jet. For this week alone I will most likely be skipping 1 or 2 days of posting, just to catch up, but I’ll be onto the next chapter very soon!


– There is an awesome new Youtube Channel forming you absolutely have to check out. It is called Team Twilighter and will be a mix between FiveAwesomeGirls and Twilight. They are holding auditions online at their channel and seven members will be selected, so all you Twilight Youtubers go try out! They’re at http://www.youtube.com/teamtwilighter



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  1. Whoa! I want to audition for that channel! What kind of ‘bookstore’ can call themselves a bookstore without any stephenie meyer?!

  2. I understand how you feel. I go to thailand every year and we stop in Japan. It’s 12 hours flight from Chicago to Japan and of course there’s always a crying baby on board…for 12 HOURS. But we don’t have to pay for movie so i guess that makes up for it!

  3. it’s never fun to be on a crappy flight. i flew across the country one time where a creepy guy tried to snuggle up and sleep on my shoulder, whilst listening to bad guitar solos at full volume. there were no movie options…hope catch up on sleep, i’m dreading the summer classes too.

  4. I’ll be working on my audition for Team Twilighter tomorrow. I know the girl who started it. Good luck on your 5 hour long class!

  5. How could some one at a book store not hear of Twilight? I mean, you would have to be living in a hole to not know that!
    And spelling her name wrong! Thats horrible! Okay, I have to give her some slack, because Stephenie’s name isn’t spelled like most people spell it, but misspell Meyers? COME ON! Ugh… Well, good luck on your summer classes. I have to go take finals on the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL today.

  6. i am so annoyed that someone working at a bookstore doesn’t know stephenie meyer!!!! i mean, all of her books are on the wall street journal best seller list!!! and spelling her name wrong!!! ok, i spelled her name wrong the first time i heard it, but still! and it’s meyer, not meyers.

  7. Great pictures! A friend and I noticed those “strange crop circles” when we flew out to Idaho in 2005. We were told they were from the field-centered sprinklers that spray around the fields in a circular pattern. The patchwork quilt look is fascinating, and quite different from our rambling North Carolina fields.

  8. Glad you’re back! I am shocked that the bookstore employee didn’t know about Stephenie Meyer. That’s pretty pathetic.

  9. When I was flying in to Frankfurt, Germany, there was a little kid who talked the entire 9 hours… according to my dad, that is. I watched (free) movies the whole time (I Am Legend, Sweeney Todd, National Treasure II). 😉 I didn’t get any sleep, but I didn’t have to listen to the kid. 😛

  10. Lol! That IS blasphemy. Especially in Alaska. God, if i lived in alaska i’d constantly be driving around in the wilderness, searching for covens of friendly vegetarian vampires… 😉

  11. how could they not know who Stephenie Meyer is?????? and…. in a books store???? that is (almost) the blackest form of blasphemy there is.

  12. OME! who doesn’t know about Stephenie Meyer, i mean seriously! =[
    Welcome back though x) and looking forward to your next post! hahah

  13. oh. my. gosh. my friend was telling me about this website and all the funny stories on it…
    so i came here to read them because i was curious about guys who have come to love Twilight. then i started to read all your blog posts from the beginning…
    and i am just in awe of you!
    how can you have started Twilight about a month ago and STILL not have finished it!?
    i read it in less than a day eager for the rest.
    you amaze me and i can’t wait until your next post because i’m curious to know what you think of the chapters

  14. Awww! You went to Alaska!!!! Anyways those pictures we beautiful… Loved the smiley face can’t wait for what you think about the next chapter

  15. Love the smiley face pic! Part of Twilight takes place in Alaska!!!!!!!! ok, well it actually is only mentioned BUT STILL!!!!

  16. so whats in Alaska (besides the denali’s but i hardly think you went to see them) that you went for?? family?

  17. okat if you are just reading the book for reserach… then why have you devoted a great portion of your life to make a web site about he book.
    Also, even though I don’t beleive what you are saying, it doesn’t mean i don’t like what you are saying. I think it is so cool that a guy is coming out publicly and reading the book. twilight, being my second favorite book, after the host(which can change any minute), is absolutely amazing, and I’m very happy that you are finally experiencing that.

    ??question, if once you finish reading, and you think it’s good, then will you tell my brother to read it???? JK though!!!

  18. Haha what a coincidence! I left on friday for ketchikan, alaska for my cousin’s graduation and got back yesterday, we could’ve been on the same flight to seattle from dfw, weirddd, nobody I asked their knew about Stephenie Meyer either, it was quite strange becuase almost everyone I ask here knows what I’m talking about. Btw, I finished The Host on the plane yesterday and it is very good and very Stephenie

  19. I’m guessing that anyone who is in any situation where there is a crying baby and wonders “why won’t the parents shut that kid up?” and has no sympathy for the parent(s) has never had children.

    I can guarantee you that, in crowded planes, the other passengers are not the only one suffering, here. The parent(s) was/were most likely more frazzled than other passengers. I know, I have five children. And I love them all to the point of giving my life for them. But I can also say that they can drive me to the brink of insanity, as well.

    So, for all those who have said “shut that kid up” sentiment, I say cut the parent(s) some slack. Walk a mile in their shoes, first. I promise, you will never have those sentiments again.

  20. Hi there, I have tons of sympathy for parents. There are two different types, though. On one flight, a pregnant mom with four young kids was flying home with a sick girl who was throwing up all over the place. Nobody at all minded and we were all helping her. She was a good mom.
    On the other hand, the guy who had this kid just didn’t care. The kid wasn’t whining because he was tired- he was just spoiled and not being entertained at that very second. I said baby in the post, but now that I think back he was a bit older- too old to act up. Most kids are very well behaved on planes — he was just whining.
    I have lots of respect for parents 😀 I grew up in a house with 4 younger, homeschooled siblings, and my mom had to work hard all day with us 😀

  21. They didn’t know Twilight? -really dramatic gasp-

    Those people need some serious Twilighting as soon as they can.

  22. what kind of bookstore HAS stephAnie myers? HMMM? imposters! the REAL stephEnie will show em up!

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