A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Stephenie Meyer: A Fan Tribute

A few weeks ago, I became aware of some websites that were spreading rumors about Stephenie Meyer’s personal character: claiming that she was mean and rude to her fans, and that she didn’t care about her readers. I knew none of this was true. But many other people didn’t.

So in order to show the truth to people who have not met Stephenie at an event or signing, I decided to get a bunch of fans together to make a video about what she is really like. This video comes in two parts: the first is to Stephenie, and the second is to people who have read untrue things about her online:




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  1. Glad to see how the videos turned out! I hope this will show her that we all love her!
    PS-Syked to be first to comment!!!

  2. JL HAI BB UR THE FIRST COMMENT! anyways, this video, every thing said in it is SO TRUE keep supporting her TRUE twilighters

  3. Hey Kaleb — great job on the video! Thanks to all the fans who spoke out in defense of Stephenie. Can you imagine being in her shoes? She is so famous that millions of people want to know every detail of her life giving her amost no privacy! She is willing to put herself out there during book signings and appearances to let us have a glimpse into her world and into Twilight. Thanks Stephenie! We love you!

  4. great job Kaleb!
    I didn’t see mine, but I did get my name listed in the desciption so I’m happy.

    I hope Steph sees it, I’m sure she’ll love it!

    And as I was watching someone came into the library I’m at and checked out Twilight- not even kidding you. Freaky, lol

  5. Thank you so much Kaleb, for putting forth this heart warming video. I feel so excited that I was able to show my support to Stephenie in this way.

    Twilight Forever,
    ~Hazel May
    Aka The Lamb

  6. Kaleb, you are the most awesome person ever!! The vid was amazing, we love Steph so much, now she gets to see it. Thank You!

  7. I have been looking forward for this tribute for awhile and it was great!!! I support Stephenie and I hope she sees it and sees that she has so many people out there supporting her!!!

  8. Thank you Kaleb for doing that. Even though i didnt submit a video, i was glad how it turned out. You spent some really focused time on that out of ur busy schedule. thank you.
    *cough* Muse IS awesme *cough*

  9. That is the most amazing thing you could have done for anyone. I love how it turned out!

  10. Nice vid Kaleb! ((HAI JESS! HAI HIHI! HAI GEE!)) Its good that other twilighters are showing their support for SM

  11. Well done. This really gives me a warm feeling inside. Thank you for being so passionate about getting the word out about the REAL Stephenie. Maybe this will ward off the fan rabies that have been going around.

  12. I second almost everyting in the video!…..Except the part about Malaysia….I can’t quite speak for them over there…And I don’t have a brother either….And yeah….

    BUT I LOVE STEPHENIE MEYER!! (Your’e Amazing.) Thanx again Kaleb; Great Job.

  13. This is great.
    I think that it is so wonderful that so many people support her decisions.
    I hope she sees this as proof that there will always be people there for her and admiring her for her independence and devotion to her fans.

    Thank you for making this. I think it’s great!

  14. Kaleb you are like the sweetest person ever! That was soooo nice of you. Thank you for getting rid of some of the hate in this world 🙂

  15. Kaleb & Co…thanks for a truly meaningful experience. I have met Steph- and she is THE BEST…I love you Stephenie!!!

  16. hey!
    i’m brazilian and i discovered this website in a search from twilight in some sites. I think that it’s really cool, i mean, my friends (boys) don’t want to read the book and don’t understand why we like it so much. so, that’s it, congratulations boy 😉

  17. go, Kaleb! 😀

    as an aspiring author/journalist/writer-of-some-sort myself, i’m with you 100%. Steph is amazing and doesn’t deserve all this negative rubbish!

    thanks for sticking up for her, even when it means you get nasty comments thrown at you too.

    we love you, Stephenie.. and we love you, Kaleb 🙂

  18. alright..
    this is going to be a loong tribute to my absoluletly, one and only writer- stephanie meyer…even though she probably wont read this im planning on explain the huge impact she has on me as a fan, and a reader, as well as many thousand other’s.

    stephanie- wow. you’ve changed the way i look at life as well as almost the rest of the WORLD. you’re amazing in every way as writer. you get descriptive, emotional, and most importantly make the reader feel important and as if they were in bella’s shoes.

    i can easily say you have writen maybe the only series of books i concentrate on and take to heart.. almost all other books iv read in my life time, whether it was for school or to try to read for fun, i just couldn’t get into it. i was never the reading type,probably still wont be. honestly the only time i can read and not get frusterated with the confusion most books have to offer, is your work. it was difficult and still is difficult to find that one special book you can connect with on every level. i have luckily found that and it is the twilight saga… im 99% positive i am speaking for everybody else when i say that these books make me feel real and different.

    when i read your work i feel like i am bella. i am the one going through that day’s drama. like i am the one edward loves and protects. sometimes i have to catch myself and remind me that this is sadly, a fictional story and that i am not bella.

    i have cried plenty of times because of the heartache bella goes through.. especially in New Moon.
    its very hard not to because of how intense this story line is.

    congrats on an amazing book!

    by the way- kaleb, you find the most amazing ways to sum up just how deep these books are.
    you acually find the meaning behind the meaning, that clears up what’s behind the surface.. great job!

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