A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

TwilightGuys Report: Twilight Brought Them Together


I’m a teenager, and not exactly anyone too special, not really good looking in my opinion, not good at sports or anything and I never read books.. I’m basically a gamer.

So i see this girl sitting across the class from me in my drama class that sparks my interest, as well as my heart, on the first day of high school. We look at each other a little bit but never talk. Shortly after class started announcement was made to all go to the gym for the “welcome to high school… here are some rules…” assembly and than we don’t see each other for the rest of the day.

The next day I see her in class and the seat next to her open, she’s sitting there reading some book [I say some book now… later to become in love with it] so I sit next to her and we have small talk, both of us being a bit shy being the second day and all. So I ask her what book she’s reading “Twilight,” she said. And so it started.

Wanting to keep conversation going I asked what it was about. Next thing I know I’m listing to her tell of a somewhat interesting story about vampires and romance.

After a few days i noticed that she was not the only one talking about this series and of course, she and a few others had been pressuring me to read it. Than after stalling for a few days i agreed to read it for her. [stalling because I hate reading, it was over a year or two since I read a book on my own and not for school] so I borrowed the book from a girl in my English class and started to read it.

Two days later I was finished which is a record for me considering that was 3x more pages than any other book I’ve read before… I was reading it almost all of my free time and was incredibly interested a few parts where I was so glued to it. In drama class again [us always sitting together now] I told her I had finished it and a huge smile broke onto her face and she started bombarding me with the questions like “did you like it?!” and “what was your favorite part?”

I laughed and started to answer them still wanting to keep my cool and not admit my love for it so quickly. “It was alright… chapter 18, the hunt, was my favorite I guess.. I was so worried about what would happen to Bella.” Later on i asked her if she wanted to hang out after school and she said yes 😀

After school we hung out and basically only talked about twilight for 2 hours or so and than she had to go. Then that night we talked on msn non-stop, our friendship obviously growing because of twilight. I asked if we could hang out more often and she said sure.

Now she calls me Edward quite a bit and I call her Bella, I’m reading the second book now and openly admitting to loving Twilight.. as well as her 🙂

I love you Bella 🙂 ”

Submitted by Sam

Nice to see more happiness brought about by Bella and Edward (and Chapter 18 is my favorite chapter too) 😀



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  2. This is the cutest Twilight Guys Report I’ve heard in a while! It’s so sweet how you call each other “Edward and Bella”!!
    It’s awesome to see more guys reading Twilight!

  3. P.S. I agree with # 43 Becky; Twilight really is a girl magnet! they should definitely sell it in the dating help section of bookstores 😛 and # 45 Josh; Stephenie should totally finish up Midnight Sun!

  4. This is awesome! I love it. It’s the cutest thing ever. =) I’m so happy that Twilight can bring two people together but also because it creates a love for reading for people who thinks books are a waste of time. Stephenie Meyer is amazing. I hope she knows she’s making such a great difference. =)

  5. haha i’ll come find you #45!! 🙂 I love his last line: ‘I love you Bella.’
    SO SWEET!!!

  6. That is probably my favorite Twilight Guy story that you’ve posted Kableb! I just love it! It is so great to see that everyone’s love for Edward and Bella can be adapted to real life (sans the vampires/werewolves) 🙂

  7. Do I need to say it? This made me smile when I was feeling depressed. Thanks, or as we say round here cheers, mate. Aah, where are all the twiguys and why can’t I find one. This may prove that chivalry isn’t dead, but it doesn’t live within 100 kilometers of me.

  8. i was reading the comments and there was a dude that had almost the same name as me, “proyonka” that was so wierd but he really seemed to like you…. i also noticed it was edited, hmmmm…….

  9. awww… thanks samm! youre so sweet <3
    im so glad you posted that story, and thanks again for reading Twilight!
    I love you too!! (3h)

  10. awwwwwwwww…
    that’s really sweet.
    i love cute stories like that.
    i think i read to many romances.

    hey kaleb!
    marry me???
    do u remember me now?

  11. omigawd, that’s like THE most adorable thing i’ve ever heard! that didn’t take place in a book, that is…

  12. AAaaaawwwwwwwww!
    That is so darn cute! You rock Sam! I wish other guys would be more like you. Around here they just cuss a lot and use cheesy pickup lines, they wouldn’t know romance if it danced right up and bit them on their nose. Thanks for not being one of them, and give my regards to your Bella; she’s one lucky girl. 🙂

  13. No one else is disturbed by this? Can’t they have their own romance and call each other by their NORMAL names… weird.

  14. Thanks Gabbie! dont worry, im sure you’ll find your edward soon! maybe you should tell those guys to read twilight and get a few hints from edward… its worth a try, right?

    SMA- no one asked you. if you dont like it, then dont say anything. its really got nothing to do with you.
    and yes, we CAN call each other by our “normal” names… if we feel like it. also none of your business.
    BTW- someone getting this upset over a story about total strangers… now thats weird.

  15. Don’t worry girls, I’m sure there are edwards hiding some where lol (like me).

    My fav chapter is 18 too.
    Is every guys fav chapter; 18.
    But i also liked the Meadow chapter.

  16. Wow! That’s the cutest thing I have ever heard. ” Bella” whoever you are, you are so lucky to have him! he’s a sweet heart!

  17. P.S. “Owen” Im glad to know you believe in Edwards, and if I knew you I would hug you for the thought!

  18. Awllllllllllll how adorable!!!! How beautiful!!!!!!!!! Her Edward and his Bella….awl how sweet!!! I love it!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My favorite part was when he said that she sparked his interest as well as his heart!!! AWLLLLLLLLLL!!!

    Hey Kaleb…..
    Are you still going to the Westwood/Hollywood premiere in California???
    I am going and hopefully I will be able to meet you! you are an amazing writer and you are hilarious! Hope to see you soon!!

  19. As a seventeen year-old man, I am impressed with Sam’s heart and the amount of care he feels for his “Bella.” Although these two teenagers are young, I hope that there’s something to this and congratulations Sam, you really are an inspirational to Edwardian young men out there.

  20. omg! that is so sweet! i swear i lost my breath for a moment there. thats great. (i wish somebody would call ME bella)

  21. That’s adorable. 100 percent pure sweetness. 🙂

    I agree with Becky, post 43.
    Guys, read Twilight if you want a date. It’s a wonder that they haven’t learned that yet. Well, some of them have.


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