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For Bailey And Her Son

Watch this. It is the new video from Bailey (nomoremarbles) for her son:



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  1. Wow! This is such a sweet, sad video. I pray that Bailey has the strength to deal with this challenge and that her son grows up to be a great person. We love you Bailey!!! 🙂

  2. Awwwwww! I just went and purchased that song.

    You know, with a shift in perspective, all those same words in the song could just as easily be Someone comforting Bailey.


  3. Ah! That’s so sad. Why did you put this out here? I’ve got to go to school in an hour and now my makeup is all messed up =[ But that’s uber sad. I’ll keep them in my prayers

    ~Blessed be~

  4. that is sooo sad and heartfelt, I saw this b4 and i wish i could understand how thatfeels for not only a mother, but for a new mother,no one could understand that, even if theyhave close to expirence that, my heart goes out to her and bailey,

  5. That must be terrible. And 1 out of every 150? Those are not good odds…

    My best wishes to Bailey and her son. No one should have to go through that.

  6. My heart goes out to Bailey & her family. I know that she knows she has a beautiful little boy. No matter the difficulties he will face in life, it is apparent in simple video & photos that he shines so brightly! Have faith & know that developments are made every day & that he is a gift beyond reason. My best wishes to you Bailey, you have brought us such great humor & fun, obviously your life is full of wonderful things – your son is the best of them all. I also love the song, how precious.

  7. He is beautiful!

    I have a couple of friends with autistic children and it is very challenging sometimes but they are such special kids and such a blessing.

    We don’t know why these things happen sometimes but I believe that there is a reason. And I also believe that God wouldn’t have given you your son if He didn’t know that YOU would be just what he would need. You are right to never give up hope. Your son is special and you are too!

    God bless! *hugs*

  8. Wow! What a touching video. I am a teacher and have the awesome privilege of working with a few autistic children. There is so much help available now and autistic children are doing things that people never dreamed they would several years ago. There will be challenges but don’t give up hope, Bailey!

    Thanks for sharing, Kaleb.

  9. He is the most beautiful little boy! My prayers and thoughts are with Bailey and her family. I love that song, who is it by?

  10. What a beautiful little boy.
    And a beautiful song.

    That breaks my heart. My little brother is autistic as well. My prayers are with Bailey and her son.

  11. I haven’t seen eyes as beautiful as his in a very long time..

    He’s beautiful. I saw this video yesterday in Bailey’s YouTube page and couldn’t help but feel really sad.

    There is hope.:)
    Everything will be better, if not now, she just has to keep being patient. 🙂

  12. .. and by the way.. he just might be gifted. 🙂 I’m a psych student and I have studied about autism.. some have gifts. This might just be a blessing for Bailey and her son.

  13. This video made me kinda sad, but I know Bailey can handle it! I will pray for them both and I believe they will make it just fine. He is such a beautiful boy and as long as he’s happy, I think that every thing will be ok.
    My love goes out to you both 🙂

  14. Bailey, don’t give up hope and don’t quit researching what’s worked for others. There are play therapies that have been successful. Good luck!

  15. Wow, I will definately be praying for Bailey and her son. Bailey, don’t give up hope. Your son is beautiful and God has you both in His hands. I know quite a few kids who have autism and while it isn’t easy to deal with each kid who has it is special and gifted in their own way. Once again, you and your son are in my prayers 🙂

  16. Bailey, you and your son will be in my prayers. He is so adorable and seems to shine in all of the pictures. I am sure that you and your family will be able to get through this.

  17. Oh, he’s adorable! You are in my prayers, and you should never give up hope, just like you said. Hang in there Bailey! You have God and your family behind you, and all your fans are praying for you.

  18. That is so sad. I had no idea… I wish you all the best Bailey, and your little boy is so cute and sweet. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  19. BAILEY: You have my complete support. Let me remind you of a few things:
    1. One of the smartest people on the planet was diagnosed with autism when he was a child. They said that he would never walk, talk, or live very long. Over 40 years later, he is alive, walking, talking, and being the most he can be.
    2. Some of the most amazing people in the world have autism. Your son, I’m sure, will grow up to be one of those people.
    3. There is a group called HOSA that supports the research on autism.
    4. That group is made up of all of the future doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc. that are currently in high school and raising money for that cause and many more.

    We, and others that aren’t in HOSA, are with you, and you, your family, and your son are in our prayers.

    By the way, your son is the most gorgeous baby I have EVER seen. 🙂

  20. Dear Bailey, we don’t know each other, but be certain that in this moment my heart and prayers go to you. Don’t be sad for what your song has, but thank God that he is alive and also for the fact that now you get to love him and take care of him with more love, hope and dedication than before. He is breathtakingly beautiful, you could not have ask for a better gift than him. I wish you the best, please keep in mind that this situations are meant for something, your son, i’m certain, will grow up and become a great, smart, beautiful men and will always thank you for your love. Kiss him goodnight for me and for all the people out there that have you and your baby in their prayers.

  21. Dear Bailey… I can’t imagine how you feel, but I want to offer prayers and support. Your son is so handsome! As beautiful as that lullaby. I hope your lives will be blessed and that things will work out in wonderful ways that you can not even now imagine!

  22. Bailey, you have a beautiful son. I pray that you will be given grace and comfort as you face the hard time of adjustment and sadness. You and Dominic are in my prayers, good luck.

  23. Dear Bailey, I hope that you will be reading all these wishes and prayers being sent to you and your son and family. As a mother I was deeply moved by your beautiful son and your video and I add my prayers to the multitude of your fans’ for your son’s good health and prosperity. Bless you.

  24. Bailey, your son is adorable! You and he will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    There are TONS of support groups out there for families of autistic children, and there is a lot of research being done. Some things have gotten better–in the 1950s they used to say that autism was the mother’s fault (it’s NOT!)–but today it’s being studied all the time.

    You are not alone.
    *virtual hug*

  25. Bailey, not only do you have a gorgeous, amazing son, but you are a wonderful songwriter and great vocalist. 🙂 Have you produced a CD?? You are TALENTED!

  26. Your son is the most adorable boy ive ever seen and he will be in mine and everyones prayers.

    god bless and i wish u and ur family the best,


  27. Bailey, we all love you and your adorable son.
    Best of luck and you’re in our prayers! 🙂

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