A guy reads Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (2009-2011)

Welcome To Twilight: Movie Premiere Blog

My review of the movie will be up this evening!

Finally, here is my blog from the premiere, with footage from almost every single star of the film plus Paramore and Stephenie!

Can’t see it? Click here



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  1. “(camera shakes due to sudden terror)”
    XD ahahah

    I don’t get to see the movie until tomorrow morning, so I look forward to your review…tomorrow.

  2. That was great, Kaleb πŸ˜€ thanks for sharing ^^ I look forward to your review, too πŸ™‚ makes me sad to think I might not get the chance to watch it at the cinema T_T, so for now I’ll have to make do with your experience πŸ˜€

  3. Aw Kaleb it looks like you had an awesome time! Glad you got back safe and sound and that the sites are back up.

  4. You are amazingly lucky. I would love to see the movie but unfortunately, it isn’t playing in my home town today πŸ™ So Sunday I’m going to be driving for 2 hours just to watch it. So I won’t be reading your review until Sunday night ^-^

  5. I am telling you the truth, My boss was Stephanie Meyer’s boyfriend in High School and prom date. He let me interview him about a month ago, and might be the inspiration for Edward. Please come and check it out at
    I had a picture but someone working on her biography made me take it down
    (You will have to scroll down to find the interview)

    Good luck and take care!

  6. Alright, Kaleb.

    Be honest. Because I saw the movie. I want you to be honest. and I want pictures.

    Ooo Ooo! Can you photoshop yourself into a glower?

  7. This was awesome! Can’t wait to see your review! Probably won’t see it until tomorrow, though, because i’m gonna be babysitting until 11-ish. and i’m tired.

  8. So i saw the movie and i have to say i was surprised at how good the acting was! Kristen stewart did a fantastic bella and Rob Played Edward amazingly (is that a word lol) He should win an academy award for his role! I wished they had a bigger budget so they could have expanded on the story and had a bit better special effects. For a indie type of film it was done realllllly well! Twilighters have to remember they did have a tiny budget so give them credit for what they pulled off with such a small amount of money. I, as im sure everyone else who saw the movie, wish that they could have developed the love story better. It did seem like they went through that really quickly. I guess it was because they had sooo much content to pack into a short 2 hour movie. If they had harry potters budget or batman’s then they could have made it a 3 hour movie as well πŸ™‚ Over all i would give it 4 out of 5 stars πŸ™‚ Cant wait to hear you review Caleb πŸ™‚
    Candace Charee’

  9. How awesome! What a treat to have Stephenie totally pass everyone up for you! Ha! But I would have done the same for sure. I will be looking forward to your review just like everyone else! Glittering Rob FTW. πŸ˜‰

  10. I saw the movie at 12:01 last night. Me and my boyfriend (who has read twilight and is on new moon right now!) decided to take a little nap before we left so that we wouldn’t be too tired during the film, but I was too excited to sleep, so we ended up playing Rock Band 2 and then left for the theater. We got there at like 10pm and there was a line. When we walked into the theater, we saw a small line right by where the hall to the screens begins, and so we stood by the sign that said “line for twilight, 12:01″… but, then to my dismay, a worker came over and said the end of the line was all the way around into the casino by the box office (yeah, we are in vegas….). I guess the line got so huge, they had to separate the beginning of the line from the end of the line… They let us into the theater around 10:30…

    While we waited for the movie to start, I grabbed my notebook and started playing hangman with my bf, using quotes from twilight. He never lost a game!!! *feels great pride for my bf’s knowledge of twilight*

    When the theater went black, everyone started screaming but I (and a few other girls in my row) were like, “oh come on, shut up its only previews!”

    Then when the Summit logo came up and we heard Bella’s voice-over, we had a right to scream! I’ll hold off on telling how I feel about the movie until I hear your thoughts, Kaleb. But I can say, I really really really want to see it again! And again, and again! lol

    Thanks for all of the awesome premiere coverage! I am so jealous of you, Kaleb! You were able to meet Stephenie Meyer! She is my inspiration to become a writer and I’d love to meet her! But she never comes to Vegas for anything! Grrr. But someday, I WILL meet her! I shall not rest until I can! lol.

    Can’t wait for your review of the movie!

  11. OME!!! i can’t wait to hear your thoughs about the movie… i freaking LOVED IT!!! it was AWSOME… i know that if they had a bigger budget, it would turn out just glorious… but i really really really like it.. i can’t wait to see it at least 3 more times!!!

  12. god, kaleb. I love you. thanks for covering the thing. i think it is safe to say that everyone loves this movie.

  13. Awesome video. I’m a little bit wary of your review, though. I can’t see the movie until December 11 (probably 13), so I’m hoping your not going to put in detailed spoilers for some reason or other. Because not only would that ruin the movie for me (I have waited far too long for this movie, I am not going to have it ruined now), but it would also make me think that you have a sadistic streak.

    So, fingers crossed I can read the review without being forced to scream, “Noooo! The best part! RUINED!”

    Hurry up and post it! Oh, and when are you going to read the next chapter of Eclipse?

  14. You look like you had loads of fun at the premiere. I’m jealous.

    But I did get to see Twilight today and I absolutely loved it.

  15. It was the first time I seen a vampire movie but I did not realize it was a vampire movie.
    So lovable it was. The way it flows I do run with the time and story. Half measured by my self when first saw trailer but now I recommend it to any youngster because Twilight have so much to do with young hearts. http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com is where I took and movie lovers love this too.

  16. lol, “who is this guy and why are they letting him touch Stephenie Meyer?”

    no, I bet the press was thinking “Wow it’s Kaleb Nation the Twilight Guy!”

  17. I didn’t see Twilight but my 14 year old daughter did and loved it. She never read the books, but now wants a vampire boyfriend, so I will be going to see Twilight, Friday after Thanksgiving to see what I am in store for.

  18. so.
    i’m pretty sure that you’re the luckiest guy ever.
    my mom was going to buy the red carpet package for my siblings and i, one of which is a twilight-obsessed guy who i shall force to share his story on here later, for the premiere. but then realized that we didn’t have 10,000 bucks in our banking account at the moment.
    i hate my mom.
    just kidding.

  19. Lest I be hung from the same noose you think will be your demise… I’m sorry to say, while I do like Rob as an actor and think he was phenomenal in the movie, wtf is with the hair?? comb it!!

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