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Pick The Song for New Moon (Round 2)

A huge thank-you to everyone who voted in the first round to pick the song for New Moon! I received thousands of song suggestions, and luckily, I had set the system up beforehand that would help me tally them without having to count each one by hand 😀

The top ten most nominated songs can now be voted on by using the form below! There were some I knew were coming (Memories, Thinking Of You, Near To You) and others that surprised me (Jordin Sparks? One Republic?) but now it is down to all of you to pick the final song!

ADDED: TwilightTeez has given me one of their new EDWARD HOODIES to give away to one randomly chosen person who votes! So be sure to leave your email in the form if you want to enter!

I will be posting the results when I write my final thoughts for the Epilogue of New Moon. To help you in voting, clips of each song are below.


Near To You – A Fine Frenzy


Broken – Lifehouse


All Fall Down – One Republic


Fall For You – Secondhand Serenade


Hate Me – Blue October


Memories – Within Temptation


No Air – Jordin Sparks


Thinking Of You – Katy Perry


All Around Me – Flyleaf


Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy




122 Responses

  1. I wish that “I Don’t Love You” by mcr made it onto at LEAST the top ten. *Sigh* oh well. 🙂

  2. :] i am thrilled to see FLYLEAF on the list. all around me is a vurry good song [but “there for you” could’ve worked as well] anyhoo, please get flyleaf into this movie.. they deserve it. i am sending internet hugs to eugene and elizabeth. *hugs* + here’s why the song fits so flipping awesomely: “take my hand, i give it to you, now you own me all i am. you said you would never leave me, i believe you, i believe.” annd this is why all around me would be perfect for when she turns into a vampire in breaking dawn: “this fire rising through my being, burning..” and “i’m alive, i’m still aliiiivee.” are you getting my drift? *drifts more*

  3. I heard the perfect song for the scence in New Moon when Edward leaves Bella and she goes wondering through the woods… its called “Don’t take your love away” by Vast on the album Nude. Its absolutely PERFECT! Take a listen and lemme know what you think!

  4. i love twilight.i think any of those song will be okay except for no air i just can’t picture that song in the movie and i have one question what was that song that was playing in the background whaen edward was takeing the vinemon out of bella i think it was in my plce by coldplay because i heard that edward picked a song and when i listened to the soundtrack all i can think is that a guy picked that song.

  5. i think i have a better song, seriously the lyrics are so perfect. i know its an old song but. wake me up inside- Evanecense

  6. Aw man…. I really wanted to put “Untouched” by the Veronicas. . .but I guess I’ll pick one of these.

  7. I think BROKEN by LIFEHOUSE is the best BELLA song for new moon, especially on the part where she tries to move on. i like the lyrics “i’m holding on barely breathing with a broken heart that’s still beating…”

  8. The song to go with new moon that would have gone great would have to be MOVING TO SEATLLE by Material it would have gone great on the part where Edward leaves Bella and she goes after him omg that would be the best!!!

  9. OK I LIKE
    2. Memories
    3.Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You
    4.Thinking Of You-Katy Perry

    i hope this helps

  10. A good song that has not been mentioned is by a not so popular artist by the name of Justin Nozuka its called After Tonight and I think it would be like a song that is coming from Jacob to Bella saying that After tonight dont look for him cuz I am here for you know and I wont let you go! Check out the song!

  11. You really need to put “Need” I LOVE that song it is by Hana..it made me cry… :'(

  12. As if no1’s mentioned Need By Hana Pestle
    And My Immortal By Evanescence Is perfect

    Just thought you should know about Need though, because i coulnd’t see any mentions of it 🙂

  13. you should hear “Need” by hana pestle
    that song fits perfectly in new moon

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