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Twilight Movie Review

This review contains minimal spoilers.

I am going to be very honest in my review of Twilight. Thus, it should first be known that I went to see the film not expecting to be overly thrilled.

We have been waiting on this movie for months. People have scoured the internet and fansites for every photo, soundtrack clip and interview there is. There are t-shirts and perfumes and merchandise for this movie long before it is even out, or anyone has seen it, or anyone has even had a chance to decide if they like it. The fact is that it has been so hyped, it almost seemed as if there was no possible way it could live up to the expectations that I and thousands of other fans had.

But then, it did.

Bella and Edward
Bella and Edward

The moment that the opening titles of the film appeared, I was transported to the world that Stephenie had created. I don’t know exactly how it happened: whether it was hearing Bella’s voice, or the words we all know so well from the prologue. But I suddenly felt this was the film that I, and thousands of others, had been waiting on for months. This was Twilight, and it was finally here.

The details of the movie will speak for themselves when you see it (hopefully, more than once). But I will say that everything from the book is there: from meeting Edward in the school, to Edward saving Bella in the alley, to the trip to La Push, to running from James, to the prom scene. Everything is there — and even more. As I watched the movie, I felt an urge to call my friends still waiting for midnight in a different time zone, and tell them to brace themselves for what they were about to see.

I certainly did not go into the theater expecting to laugh while watching the film. There are a few laughs in the book, but I thought the movie would be a strict romance and leave no room for embellishment. But Charlie, Jasper, Mike Newton, and Eric Yorkie made everyone in the theater laugh endlessly. Michael Welch was a wonderful actor, and made his character leap right out from the books. I can easily see Catherine Hardwicke’s influence in keeping the film from being overly serious business, and yet delicately keeping with the plot of the story.

The sparkling was everything I had expected it to be. The meadow was just as I had pictured it. Vampire baseball was exactly as I had imagined: with the added effect of the perfect music selection in the background (you’ll recognize it when you hear it).

The Cullens in the baseball scene
The Cullens in the baseball scene

All of the vampire action was amazing. It is impossible to put to words the feeling you get when you see Bella trapped in the alley, and then see Edward suddenly roar in with his shiny silver Volvo. Robert Pattinson was able to portray Edward so well: I could feel how angry he was, and how close he came to killing them.

There was of course some awkwardness along the way. The flying Edward didn’t quite click with me. Bella seemed to fall for Edward very quickly, despite what her outside feelings seemed to portray. But each of these were so minor they were hardly noticeable.

As for any doubts on the soundtrack, they have all been wiped away. I didn’t get a few of the song selections when I first heard the album, but when you actually see the film and where each song is placed, it is far easier to understand. And, for any doubters still out there, Bella’s Lullaby sounds far better when it is seen in the movie.

It would really be impossible to pick a favorite scene without spoiling it for those who haven’t read it. So, I have prepared my three favorite scenes in only 2 words, so people who have seen the movie will know what I’m talking about, and those who haven’t will not:

Three favorite scenes:

1. Edward… alley

2. Cullens… baseball

3. Edward… piano.

And my three favorite funny scenes:

1. Mike… window (ha ha)

2. Jasper… sniff (he he)

3. Charlie… gun (BAHAHA)

Also, there was a whole lot of pointing and whispering when it came to the scene with Stephenie. She was typing at a computer — hopefully, working on another book.

Of course, people have already started to complain that the movie doesn’t follow the books — but they are vastly wrong. This is one of the most loyal films I have seen before. Unlike many book-to-films, you can actually tell that this is based upon the novel — every major event in Twilight is covered, in nearly the same exact order in the books.

Bella And Edward at Prom
Bella And Edward at Prom

The thing to keep in mind is that it is very hard to transpose a novel onto the screen, since they are two entirely different mediums. Tiny details like Bella having an iPod or the exact dialogue are simply details that have to be shifted into film. It is very much like translating from English to Latin, where certain words must be moved and rearranged to make it understandable.

I was particularly surprised that the movie turned out so wonderfully on such a small budget. This definitely attests to Catherine Hardwicke’s directing, as she was able to create a studio-quality film with nearly $100 million less than the first Harry Potter.

Any doubts that I had of this film being a success have vanished. So congratulations to Stephenie, and Catherine, and everyone else who was involved in the making of this movie. Twilight was worth the wait.

For the comments: What did you think of the Twilight movie?! What were your favorite parts? (people who haven’t seen it, be warned: spoilers will be in the comments!)

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300 Responses

  1. Bow Chicka Wah Waaaaah.

    Mike at the window made the entire movie better. Not that is wasn’t already amazing — trust me, it was. But him dancing was absolutely the BEST moment.

    I certainly want to know what sport Mike Newton lettered in, though, as he is always wearing that letterman’s jacket.

  2. Oh.
    I liked the movie the first time I saw it at the midnight release. But my friends didn’t. They complained so much that I saw all of their points and quickly reevaluated my opinion and decided that I didn’t like it at all. But then I went to see it again and the full extent of it’s amazingness was realized. lol

    Scenes and parts I like:

    The Baseball Scene. How can you not like this? The music was awesome. I like how Edward and Emmett collide. I shows how competitive they are. And I liked that. I like how Emmett ran up the tree and caught the ball. It took my breath away! And Alice was so graceful in the baseball scene. But I think my favorite part of it was when the music seems to stop right before the first hit. It makes it amazing…I dunno why. LOL! The music was perfect. Without it…I don’t think I would have loved it so much.

    I loved Rosealie’s rage throughout the movie. She always has that angry face around Bella and it is SO believable! Breaking the bowl was just the icing on the cake. And “Is she even italian?” I loved it because you could hear all of the annoyance in her voice!! She was an amazing actress. She is just one of those people that make you feel insignificant and horrible about yourself just by looking at her. Everyone was saying that she was not pretty enough but they are idiots!

    The pain on Jasper’s face. HA HA

    Mike was pretty amazing…He was one of those people I would have to punch in the face if I ever encountered them…and that is exactly how I imagined him. The Window…HA HA! I was surprised that Bella and Charlie kept straight faces for the most part!

    Edward in the greenhouse.
    Bella: You never even say hi to me.
    Edward: Hi
    The look on his face was really amazing.

    Alice ripping James’ head off…Though I think that if they would have told the story of how Alice was changed then it would have been a sweeter victory over James in more than just because he tried to hurt Bella.

    Bella’s prom dress. But I think she needed the stilleto…instead of the sneaker but I liked the irony of the sneaker on the dressy occassion.=]

    The part where she tells Edward she is afraid and the dissappointment on his face contradicting his words that she should be. And then her correcting herself and saying she was only scared of losing him…I liked how they kept it like that.

    When Carlisle appeared on screen. Oh I think my heart stopped for a moment. He is just that gorgeous. And a very amazing actor as well.

    Laurent’s accent

    The Cullen Crest idea…I liked them. =]. It made them seem more family-like.

    I like how it sped Edward up going around the car to open the door for Bella. =].

    I liked seeing the nomads walk! And the scene where they kill that guy! Pure genius. Especaially “James,Let’s not play with our food” or something like that. And Victoria’s mocking was pretty cool.

  3. This one is fun. Am actually surprised that a guy would like this movie. But hey, it’s a good movie. I’d have to say that will all honesty and unbiased objectiveness, from a fan. Haha!

    I love the baseball scene too. Rob’s piano performance was amazing. And Charlie.. yeah, he was funny. As well as Jasper. When I watched the advanced screening, everyone in the movie house laughed whenever Jasper’s around Bella.

  4. It was good! There were some parts that I really missed (blood typing, for example) But there were an equal number of parts not in the book that were great (The Cullens cooking!?)

  5. I absolutely loved it!! I went into the movie and i had already accepted the fact that it was going to be different from the book and I loved it! I didn’t expect how funny it was, I love Charlie with the gun and the pepper spray, and the Port Angeles Scene (yes, no, to get to the other side, 1.772…) But, even though it wasn’t an exact copy, there were a lot of parts almost straight from the book. (“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb” was perfect!!) A lot of my friends didn’t like, but there were more of us who did. I think it was amazing and I’m probably going to see it again soon.

  6. sorry if I repeat anything someone already said; I tried to skim the comments but there are so many… ๐Ÿ˜›

    The first thing I noticed about Kristen Stewart in the movie that really bothered me was that she never smiled! I know Bella bottles up her emotions but honestly, never smiling at all is just ridiculous, especially if you’re around someone you supposedly LOVE. Every time a normal person would have smiled or even laughed she just made this weird scoffing noise. Its totally possible that its not Kristen’s fault and that is how she was told to play Bella but ughh it bothered me so much. All her friend’s are laughing and having a good time and she’s just staring at them “dramatically”.

    Part of the problem was the lighthearted Bella/Edward moments from the book that I loved were gone. Everything about their relationship was so darn dramatic and heavy every second of every moment. Yes I understand the gravity of their situation but that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun for a little bit. I especially missed the part where Bella wakes up and Edward is sitting on a chair in the corner and she jumps onto his lap because she was excited he stayed (and jokes about being breakfast); where was THAT Bella/Edward?

    I also agree with those complaining about the script in general; I wont go in detail since they have already… I mean yes they got the “major” events but it still felt that important little details and dialogue were missing and people who havn’t read the books won’t understand how Bella and Edward get from point A (chemistry scene) to B (cheesy meadow/mountain scene).

    I loved the rest of it though; the cast was superb, especially the Cullens (exactly how I picture them and more). I loved how the high school kids actually LOOKED like they were in high school as opposed to most movies. They acted like high schoolers too (Jessica’s reactions to everything were priceless as well as Mike’s window stunt; exactly like my school).

    Because of my first two complaints I just couldn’t get into the movie; I was either laughing at serious parts or overwhelmingly annoyed. I’ve only seen it once though so hopefully next time will be better?

  7. OHH I forgot about the no-pants scene; WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT?!

    When the camera pulled back I literally gasped and said “where are her pants?!”

    Even if they were just trying to be “realistic” (I don’t wear pants to bed) it was just WEIRD. Plus I’m pretty sure Edward would be like “Uhm how about you put some clothes on.”But more politely.

    This is all under the assumption that she was just wearing underwear; my friend pointed out that she could have been wearing shorts, which is plausible because I couldn’t really see (all I saw was bare legs).

    Oh and the fluorescents line/awkward walk away moment is one of my favorite silly moments. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. crap one more comment then i’m done I swear:

    Charlie in the scene where Bella leaves was heartbreaking. Even though I knew exactly what was going to be said/was going on his face/reactions just stabbed me in the heart.

    OKDONE! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Wow, people have a lot to say about this movie! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Throwing in my two cents: I thought it stayed pretty true to the book. My two major complaints are (1) they pretty much cut the Cullens out except for Edward–everyone else only had one or two scenes– and (2) WHERE WAS THE MEADOW SCENE?? I went with my brother (who’s never read the books) and he asked me afterward, “Which part was the dream that inspired the book?” and I told him, “It wasn’t in there.”

    I understand why they had to cut that stuff out–I agree with the people who said the sparkly scene was kinda cheesy, so they did the best they could with the budget they had. They had to decide between cutting the meadow scene out entirely (and upsetting the fans) and doing the meadow scene but getting it wrong (and upsetting the fans).

    Aside from that, though, the movie was great. I loved the Cullens in the kitchen! Brilliant!

  10. Ok, I don’t know if this will make sense, but here goes. The movie didn’t quite live up to my hopes (but I had really high hopes) but it far surpassed my expectations. I thought that it did seem a little rushed. I also didn’t expect to laugh. The Mike scene was hilarious, and I thought that the kitchen scene (vampires cooking– ha!) and the scene where Bella first walks into biology (did you see Edward’s face? Priceless!) over all, I loved to movie, and I hope to see it again very soon.

  11. The movie was awesome! I mean, I was practically biting my lips all the time just to hide my excitement. And laughed a lot too! Oh, and the Malay subtitles were pretty funny.

    But what I really thought about the movie is that, Catherine and the crew did a really great job in making the book come alive.

    I agree that it’s not possible to make a movie which follows the book precisely. I made sure that I did not expect it to be exactly like how Stephenie had laid it out. But even if I did, I’d still be as excited as I am right now. ๐Ÿ˜€ The Movie was indescribably great.

    Each and every one of the cast portrayed their characters very well. So, since I’m already excited about it I might as well keep this long! Hah!

    “I’d never given much thought to how i would die… ” I liked it when Kristen narrated. It really hit me hard in the head at how she read the preface of the book. I really felt the book brought to life. And when she slipped XD And also, definitely the scene where she had to leave Charlie.

    Edward. When he entered the cafeteria, I started munching my popcorn loudly and people were “wooo”-ing a lot! and then, when he was in pain during Biology was the best. He totally looked like he’s in pain. And of course, the alley. He really kept his angry expression even when he laughed at Bella telling her to wear on his seatbelt. He portrayed Edward very well.

    Charlie. It was the part where Bella left him. The sadness in his face was there, and there were no anger. It was real. And the gun! HAHAHA. “Bring him in.” Billy Burke was great.

    Alice. Oh she was so cute. And her expression when she didn’t realize James coming really made it alive. Alice throwing the ball was so.. cool. I like her hair very much! LOL.

    Jasper. I laughed so loud when Jessica said “And the one that looks like he’s in pain.. is Jasper” and then the camera focused at his face. GODDAMNIT, THAT WAS SO FUNNY. But it was the part when he and Emmett said they could beat James and his coven at baseball. They were so kiddie-like during the baseball scene.

    Emmett. *waves with the knife* and also, when Rosalie asked about whether Bella likes Italian food. And he said “Her name’s Bella.” Like, with that sarcastic tone. Hahaha. I liked that so much.

    Oh and not to mention when Rosalie said “My Monkey Man” ๐Ÿ˜€

    Jacob. When Edward left her for two minutes, it was unlikely for Edward to do that. But I got over it anyways, when he came back and looked at Jacob with “the” face.

    Other than that, I loved them all too. Just that I had really taken this in note. Just to post it here ;D

    Jessica, Angela, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle, James, Victoria, Laurent.

    OH! It was very thoughtful of them to have put Stephenie in the movie! I was really looking forward to that. I went to watch the movie with my uncle and I pointed it at the screen for him to see (As though the cinema screen is not big enough). Excitement really took over me.

    Overall, I loved the Baseball scene. To have seen all the Cullens in action. Esme, when she captured the ball. And Carlisle too. And with Supermassive Blackhole song. Damn, it was awesome. With the storm effects and all.

    Also, in Bella’s room. When Bella snuggled closer to Edward. I could really feel the love between them. It pretty much replaced the words “I love you” that wasn’t in it.

    By the way, I really liked your review. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Oh yeah crap. I forgot to mention the part when Edward was at Bella’s house to pick her up for Prom, and Charlie served him water but it was an awkward situation for him since he doesn’t eat or drink. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Loved your review! I agreed with everything you said. The scene with Charlie and the gun was hilarious. And I love how awkward Jasper is. They casted perfectly and some scenes were just great. Glad to hear someone loved the piano scene as well! =]

  14. It was a great movie! The movie was good so that motivated me to read it in two days! I need New Moon though. I hope they get it in the library

  15. i know its sorta late to comment on the movie now, but i dont really care. i loved the whole movie so much, probably because i expected all the flaws because i went on the 22end of november and i read all the reviews that i could, good, bad and a few mixed. i loved it when billy black and edward were just staring out at each other from their cars, that was hilarious! and charlie with the pepper spray and gun. the end was perfect, with edward and bella at prom and victoria watching them. i liked it when bella’s talking to her mom on the phone right before edward kisses her and her mom is like “let’s talk boys. are you being safe?” right when they were about to kiss. and mike at the window was funny, 2. i thought charlie liked mike newton, though. robert looked so hot! and kristen looked good too, except every time she said something, there was this wierd twitch in her eye. rosalie was awesome as well, i love it when she breaks the bowl of food and the base ball scene was awesome. i will kill to see that again and emmet with the knife, waving at bella, that was funny. edward’s expression when he bit in to bella’s arm was funny, 2

  16. i LOVED the movie

    i went to the 12.05 showing (out at 2.45-ish) and to work at 7…with four hours of sleep. it was WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF LOST SLEEPING TIME!!!!

    i made my own twilight shirt….writing just like on the books and with “mrs cullen” on the back, to boot.

    i will admit the one thing i was disappointed was about the rush rush stuff about edward and his family…with skin in the sun and all the vampire info….it was just like BAM….i dont know just seemed a little whipped together…but it still worked got what needed to be done to move on to more important thing….like edward making out with bella. (bella was supposed to be wearing sweats! no undies whilst making out!!!)

    im seeing again for the third time tomorrow. with my aunt and mom

    -from seattle

  17. I thought that having Muse for the baseball scene made it so kickass. I loved the soundtrack, because a lot of it is offbeat music (I hate that twilight is becoming a trend and seeing certain people saying like omg ily edward makes me want to vomit and then commit suicide). I was so excited to see where Supermassive Black Hole is, and it was in a GREAT spot! My two friends and I were doing a strange thrust dance to the music-it’s hard not to. We kept out ears open for the entire soundtrack, and stayed for the credits at our second time seeing it to realize that decode was at the end of the credits.
    They did the best job that anyone could’ve done for Twilight at that budget.

  18. I loved Charlie, Billy Burke is an AMAZING actor!

    The side conversatioons kicked butt! I loved Mike and Eric’s conversations HAHAHA!

    HAHA Edward walking into the lunch room for the first time, I loved how he smiled it was HILARILOUS!

    Baseball Scene, I love Jasper he’s so cool, there were some corny lines such as “nice kitty” and “my monkey man” Interesting nicknames for Rosalie and Emmett to have for eachother.

    Overall one of the coolest movies i’ve ever seen.

  19. Hi Kaleb!
    I believe it’s the first time I write here ๐Ÿ™‚ I just have one question…
    In one of your previous posts I read that one of the scenes that you really wanted to see was the “sparklin” Edward.
    What do you think of that part of the movie?

    I have to say I really loved the movie! I watched it to days in a row ๐Ÿ™‚ I took my boyfriend with me (and he loved it too! Mostly when super masive black hole started playing ๐Ÿ˜‰ )but the sparkling thing…well…I believe it could have been better ๐Ÿ™‚
    I always read you so you MUST answer my question alright?!
    thaks ๐Ÿ˜€

    PS. I’m from Mexico so don’t pay too much attention to my spelling/grammar mistakes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. GOD I loved the movie!! I must admit though, that when I first saw it I thought it was “good, but not outstanding.” but the second time I saw it… it was SO much better! It went from a good adaption to one of the best movies of my life. I’m not sure WHY that was exactly, but I think it was because the first time I watched it I was subconciously comparing every scene to the book and analyzing everything the actors did. Then the second time I just sat back and enjoyed the movie which made the experience that much better. I’ll be sure to just jump to what I did the second time around for Twilight the first time I see New Moon ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My favorite scene out of the whole movie is from when Edward and Bella walk into school together for the first time and Edward has THE smuggest grin on his face (which I LOVE!! Plus his “Not that guy… no, wait, he just looked.” line is HYSTERICAL) all the way to Edward and Billy’s little stare down (which has yet to not make me laugh out loud. Every freaking time I see it I just expect Billy’s eye to start twitching LMAO). Oh, and lets not forget EVERY scene with Jasper, Emmett and Alice!! Jasper + Baseball bat = ::SWOON!!::

    I’m going to stop now or else I’ll keep going for hours. I’ve seen Twilight six (yeah.. six.) times so far and I have plans to see it yet again when my best friend comes home from college during winter break. LET’S HOPE NEW MOON IS JUST AS AMAZING IF NOT BETTER WHICH WE KNOW IS IMPOSSIBLE ‘CUZ OF THOSE DAMN 300 PAGES BUT THAT’S OK!!!!

  21. ALICE.

    Every MOMENT she was in there, every PIECE of dialogue she had, every SCENE she was mentioned –


  22. OME! Loved it and seen it a dozen times, so far. Love the site, Kaleb! My hubby is a Twi-guy now too…will be sure to have him send you a email later. My fav scene is Charlie and the gun…I can totally picture it! I wonder what SM thought of it, but it has the same sense of humor. Thanks for the fun site!

  23. After watching this movie, Twilight came alive to me.. that makeout kiss was perfect and hot without being sleazy. I heard they’re not making the last book into a movie? is this true? I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! In fact, it has left me feeling dissatisfied with everyday, normal, vampires do not exist- life. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. yay! the film finally came out here in Brazil! ๐Ÿ˜€ I thought the movie was AMAZING. It was as good as a movie could get compared to the book! it was really funny too (i loved the kitchen scene and mike at the window! XD) it was PERFECT!! i saw the one showing there was yesterday (thursday) and i’m going to see it again today (and the next day, and the next day, etc… XD)

  25. Hanna,
    Stephenie wrote on her website that they might not make Breaking Dawn a movie because [SPOILER ALERT] they don’t have the technology yet to make Renesmee look completley intelligent as a baby, and to have her grow so fast. But maybe by the time they finnish making the other books into movies, they will have that technology…

  26. I have seen the movie twice now. My wife drug me to it on a date night and I actually liked it quite a bit. Enough that I read all 4 books shortly thereafter. The second time was with our daughter. It was a very different experience after having read the books. In many ways I was pleased with the movie adaptation however there were some major deletions/additions that really irked me and a plethora of details that were overlooked for no apparent reason.

    Major additions deletions:
    1) Why did they add in the fact that some guy who was Charlie’s good friend for 30 years was killed. No one any character knew died on the book.
    2) The substitution of the car ride back from Port Angeles where they discuss Edward being a vampire to a scene i the woods after school was really disappointing.
    3) The mountain top scene that should have been a part of the meadow scene was disappointing as well. All the events on the mountain top occurred in the meadow. Why the change?
    4)Bella did not buy a book from the book store in Port Angeles to find out about Quillulette legends. Jacob told her the legends in the book which is a key point later in the series.
    5) They never ate out, Bella cooked almost all the time.

    those are the big ones. Their are dozens of minor ones that really irked me because there was no reason for them.

    Had I not read the books I would probably enjoy the movie better. As it is, it’s not too bad but no where near as good as the book (or as true to the book as it could have been).

  27. I didn’t hate it… but I definitely did not like how so many parts that defined Edward/Bella/their relationship were left out. BOth of them lost their sense of humor… A BIG shame on Edward’s part.. I LOVED his sarcasm and wasting of finite resources xD And Edward didn’t tell her enough about his past… The conversation they had in teh cafeteria about saying GOODBYE was also left out… I think that’s pretty important, given the next book…. also… Edward’s lines about TWILIGHT were left out… WTH?? there is so much insight into his character and the tone of the series… not to mention it is the NAME of the series… sheeshh…
    It was not a bad adaptation of a book, but it could have been better.

  28. OMG!!! I loved this movie so much I went to go see it eight times. Edward is what I exactly pictured he would be!!! Best book series ever!! To bad she could not continue the series!

  29. I have to admit… I was disappointed with the movie – but I had been warned ahead of time.

    There were some things that were wonderful – like Charlie and Alice, that I particularly enjoyed. And also, just the high school group in general – you can tell the director worked to make them very real people. I was surprised though, at the diversity of the cast, particularly characters like Tyler, and Eric/Ben… I guess I just assumed that, like it is in many small towns, the majority of the people living there would be Caucasian, but I didn’t mind.

    The main thing that bothered me about the movie was that they took all the important scenes and mixed them all together. Things that were discussed, for example, in the car on the way back from Port Angeles, was discussed in the hallway, in the cafeteria, etc. They never had the awkward switch lunch tables scene. The first kiss was in the bedroom, not the meadow. Edward just appeared in the bedroom, where as in the book, Bella was prepared.

    I felt like there were definitely moments between Bella and Edward that could have been better. Edward didn’t sound nearly as elegant, graceful, as he should have. Bella seemed nothing more than an angsty loner. Those were disappointments.

    I did absolutely love the moment when Bella was introduced to the Cullens cooking in the kitchen, though that didn’t happen like that in the book. Edward’s embarrassment was cute, also. Did anyone catch that Bella and Charlie ate at a restaurant all the time, rather than Bella cooking? I felt that was odd – especially that the author would know these very obvious changes, and not work to keep them to the original book.

    I’ll still watch the other movies though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. LOVED the film,
    but – did anyone notice the bit where you can actually see a camera man in the background?

  31. I thought it was good. I was expecting minor details, like some dialogue and such to be left out, so i wasn’t disappointed. people didnt seem to remember that thet werent working with a harry potter budget, so they had to make due. but all in all they did a great job, and the cast was perfect.

  32. I thought the movie was great! I know there are so many little moments that we all just fall in love with in the book, but there is no way they would be able to add them all. I thought they were very loyal to their fans by keeping to the book. Considering the budget they had, it was fantastic! People have been very hard on Kristin Stewart. I think she did a great job. Her outer appearance was just like Bella’s outer appearance. Things that we read about how Bella was feeling on the inside is harder to portray on screen without a constant narrator. Thanks for the great review!

  33. The movie did the most important thing which was capture the essence of the characters and edward and bella’s relationship, even tho i agree with what twilightguy said in that they fell into the relationsip too quickly, but that was bound to happen in the film…every character was just as i imagined them, apart from maybe Nikki Reed, not that she isnt amazingly beautiful, i duno what i expected, but i expected more, but i liked the addition of her breaking the bowl, tht felt very rosalie-ish…

    Robert Pattinson, he is good looking enough, because lets face it, even the best looking guy on the planet wouldnt suffice as edward cullen because we all have our ideas about his “inhuman” beauty, and Rob did mostly a good job with the acting, him and Kristen Stewart brought across the intense side and as they said they would in loads of interviews because they fought to keep it serious and not too light and basically stay true to the book, which i reali appreciated. Although in doing this Rob lost some of Edward’s more light hearted nature, but nevertheless brought across a type of insecurity and intensity that i definately understood more after reading chapters from midnight sun which stephenie meyer posted. Kristen Stewart also could have smiled a LITTLE bit more, which wouldnt have ruined the intensity of the film, but maybe would have helped show that she actualy enjoyed being with Edward…

    anyway AMAZING film which didn’t disappoint, and only left me eagerly (VERY EAGERLY) anticipating New Moon

  34. I think I’ve seen the movie… five times now, is it? I was somehow completely unaware of the Twilight world (I know, I know…) until I saw the movie. Only after that fact did I read the books. I really hate that fact because I prefer to read a book first because we all know that the book is always better. However, knowing nothing of the Twilight world, the phrase about heroin seemed and odd description just caught in that short little blurb in the movie. It makes so much more sense after having read the book, but I do understand why it was added for the already die-hard fans. I really missed the Do I dazzle you? line myself. I thought it was a very important line in that Edward didn’t realize how he was so appealing when he should have been repulsive to her. I also missed the ride home from Port Angeles, but I completely understand how there wasn’t time to let it drag out like that in the movie. You really have to read the book to appreciate the length of time it takes Bella and Edward to finally fall in love each other and ADMIT IT. It seemed rushed in the movie, like she was really just falling for him because he’s a vampire. I understand why people that have only seen the movie had come to that conclusion. The biggest thing that seemed out of place to me was how willingly Bella hopped on Edward’s back to go running through the forest, climbing up trees, and sat so high up seeming to have a very relaxed conversation. Is this really the same scaredy-cat Bella that fainted three times in Twilight? Still LOVED it though!!

  35. twilight sucks!
    well, ive proven myself wrong..

    I’m very happy with them all. I think Robert and Kristen are just perfect as Edward and Bella. idk. it’s beyond. they are so awesome I can’t think of any other actors playing them anymore. Alice was Alice, perfect Alice. Carlisle was great. Esme was so sweet and lovely I really liked her. Charlie was so cool. too. oh and Jessica was so annoying it was great. I think they were all very good.

    what with this stupid twilight?
    it gets stuck on my head..
    yeah.. i admit it.. hahaha!
    IM IN! and i dunno why.
    this piece of crap makes my
    whole life interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. I hated the movie the first time I saw it. The second time however, was a different story. There were a few things that bothered me though. Like the fact that Bella told Edward that she knew what he was in the forest and not the car. And that he showed her what he looked like in the sun right after that. Because those were my favorite parts of the book I was disappointed that they were so different.

    On a lighter note though, I love, love, loved the baseball scene. It was everything I’d hoped for and more. I also really loved when Edward and Bella were walking into the school and he said, “As long as I’m going to hell I may as well do it thoroughly.” and put his arm around her. That’s not how it happened in the book, if you remember he said that when they were sitting at the lunch table together for the first time. But I did like the effect for the movie. And I thought that the casting was fatastic.

    All in all, I’m overjoyed with the movie, and can’t wait for New Moon. (though it was my least favorite book)

  37. In my theater, about 2 minutes into the movie all the power went out and we all sat there for about 15 minutes in the dark! I couldn’t believe it! So, it wasn’t the greatest start.

    Overall, I was disappointed. I had read all the books through once, with exception of Twilight and Midnight Sun which I had read twice each. I realize that I probably had the book a little too memorized and was expecting the scenes to be dead on so when they werenโ€™t, I wasnโ€™t really sure what to expect next (not a good thing).

    Like others have commented, I felt like their relationship was far too rushed and I was extremely disappointed with the meadow scene! I mean, come on! That was the scene that started the ENTIRE series, and it was entirely different. They didnโ€™t spend all day lying in a beautiful meadow, and she didnโ€™t sit there tracing his arm. I couldnโ€™t believe how incredibly different that was โ€“ in the movie she went from being mad at him to being in love with him in like 2 minutes. And, the sparkling, I had to laugh at that one. It looks like they poured sugar on him! Also, them not saying โ€œI love youโ€ and the scene where he stays the night โ€“ both disappointing; him staying the night was, to me, very intimate in the book, but the movie ruined that.

    I actually saw the movie far past the first week it was out and had asked my friends for input on whether I should see it, since I really loved the book. A few said no, most said yes. I understand both, and I am glad I saw it just so that I can put my curiosity to rest. I am looking forward to New Moon because of the larger budget and I absolutely LOVE all of Chrisโ€™s movies so far that heโ€™s directed!

    Anyway, after reading a few posts here from people who didnโ€™t like it, I think Iโ€™ll see it a second time because that seemed to make a difference. Maybe, just maybe, I can get the book out of my head and really just enjoy the movie for what it is!

  38. Ok so movie was good. Love it. but i had seen it before reading the books so not knowing what to expect, then after reading the books i had drawn up my own images of what should have been- one thing that bugged me the most was the reveal of Edward being a vampire it was supposed to be the restaurant and the ride home but instead it was in the woods andmixing it with the meadow scene giving a different illusion than was first created by stephanie other than that detail it was amazingly accurate and good.

  39. Ehh.. for me, two things pop out to the point of distraction:

    1. Since when is Bella a vegetarian? Anyone else notice that?


    Seriously, Angela is my favorite “side” character, and that movie completely killed her.

    Other than that, it was okay. The casting was pretty good and I liked the sort of dreamlike atmosphere they created. But the developing relationship was rushed and most of the lines seemed forced and contrived. I dunno. For what it was, it was okay.

  40. Unfortunately, my parents only permitted me to see this movie once and it was also about a week before it left theatres in the little town of Drums, PA. But! It was absolutely worth it. I expected that it would be like the Harry Potter movies with barely any relation between the book and the movie. But! I was completely wrong. Twilight exceeded every one of my expectations. I went with my older brother and all i could do was look at him during the alley scene. And the scene when Edward and Charlie meet and Charlie flips up his gun, I literally LMAO’d. plus. I only just found your facebook group and this website. It’s amazing by the way. It’s great that there is a guy willing to admit that he loves Twilight just as much as all of us girls. =)

  41. I loved the movie regardless of the amount of hate mail cause the actors were just wonderful! The effects were easy to see cause of their positions on the wires but if u ignore that, the rest was really good! What had me cracking up was Rob’s facial expressions! You can see how much more he loosens up when he’s at home! All of the Cullens were perfect and i really liked how Mike was sooo cool and he still managed to pull off the “jealous guy in the back” look all the time. I agree with everyone else, the window scene had me bursting out laughing in the theater and everyone within 10 chairs of me turned and stared at me before turning back. Overall I โ™ฅLOVEDโ™ฅ EVERYTHING about the film and I can’t wait for the next one!

  42. Twilight was perfect! i saw it 5 times in therters! i saw it first the day after it came out and the last time i watched it was the last day it was in thearters. ive read all 4 books and im really mad that midnight sun inst being published.

  43. dude wtf, that movie was way messed up. luarent and james where terribly casted. bella couldn’t act for crap in a romance movie ntm the movie was treated like a horror action rather than a romance. jasper has boobs. rosalies forehead is too big as well as edwards. and i don’t know why you would picture their medeaow as it was in the movie cause it kinnda was tiny, and they murdered that whole scene. and they messed up alot of little details as some other people have already mentioned.

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