A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Reading New Moon: Chapter 8 (Adrenaline)

The song for this chapter is All Around Me by Flyleaf [suggested by Briana]


It is 11:53 on Wednesday evening but probably past midnight for many of you, so sorry for the partially-late post! I’ve been all over town today getting a haircut, some food, one mosquito bite; but absolutely, positively NO Entertainment Weekly magazines. I have tried every store chain in this town, and not one of them carries it. So, the Youtube video I was planning to show it in has been postponed due to slow postal systems from New York πŸ˜€

Meanwhile, I was busy indirectly messing up people’s autographs, as reenacted by Tech and Bailey in NY:

Now on to the eighth chapter of New Moon!

In the last chapter, Bella and Jacob just finished repairing both motorcycles and were planning their first test-drive of them. Allow me to demonstrate a tried and true formula:

I remember the first time I tried to ride a dirtbike, which is like a smaller (and perhaps easier) version of a motorcycle. The kids I was with were particularly reckless. They had an enormous, crater-like hole in the ground, and would ride the dirtbikes down the near-90-degree slope, then slam on the speed at the bottom in an effort to swing right back up the other side with momentum.

I, unfortunately, was not as skilled as they were with the bikes. I have horrid memories of getting stuck at the bottom, thrown off the bike, and then chased by it in circles as the remaining power left in the motorcycle engine wore off. It was not a pretty sight, and I am relatively well coordinated. I can only imagine Bella in this situation. The results, I later see, are quite catastrophic. I am keeping a running count of the times Bella has to visit the doctor due to partially-self-inflicted injuries.

Then, as before, Bella starts to hear voices in her head. This, and especially the multiple uses of the word ‘hallucinations’ in this chapter are leading me to be a bit concerned and wonder, like Bella, as to their source:

There was no familiarity here […] so the hallucinations must be triggered by something else…

I am specifically suspicious of Mr. Billy Black’s so-called ‘Ragu’.

I’m not quite sure if it is the best of ideas for Bella, already hearing voices in her head, to go back and visit the meadow: that hallowed spot which bore such an important moment between her and Edward. But then again, it seems like just another in a long string of her reckless attempts at freeing herself from Edward’s memory.I find it odd how they travelled for so long and yet didn’t find it: and even odder that this time around, Jacob is with her. I see this strange line of events that almost seem to minorly mimic what happened in Twilight with Edward: except this time, Jacob is in Edward’s place.

Again, as before, I see Jacob as helping Bella ease the pain of Edward leaving:

[…] I knew I would feel better tomorrow when I was with Jacob again. That made the empty hole and the familiar pain easier to bear; relief was in sight.

This brings up a point that was made to me by email: is Bella taking advantage of Jacob?

I hadn’t noticed this before someone pointed it out to me, but the way the emailer put it, Bella might be simply using Jacob as a crutch to get her over Edward: just someone to pass the time and help her get over her heartache. I’m not quite in agreement with this, as it seems that Bella actually enjoys being with Jacob (and, certainly, vice-versa). But does anyone else think that Bella is manipulating things — or, on the flip side, that Jacob is taking advantage of Bella’s loneliness to try and replace Edward with himself?

Yoiks: more bear sightings. Suspicion…


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84 Responses

  1. I don’t think Bella is necessarily taking advantage of Jacob. She needs him as a friend; to make her laugh, smile, and have a life. But she needs that from anyone, and anything, and her cure happened to be in the form of Jacob. Bella isn’t looking at all for anything romantically with Jacob, nor does she insinuate that. Jacob may be taking advantage of edward’s absence, but hey, a guy’s gotta take what chances he can get. But Jacob is not using Bella at all. Both Jacob and Bella truly enjoy the other’s company.

  2. Instead of thinking of Jacob as a crutch, think of him as a rope. She isn’t using him, she’s holding on for her life.

    I think that she recognizes her feelings for him, and grabs a hold to them as tightly as possible. They are what’s saving her from living Jacob is strong enough and willing to pull her out of her depression. And he honestly does not mind.

  3. Ouch! Wow. You kinda made my night, now I have a hilarious picture in my head of you running around in crazy circles being chased my a bike XD Great!

  4. I don’t think Bella is using Jacob…at first. She needs a good friend to pull her through, and he is a wonderful friend. Later on in the series, however, she’s terribly selfish when it comes to that friendship…but I won’t spoil you further!

    Heehee you should give bikes another chance! Few material things bring me so much joy. I definitely related to Bella in her motorcycle phase πŸ˜‰

  5. The song really matches up with this chapter, what with Bella ‘hearing’ Edward’s voice whenever she does something stupid and reckless. Great song choice! πŸ˜€
    And great journal entry on chapter 8!
    Not gonna lie..the bike part did make me laugh a little πŸ˜›

  6. Yeah, the whole bike mental image was halarious. When I read New Moon I never really felt that the one was using the other; if at all they both are guilty though. And I have to agree with comment #2-Rae, the whole rope analogy.

  7. I personally think that they are both using each other a little, but not with bad intentions. They also do actually like spending time together, though. I think that they both really needed each other at that time, and it was good for them.

  8. Hey Kaleb! I talked to you in the chat room last night. Oh btw, I talked to ms.truitt she says she doesn’t think she has your e-mail, so I think your public account is my only option.

    Both Bella and Jacob are taking advantage of each other. Those parts were hard for me to read.

    I’m glad you survived your dirtbike incident, or else we wouldn’t have a K-natz! When do we get to see your haircut? =]

  9. i don’t think bella or Jake are minupulating eachother. Bella needed a friend and Jake was there. Jake wants to make Bella happy and be with her. and from it Bella gets better and desiers his company. isn’t that what u do with friends? what to be with them??

    PS. i got ur magazine! i made my friend kevin read it. he still won’t read twilight. good try thow! πŸ™‚

  10. I adore the song choice this week! I think it fits New Moon so I was very happy to see it as this weeks choice.
    Poor Bella can you imagine her confronted with a broken pencil sharpener? …scary thought

  11. I do believe that she was somewhat taking advantage of Jacob; but she only had the best intentions in mind for herself and Jacob (if you consider being reckless the best intention.) Although, her choice to, for lack of a better word ‘use’ him, ended up with more serious consequences then she could’ve imagined. As I said before though, she only had good intentions (hanging out with a friend.) Using people for her gain only isn’t really Bella’s style; she’s kinder than that, altough it’s exactly what she did to Jacob in Twilight oddly enough.

  12. I don’t think Bella was taking advantage of Jacob I think she just needed a friend and he was there for her.

  13. I dont think either of them are consiously using each other, but she is subconsiousily using him as a crutch. I think Jake just loves her and would do anything to be with her.

    The fact she cant do this on her own, with Jake as nothing more than a normal friend is one of the reasons this is my least favourite book. Bella needs to grown a spine. NOW!

  14. I think they are both being quite selfish here and that they are using each other. They might not do it on purpose, but I believe it’s wrong of both of them.
    Also I don’t think Bella is trying to get rid of the memory of Edward as I think you put it, she is doing all the reckless things to hold on to him. Because even though it’s painful to hear him, it’s better then not hearing him. Thats how I understood it anyway πŸ™‚

  15. I am now on Chapter 12, And can i just say “WOO!” when chapter 10 comes around you will be hooked, i struggled to put the book down (but i needed to get some sleep. lol) Things will start to get very interesting.
    Perfect song for that chapter, Edward is still All around Bella even if she can’t see him.

    Something is bugging me about this book though, I would rather that Bella eventually begins to fall in love with Jacob. She needs someone else besides Edward.

    Keep reading Kelab!!

  16. I just noticed i am the only “Male” who has posted a message.

    “Bella i will be your Edward Cullen” – They should totally make T-shirts saying that on them.

  17. I think that at the beginning of the relationship with Jacob and Bella it was, in a way, innocent. They both needed friends and each other. But I think that later on, around in Book 3, that is when their relationship changes. It’s when it gets messy.

  18. I don’t think Bella is using Jake to help her get over Edward. on the contrary, I think she’s trying to find ways to remember Edward – remember that he once loved her – without having any pain attached to the memory.

    I don’t think Bella ever intended to use Jacob. At first, he was the only person who could help her find dangerous things to do. Yet, as she got to know him, she starts to really like him. I mean, there are select few people left who care for Bella at all at this point.

  19. I am a Bella fan and more in New Moon because I can relate so much more with her pain than in the story. But I’ve always found that she is taking advantage of Jacob, first she wanted a mechanic, she didn’t want to see Jacob in first place because she liked him, no, she wanted to be reckless. Then again she is using him to cure the pain and I think that she doesn’t even realize, at the end Bella realizes that she likes Jacob, that she loves him like she would love a family member, and she didn’t even wanted it to be this way, but she is grateful. Of course I totally think that Jacob is taking advantage of Bella’s loneliness, she wants her, she loves her, but most of all he want to help her, I’ll give him that, he wants to Bella to be happy. (Sorry if there’s any mistake! I’m still learning English!)

  20. I’m not exactly sure of what to think about Bella in New Moon. I realize that Jacob helps her get over it more, and that she likes to hang out with him for that reason, but Jacob loves to hang out with her, so I don’t think it qualifies as usage quite as much. I dunno.

    That Ragu makes me sorta suspicious… who wants to buy a mystery flavor?!? that’s just creepy.


  21. i agree with Aakerman, i dont think bella is trying to forget Edward, she is doing all these reckless things to hear him to keep him with her, shes still trying to hold on, remember him.
    i think bella at first was using jacob but not in a malicious way, she needed something to do and thought of him to help her out, she remembered that he was someone she liked to be around so she took that opportunity, and at first jacob was just happy to have her around since he obviously had a crush on her since Twilight, but i think jacob is trying to take advantage, again not maliciously, he probably sees this as his opportunity to get the girl and is trying to replace edward in a way but i think both their intentions are in a good place…for now

  22. I think that at first Bella’s intentions with Jacob were not entirely purely friendship. I do think that she saw an escape in him and decided to do whatever she could to take it. However, I think that very soon after hanging out with Jacob she truly began to enjoy spending time with him and started to like him as a friend, not just as an escape. Unfortunately.

  23. I, too, like the rope analogy. Bella enjoys Jacob, he doesn’t stare at her waiting for her to lose it (or so she thinks) and he’s always happy. Not just happy to see her, but a happy kid. She needs that sort of thing around her, pulling her out of the dullness. He’s being patient with her and letting her find herself again, but of course he’s falling in love with her too. She’s not slow to realize this but she isn’t willing to push him away because of it either.

    Ohh, more bears πŸ™‚

  24. I think that they are both using each other, however it isn’t symbiotic. No one is really gaining anything here, Bella is getting her “fix” with Jacob, keeping the pain at bay momentarily, while Jacob is taking advantage of Bella’s dependence by trying to make himself as important as he can he in her life. In the end this backfires for them both. Bella is left with conflicting emotions while Jacob is left behind.

  25. I just wanted to add, that I don’t think Bella’s trying to forget Edward, if anything her obsession with hearing his voice proves that she wants to be as near to him as possible. Also, I’m not sure because I haven’t read this book for a while, but I thought it said that she was terrified of forgetting.

    Maybe I’m wrong.

  26. If bella was looking for someone to fill that Edward void she could have picked good ole Mike Newton. That’s why I don’t feel like Bella was using Jacob. Jacob just happened to be the only mechanic naive enough to do her project. And if her plan was to use Jacob to get over Edward don’t you think she would’ve tried it sooner? It was months before Bella even put Jacob in her mind for these specific reasons. She didn’t really know she would become attached to him.

  27. I just wanted to say a little on the Bella using Jacob thing. I don’t think that is the case. I think that she REALLY does enjoy being with Jacob. I just think that the bond that was already formed between Edward and Bella is so strong that she can’t and wont forget and so Jacob is being thrown into the middel of Bella’s messed up world right now. But aren’t we all SO glad she has Jacob? I know I am. I am NOT a Jacob fan by any means, but I am glad she has him to help her try to fit some of the puzzel together again. πŸ™‚ love ya Kaleb!

  28. I agree that I don’t believe Bella to be using Jacob. At first, she sees him as an escape. Then a lifeline; the only way to ease the pain. I also believe that Jacob wasn’t using Bella. He is very interested in her and wants to be around her under whatever guise he can. I don’t think he begins the manipulation until later.

  29. OMG that’s so funny that you messed up Tech’s signature… I wish i could have gotten a messed up signature, but NO, i didn’t get any sort of signature… except for one from the midget who play professor flitwick from the harry potter movies… =[

  30. “… I am relatively well coordinated.” That dirt bike story makes me doubt this statement. haha Sorry, Kaleb, it just does. I’m a pretty clumsy person, and the other day, my boyfriend asked me what I HAVEN’T broken (not bone wise). I couldn’t think of anything. haha

    In a way, Bella seems to be using Jake, but why would she care so much about him in the end if she didn’t actually enjoy his presence? As much as Bella tries, she is NOT going to just forget a person she loves. Even if he never truely loved her, she can’t stop from feeling for him.

    Anyway, short comment today. =[ Maybe I’ll come back and add something. I probably will. My puppy is just tearing up his potty training pads right now, so I have to go take it from him. Obviously mini dauchshunds are NOT as smart as people say they are…

  31. I really have mixed feelings about it. Bella is using Jacob to get an adrinaline rush that helps her out, but Jacob is using his friendship to get closer to Bella. I am happy with the way things turn out though, so in the end all is well.

  32. Interviews.in.Canadian.papers. *screams* which ones??? omg! lol bear sightings *snicker* some bears… personally I think they’re both taking advantage of each other, they both know that Bella loves Edward but they’re both using each other to take the pain away, Bella forgetting about Edward for a while and Jacob forgetting that Bella loves Edward for a while..

  33. I agree with some of the people above, I do not believe she is taking advantage of Jacob. Not on purpose anyways. It is natural for humans to shy away from things that hurt us, and take refuge in things that make us happy. Jacob is her sun, her happy place. It is only natural that she is drawn to him. I know that she enjoys his company and his friendship, and like you said “vice-versa”. You must remember, at this time she truly believes Edward is NEVER coming back though. Anyone in her shoes, would naturally take advantage of that friendship. That what friends are for anyways, they are your crutch in your time of need, your shoulder to cry on. Bella is just trying to heal at this point, whether she realizes it or not. Again, it is only natural.

  34. I sort of disagree with one of the comments in your post…I don’t think Bella is trying to “free herself from Edward’s memory” at all. I think she is doing everything she can to hold onto him and trying to survive at the same time. This is where Jacob comes in. Bella doesn’t have enough malice in her heart to use anybody that way, hahaha, not even Mike Newton. For some reason unknown to Bella, Jacob happens to be not only an effective pain-killer, so to speak, but is also someone she enjoys spending her time with. So I don’t think either of them is using the other because if you wanted to spin it that way, you could say that about any relationship. Jacob is trying to help Bella be okay again and he enjoys the time they spend together. As was demonstrated earlier in the chapter, she hates to see Jacob hurting (over Sam). I don’t think she has it in her to “take advantage of” Jacob or to manipulate the situation that way. Her heart’s been stolen, not just shattered, and when healing begins, leaning on someone is inevitable. I’d like to see anyone get over the pain that Bella is bearing without “a crutch.”

  35. I really think Bella is taking advantage of Jacob, but she may not be completely conscious that she’s doing it.

  36. Of course it is stupid for Bella to try to go to the meadow again, but she’s desperate to hear Edward’s voice, and all her other methods (like the bikes and the incident in Port Angeles) are physically dangerous to her.

    She did start out taking advantage of Jacob when she asked him to fix the bikes, but she did really fall for him (not that she’ll admit it to herself) and she likes being with him, so I don’t see her using him as a crutch as taking advantage of him if she truly likes him.

    *sigh* the bears…it shouldn’t be too much longer…(I don’t feel like getting my book to find out how long)

  37. I don’t think Bella realizes it, but she is using Jacob very selfishly. She does enjoy time with him, but if you remember in Twilight whenever Jacob appeared there was a slight “ugh” to her thoughts. Now Jacob is the only one who will act normal around her and she is using his naturally happy disposition to heal herself. Because of Bella leading Jacob on, it has given him a small flare of hope that she is falling for him and that one day, once Edward is completely annexed from her thoughts, she will be in love with him. So of course he is plotting a game plan to take over the Edward void in her life, he’s being clever by going about it slowly.

    In my opinion, Bella is completely to blame for all this confusion. She causes so much trouble *sigh*

  38. Hey! I’ve finally caught up with your posting! I just started reading your chapter by chapter posts yesterday… I got to read Twilight without stopping, but now I have to wait! I’d heard about you before and I’m really glad I decided to check you out! Your so funny!

    Bella + moving object = OUCH!
    XD hilarious

  39. that video was hilarious.
    I’m trying to picture Stephenie fanning herself because Bailey mentioned you, haha

    I don’t think Bella is using him- she NEEDS Jake right now. Not really him specifically, but she needs the friendship and distraction from Edward being gone to keep her sane. she is kind of using him but it’s not completly on purpose. Not that Jacob minds. And Jake is taking advantage of Edward’s absense, not Bella herself at this point. He’s just doing what any lovestruck teenage boy would do.

    And you’re getting closer to finding out more about the “bears.” That’s chapter 10 or 11. Which is also when things get more… interesting

  40. and relatively well coordinated, Kaleb? I might have believed that if it weren’t for the dirtbike story along with the statement, lol

  41. i do not think bella is taking advantage of jacob, she’s just a danger magnet as you said earlier. the story of how you fell off the dirtbike was funny.:)btw, the bears aren’t really bears…. hey did you buy breaking dawn yet?

  42. ah, kaleb… the bears. I’m surprised you haven’t gotten it yet, I think I had it by this chapter. πŸ˜› lol.
    I know this was brought up in the last post, but I’ll say it anyway. All the jacob-haters hate jacob because of something that goes on in eclipse… so most of us really didn’t hate jacob in new moon.And, nah, Bella’s not taking advantage of jacob. As you said, they like being together.
    *my rant is over, lol*

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