A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

TwilightGuys Report: His Plan To Sneak Twilight Was Foiled


“Alright, so im 16 years old and a sophomore in high school, so i was obviously hearing a lot about Edward. I asked a close friend of mine if she had a copy, and obviously, being a girl, she did. I had the book with me for about 5 months before i actually started reading.

Once i started the book, i finished it pretty quickly, and was ready to move on to the second. This was when i realized i had a problem, spring break had just started, and i wouldn’t be seeing any of my friends for a week. The first book was really good and i just couldn’t wait to start the second one, so i decided to go to Borders and buy it myself. I can’t drive or anything yet so my mom took me to Borders and this is when the real adventure started.

My mom doesnt know what twilight or any of that is about, so i just told her to wait by the entrance. I obviously didnt want to ask someone for help, and i was thinking to myself “would it be stranger to ask a guy for help or a girl?”.

I decided not to find out. I decided to use one of those computer search things they have at Borders. The book was in the Young Adult section and so i walk over there to look for it, when i realize that girls love books. They’re like everywhere, especially in the Young Adult area. My plan was to try to sneak in, grab the book, and pay for it with minimum witnesses, but it wasnt seeming possible.

I decided to wait for the girls in the area to move away, but that’s when my mom appears out of nowhere and tells me to hurry up. She also asked what’s taking so long and i didnt want to say i was waiting for the girls to move, so i just said “i cant find it”. This ended up being a huge mistake because she started to look for it to save time. I had to think of something quick, so i pointed her in the wrong direction, but i guess someone had left a copy of Twilight a few rows over. She decided to call across the aisles “Salman, i see twilight, thats the book you were reading, right?”.

You can imagine me standing there thinking to myself “no, she did not just say that out loud”. But she did, and i quickly went to her taking the book from her and just whispering “ya”. That’s when i finally found New Moon, and i grabbed it quickly and gave it to my mom to hold. I told her i wanted to look at some other books while she paid.

So that’s the story of me trying to buy New Moon, ive actually read all the way up to Eclipse and i think its a pretty good series. They have vampires, werewolves, and cool fight scenes, and thats good enough for me ;).”

Submitted by Salman

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  1. Maybe for Breaking Dawn, he can just be open. He’d be a total hit, haha.
    Man, I can’t wait for that to come out…

  2. Hehe, nice story. But yeah, like Sarah said: “Maybe for Breaking Dawn, he can just be open.” I’m a guy, I read the Twilight series and I’m proud of it too. they’re some of the best books I’ve ever read.

  3. he should be happy he likes twilight! i would go out with a guy who admitted he liked them!

    of course my ex-bf likes them, but i would never go out with him again… hes a jerk

  4. Ha, awe. That was cute and successful! When his mom said that, I immediately pictured all the girls in the place freezing, books still in hands, and turning to stare before attacking.
    Wouldn’t put it past crazy Twilight fans (which we all are, of course :D).

  5. that was sooo cute. i think i would love a guy if i saw him buying twilight in a book store!

  6. Best twilight guy story yet! My mom is just like that, haha. suggest he buy the books online if he is squeamish;) Although those girls would probably be happy to talk Twilight with him:)

  7. wow way to go mom. But parents tend to embarrass quite easily, sometimes on purpose. That’s funny that you still went through with it, though, instead of just saying “oh no, I don’t want THAT book – there’s a DIFFENT book called twilight. Here, let me find it!”
    They’re great books, even (especially?) for guys, who can learn from them. Great job for being brave enough to buy a book!

  8. leave it to parents to embarrass you in public…but seriously, guys should realize more that girls find it much more attractive when they admit they read twilight as opposed to them bashing about it

  9. Awwww!!! That’s too cute. lol.

    I’m Sixteen, and if I saw him getting Twilight/New Moon I would have gone up and talked to him. (would have been happy bout it too)

    Don’t hide!!! most Twilight girls, want a Twilight guy.

  10. What???!! The girl who gave Twilight to this guy waited 5 MONTHS TO GET HER BOOK BACK???!!! I borrowed my friend New Moon and one month later I was like MY BOOOOOOOOKK IF YOU ARE NOT GONNA READ IT GIVE IT BACK TO ME NOWWWWWW.. I he gave it back to me LOL.

    I’m always re-reading the books so it was kind of.. shocking for me… to read this LOL.

  11. I’m really surprised that he didn’t realize that YA is almost all books that girls read. And I like Ashley’s idea of the attack. That would be really funny.

  12. haha, thats a good story. what i dont understand, is how can teh girl he borrowed twilight from, be away from it for 5 months or longer?

  13. Very cute!

    But really, don’t feel that you must hide! My husband is in the Navy and is reading Twilight whilst living on an aircraft carrier. If a guy can survive reading a ‘girls’ book (or um, any book) in an environment where 75% of the guys are trying to overstate their masculinity, no Twilight Guy should have to fear any land-borne threat 😀

  14. He really shouldn’t have tried to hide from those girls. Every TwilightGirl is looking for a TwilightGuy. He would have had dates set up for many, many weeks…months even.
    Even though he tried to hide, this is still the best one yet!

  15. Haha, thats sooooo cute!! I agree with everyone else, if you were more open you wouldve had so many girls talk to you!
    I’m suprised your friedn let you have Twilight for 5 months!! My friend had New Moon for 3 months and i was like I WANT MY BOOK BACK!!!! and i finally got it yesterday!! But still, that has to be the best Twilight guy story ever!

  16. i bet that if you had been bold about it then you would have gained more friends then funny looks. girls love to hear about guys reading twilight. u might have even scored a date! hahahaha

    great story!

  17. Ha i agree with inmortal Lol

    I could never wait FIVE MONTHS for my book back argh im always re reading them

    im no impatient when i borrow it i ususally ask it back after like 2 weeks

    Haha this is an awesome story if i were him i would just go and take the book Lol i totally know what he means by being embarrassed my mom does that all the time Lol

  18. lol! you should have asked the girls there to help you find it! i’m sure that at least one of them was a Twilighter who would be more than willing to help you find it!

  19. I can just see that happening, and it’s so embarrassing for him. Haha, that happens though.
    He shouldn’t have tried to hide though, I’d have been edging my way towards him after hearing that. I read in the YA and Christian sections, a lot. I’m at my local Borders like 3 times a month if I’m lucky.

  20. I give him Props. I’ve been hiding my Harry Potter and Twilight obessions from my parents (I come from a faith-based home and my mom would flip if she knew I was in love with Wizards & Vampiries) I’m still looking for a way to break it to her…

    Next time, he could order it offline =)

  21. Funny story. Vampires, werewolves, and cool fight scenes are not the only things that are good about Twilight. I wouldn’t try to hide that you like a certain book, especially Twilight. Girls like guys that like Twilight. I think thats a fact. I agree with inmortal, I lent my cousin Twilight, New Moon and Ptomemy’s Gate. She lives in Roslin and she hasn’t returned them yet, and it’s been over 4 months now! Ggggrrrr, I need to re-read them NOW. Another great story, Kaleb! 🙂

    Stevie was here

  22. Haha, funny! 🙂 I liked how when he was looking for a copy and he asked his friend if she had it, and “obviously, being a girl, she did.” LOL!

  23. HAHA I love this.

    “Would it be stranger to ask a guy for help, or a girl?”


    I love people with a sense of humor.

  24. That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard! He just didn’t play it right, he SO could have hit big time with those girls, especially if they would have saw him even pick up one of the Twilight books lol!

  25. That’s kind of sad that people have to do that to get a book. I know, it’s not a masculine thing to read, and guys have a good right to be embarrassed, but still…it shouldn’t be that way. It’s a good book, and guys and girls should accept it for what it is, and not make fun of people for reading it.

    And to the guy who did this, maybe you should have consulted James Bond for this touchy situation ;p But props to you for having the guts to still get the book even after your mother embarrassed the hell out of you.

  26. I must say, i love the Twilight stories on here the most. Sadly, i can’t get my boyfriend to right a funny story because he actually wanted to read it. Where’s the fun in that? He’s already like Edward anyways, though.

  27. “I asked a close friend of mine if she had a copy, and obviously, being a girl, she did.”
    That sentence totally made me crack up.

  28. haha. aw. he doesn’t need to worry. i know two guys who’ve read it too. i would so be his friend!

  29. He might as well just “come out of the Twilight closet”. It will be easier for him. heh

  30. hahah. he was right to be terrified of all those girls! If I saw a guy pick up a copy of new moon, I would probably scream and attack him with twilight related questions and stuff 😀

    “I had the book book with me for about 5 months before I actually started reading”

    ^^I would have probably imploded if someone had my copy of twilight for that long.

  31. That’s a great story. Personally, any guy who reads Twilight recieves 10 extra points in my book. So many people think it’s all about the romance… and that irritates me. I’ve never really been the Lovey-dovey tipe, but Twilight hooked me. I love vampires and fight scenes. (The scene with James in a ballet room was one of the best parts of the whole book!)

    This has become quite a long comment, so I think I’ll end here. Regardless, great story. I don’t think you have anything to be ashamed of.

  32. Hi, its me, the guy in the story. I want to let everyone know that the girl who let me borrow the book for 5 months, ended up being my girlfriend (we got together in about the 3rd month of me having the book).

  33. *high fives awesome guy*

    Props for buying New Moon! And living on when the unfortunate incident happened… 😀

  34. AWW! that is sooooo great that she ended up being your girlfriend! You totally need to keep us posted on her and how you get Eclipse! lol

  35. cool story, weird name, anyway, thats hilarious you know those girls would have been way too obssesd with other things to care about u buying the book?? anyway funny story

  36. hahaa salman ahahah
    luv ur funnyness haha yah all u haters out there i know him sooo back off or ull have to go through me grrr

  37. that’s really cute, man. it was kinda that hard for me, too. even though i’m a girl, i generaly hate romantic books or movies. so it was pretty embarassing for me to admitt to my(best)friends that i was really into the twilight series…LOL

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