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Post Cancelled Due To Sickness

November 13th, 2008 at 12:05 am by Kaleb Nation

Due to being sick today, there is no post. I know I could probably drag myself out of bed and write something, but it wouldn’t be funny, and thus would be so drastically boring you would get sick as well and hate me for eternity . Also, it is in my best interest to get better, as the premiere is but a few days away (!) .

However, there is some news and cool stuff. I was recently interviewed by TwilightTShirts.com (under The Pulse section), and they are offering to give some of their great merch away!

So, instead of a post (and in an effort to covertly help Liz from Twicurls win her college video contest), you can watch this short video and possibly win cool prizes (continued below):

This video has one thing to do with Twilight. Watch it over and over until you find that one thing (hint: try turning the volume up; but still watch it over and over, so she gets more views).

If you find that one thing, leave the answer as a comment, and you’ll be entered for the contest! I will be giving three Twilight T-shirts away, so be sure to enter!

ADDED: Before I get a flurry of emails, I said something in passing in the interview about what I might do after TwilightGuy.com, which was not entirely serious (yes, I am still learning how to watch what I say and how things can be misconstrued). So, nobody explode.

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220 Responses

  1. Danielle R

    Awww, feel better! o and Clair de Lune is in the background!

  2. Katie

    Clair de Lune in the background!!

  3. Jennifer

    Well I guess I’m commenting late but it’s the song, Claire de Lune. As soon as I heard the first few notes I was like “Claire de Lune”?

    Feel better

  4. Rrroach

    hmm maybe it’s the so very obvious song in the background!!! lol it’s funny how everyone who read these books look into every detail, like a song being mentioned. It makes me wonder how many people have read Wuthering Heights
    since reading the books.

    PS. the video was wonderful. And not just because of the song, it hits home!

  5. Pam

    Clair de Lune!

  6. Karli

    It’s Claire de Lune!
    Love that song, it’s just so beautiful.
    Feel better Kaleb! Is it just me, or is everyone in Texas coming down with something? My dad and I are sick, too. Stupid allergies…

  7. Kathy Anne

    Claire du Lune !!! Feel better soon. Have a great time at the Premiere!

  8. Kathy Anne

    Whoops! Claire de Lune– I slipped !

  9. Alicia

    The song in the background is Claire de Lune by Debussy. It is a classical song that both Edward and Bella like, just one more thing that interests Edward about Bella.

  10. McKenna

    Clair De Lune!!!

  11. Twifanatic Amanda

    Clair de Lune by Debussy is playing in the background. I love that song 🙂

  12. Iqra

    Claire de Lune(:
    The song that Bella first hears in Edward’s car when he’s dropping her off from the fainting spell in biology.

    Hope you feel better, btw(:
    Flu season’s going around +_+

  13. Mehera

    Debussy’s Clair de Lune
    awesome song!

  14. Alexa

    claire de lune!

  15. Taylor

    Clair de Lune is in the background, which in the books is one of the first bonding moments between Bella and Edward, and in the movie they dance to it in Edwards bedroom. Right before he jumps out the window because his girlfriend can’t dance.

  16. Renesmee{PANTS}

    Clair de Lune is playing in the background.

  17. samantha

    Claire De Lune by Debussy is playing in the background!! I luv that song, and i hope u feel better.

  18. Rachel

    over and over again? honestly? haha. “Claire de Lune”- Debussey.

    Nimir ra had it in the twilight homepage on myspace wayyy back in 2005.

  19. marisa

    Debussy is in the background!!!! it’s so beautiful 😀

  20. Amanda

    Debussy is playing in the background

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