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After my article defending Stephenie, there was a great backlash against me across forums and other sites for what I said (although, thankfully, drowned out by the enormous support from the rest of the Twilight community). Not only did I receive hateful comments directed at me but also groups of people spreading harsh comments about Stephenie’s personal character.

I found this appalling, especially as some claimed (through email and comments to me) to have met her (a claim I doubt highly). I then took a trip through the forums (sometimes similar to taking a trip through Mordor) and I found a growing trend of intensely personal attacks against Stephenie: all of which were completely untrue, and yet were leading unsuspecting readers to believe that Stephenie is some sort of monstrous hybrid troll/beast.

I am guessing that in Stephenie position it is hard to defend herself against these attacks, as anything she says will either be misconstrued by the media or taken falsely by the fans. So it is really up to the people who have met her at book signings to vouch for her against the untrue comments from other people.

Thus, I decided it was time for the fans to come out of their cubbyholes and say something about this:

Visit this page for more info and to submit your video as a response (otherwise, email it to [email protected]). Let’s show Stephenie our support!



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  1. Kaleb, you are an awesome guy! After reading some of the comments, I wish I could do a you tube video. I haven’t met Stephenie but I’ve read everything I can on her and on twilight. On Twilight Moms one day, she was talking about the fact that she had to hurry and finish writing for the day so she could work on the Sunday School lesson she was going to teach that next Sunday. She is just a good, caring, and loving person. I hope to get the chance to meet her so I can give her a hug and thank her for writing such wonderful books. I heard a saying once from the American Indians that said if you want to judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes. People that spew hate need to deal with what she deals with for just one day. They would change their minds. Also, try writing a book. It is so hard to do and there is no way in the world that you can please everyone. I have never loved a story as much as this one. If it wasn’t for all of the other obsessed fans, I would think I was crazy. Here’s hoping that Edward will continue to invade Stephenie’s dreams so that after she has a break, she will once again start writing Midnight Sun. Hugs to Kaleb and Stephenie.

  2. I know what you mean. I’m a moderator on a forum where there’s a lot of bashing going on. School keeps me busy enough that I miss most of it, since the section I moderate is for off-topic discussion and doesn’t usually contain anything that would cause anyone to start bashing Stephenie or her fans, but it’s still heartbreaking.

  3. I guess im late to the party, why is everyone so mad at her? Is it because of the Midnight Sun thing?

  4. Thank you Kaleb, I just want to throw it out there again: you’re awesome. You seem like a very great person. The world needs more people that are caring and compassionate like you are.

    I want to meet Stephenie so badly because I trust that she is an amazingly sweet person; I’ve heard so many great reviews before all this hateful nonsense. And how can someone who writes such magnificiant things be cruel? I’m eternally grateful to her.

  5. Fantastic Idea Kaleb!!!
    WE all need to stick together and support Stephenie.

    I would just like to add that is really sad that people are getting on forums saying those horrible things.
    Thankfully the forum i go to doesnt have any of those people. TwilightAustralia.net/forum
    We are 100% behind Stephenie, all of us. No SM haters allowed.

  6. A noble endeavor. No matter what people think about her book, they shouldn’t lie about Stephenie Meyer’s character. SM has always ever been nice in every way. Perhaps it is her happiness that makes people want to destroy her reputation, or perhaps it is her compassion toward all people that makes others think that she is simple or naive. I am sorry to see how fast her fair-weather friends have turned against her.

    I support Stephenie Meyer. I only hope she continues to publish the books she writes.

  7. Thanks for doing this Kaleb, you rock! I can’t post a video, but want my voice heard as well. I was seriously heartbroken over what happened to SM. First, because she was hurt, second because we have all lost something wonderful as a result, third because people were then upset with her, like it’s her fault. While I hope she finishes MS someday, I understand her decision completely. I’ve had my work stolen before, too. It’s devastating.
    I’ve never met her, but she seems to embody the kind of person we should all strive to be. Maybe we “older” folks can use this as an example to our children on how not to act.

  8. Hey Kaleb,
    I wanted to ask you something, can you tell me what song that is? It sounds really beautiful, I would appreciate it. Thanks=)
    And I hope Stephenie doesn’t care ’bout those jerks.
    She’s great, and she should go on with Midnight Sun. I support her very-very much!!

  9. I don’t have a way to post a video… I know I live in the stone age… but I just wanted to say that I have been to two of Stephenies signings and she is truely fantastic to all her fans. She stops looks at each person talks to them a little bit and is always smiling. I have been near the front and near the back and she has been happy and friendly each time. It sickens me that people would say such things about her I know she loves her fans! And I also wanted to say thank you to you Kalab for always doing things to show support.

  10. You know Kaleb that I’m not a huge Twilight fan, but there is no place for personal attacks. Sadly, once someone finds themselves in the spotlight, they also find themselves magnets for the crazies. Stephenie Meyer is blessed to have a friend in you.

    You also need to prepare yourself as your own book is readied for publication. IF there is one thing a writer needs is a thick skin.

    A very thick skin.

  11. While you continue to parade around with the misguided belief that it’s only the “non-fans” and the “haters” and the “darksiders” that are getting nasty… please take the time to take a look at the email that was posted in this thread on amazon. a fan of stephenie’s wished a miscarriage on an expectant mother of twins just because she has stated her opinions and they don’t mesh with that of what people consider a “true fan”. So Kaleb, while i applaud your efforts in supporting SM, please be aware of all that happens when you simply just add more fuel to the fire. people are already riled up about this enough.

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  13. I support SM 100% im verry sad that MNS isnt going to be finished but i tolally support her dission. Personal salander is unforgiverble, when it comes in writing to cant be forced, and making her feel bad isnt going to make her write it is it!!!! sorry i cant posted a video but i stand by stephenie too.

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